Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



When I got the book  “The Lost Quilter” by Jennifer Chiaverini from a friend, I was thinking that I would love to share it with other quilters – and with some fun way.  I made a plan, I asked my friend’s opinion and if she likes to join this journey. So when I had read the book, I made something inspired by the book. Then I sent the book and the mini quilt I hade made, to the first stop of this journey.

1) GREECE – Book and the Mini quilt started their journey from ‘Nero’s Post and Patch’ in autumn 2013. Read the beginning post HERE.

travelling quilter's book

oma b

2) IRELAND – Book and the mini quilt flew to Judith at ‘Just Jude’. She received the book HERE and sent it HERE.

Judith made this beautiful bag:

judith-justjude b

3) ENGLAND – Book and the bag flew to Kirstie at  ‘Miranda and Lu’. She received the book HERE

Unfortunately looks like this book has stucked some where on the trip…


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