Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

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Hanna’s Anna pouch

Vof vof friends! We made little Anna pouch! Read all my post in our new address!

Hanna and pouch

Hugs from HANNA!



Fabric Tuesday

Hi Dear Friends! Today I have here dancing bears! It’s a pouch WHO made a trip to Finland. Hb had a quick visit to Finland at the end of the summer and needed a pouch to keep the gps. It’s always a challenge to make a ‘men’ style pouch, but lucky me, I had a small piece with dancing bears …

zipper pouch

It was a quick Project at the last minute. It had to be the smallest possible to fit the gps with the cable and base – he travels always very light.

zipper pouch

That’s why I didn’t even think to ask to bring me something. It was a really happy surprise to see what he picked from his small suitcase …

quilting magazines

… Quilting magazines, Finnish chocolate, Finnish coffee and also Moomins wall calendar! You can imagine how much I have enjoyed reading and searching these magazines (as I can’t find any from here)! On the way to Finland he had ‘Baklamas’ in his suitcase …


I have got also some Special Fabrics. Dear friend, Finnish woman living in Greece but far away from me, sent to me and Nero amazing surprise!

fabrics and sweets

Tuhannet kiitokset Anneli! Thank you so much Anneli! I love these Fabrics! I have already many ideas how to use them. And Special candies from Finland: Marianne and Kettu-karkit! All we Finns have memories with these candies and ‘Mariannes’ are my favourite (there is chocolate inside)! Anneli made also fantastic pouch with dog fabric … for Nero! It’s made with great and fun pattern and cute puppies …

draw string pouch

All this came with a beautiful patchwork card – yes, it is a patchwork on the card! Thank you Anneli! I hope you start your blog soon, so I can link to you and give all the credit to your beautiful work!

An other Special letter came from Vicky, WHO is my NEW blog friend from Germany. Vickie’s blog if ‘Veni Vidi Vicky’. Once I picked beautiful ‘un familiar’ fabric on Vicky’s quilt project and asked what it is. Amazing Vicky sent a big piece of that fabric to me! It’s from Ikea but I haven’t seen it before.

Ikea fabric from Vicky

Don’t you think this is just Super! And the beautiful card is very inspiring! Talking about inspiration, that I find from Vicky! She has made for example some unique and gorgeus hexagon quilts! Perhaps you saw them on ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’; if not, be sure to visit Vicky’s blog: ‘Veni Vidi Vicky’! Thank you so much Vicky! I adore this fabric and I could make many things with it, but I’m still saving it for something where it will show well!

I have to mention that I really love blogging! It’s one of the special ways to make friends all around the World and to share our stories. I was so happy that we changed some emails with Vicky and I heard that she has a Greek rescue dog! These days I have started to visit the beach with Hanna (my sweet rescue puppy). The beach is now nice and empty … quiet enough to teach Hanna to behave calm if we meet cats and perhaps even dogs.

If you follow me on Instagram, you can see happy Hanna on the beach. I still need to learn how to get the photos from camera and google gallery to my blog.


I was thinking to send this photo to to Vicky but then thought why not show it here because it’s inspiration for a quilt. Visit Vicky’s blog and you’ll understand! What you think Vicky? In Real this is a page from Finnish magazine and it shows how many wines from each country, you can find in the local alcohol shops. In Finland we have still separate shops for alcohol; only beer and cider are availabel in super markets.

Then I did some shopping …


I really like books, reading and letters – any kind – and of course also written Fabrics! When I saw these on Ayumi’s blog, I knew they were perfect for me. When I received the parcel, I was thinking that just to see those most cute and beautiful stamps and japanese tekst was worth of ordering Fabrics from Japan! Shipping is surprisingly cheap and quick. There are still some of these in her etsy shop!

Ayumi had added few lovely pieces for surprise present and everything was lovely packed! Thank you Ayumi!


I have ‘visited’ again also Cindy’s shop, one of my favourites, ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’! This was the ‘missing’ parcel but fortunately it found me! Now unfortunately the ‘secret’ season has began and everyone starts to post: ‘sorry can’t show’ much etc. so also I have to say that some of the Fabrics from Cindy will stay behind the scenes but these I can show you now. Cold winter light change the colours more blue than they are in Real…


Some solids were missing from my stash … and still many colours are missing but my solid stash looks already better. I couldn’t resist these peacocks! Cindy has just listed again NEW Fabrics to her shop ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’! There is always too many ‘I need to get this’ Fabrics! Cindy’s blog is here.

greek sunset

Thank you so much for visiting and thank you for writing adorable comments! I really enjoy reading your thoughts! Sorry if I don’t have always time to answer but I do my best, some weeks just are too busy. Now I’ll go to my secret project … I just wish I could show you because I think it will be something …

PS. This sunset is from here and you can see the famous light House of Chania.



Hexagon Pouch and Old Suitcases

Hello Dear Friends! I’m catching up slowly again. My last post was named ‘so much happening’ … if i just knew then. Fortunately i have managed to do some sewing. Little hexagons have followed me in various places. Earlier i started to sew them together randomly but then decided to use them in different pfojects …

hexagon pouch

After making so many colourful things, it was nice to work with this ‘linen look’ cotton which i have found from the local fabric shop. It’s a little bit heavier and perfect for bags, pouches etc.

hexagon pouch

Hexagons are sewn together as a flower and then stitches around on the fabric. I stitched the hexagon flower only once around and didn’t make any quilting inside to get a puffy look. I used wadding and thin fibre for the quilting.

hexagon pouch

Few hexagons behind the pouch and stitching around them …

hexagon pouch

My hexagon project-box is small to be easy to carry with me. For me, most practical seems to be this Nero’s coocie tupper (it used to have coocies for Nero and Hanna).

hexagon project-box

There is exactly the space for everything. Basted hexagons, 2.5″ x 2.5″ fabric squares, white thread for sewing, Red thread for basting, few Paper clips, scissors, needles, little purple BOX for templates and …

sewing suitcase

… and my little suitcase! When i saw it in one special shop in Finland, i knew right away that it will be my sewing suitcase! Wishes to Tiina! I love her shop and i shall show you some photos from the shop in an other post. The little purple Metal box keeps my hexagon templates; it had salmiakki inside and was given to me by a friend.

sewing case

Could you guess with how many suitcases i returned from my trip to Finland?

old suitcases

They are not all here! My ‘normal’ turquoise suitcase is missing from this photo and also the black bag i carried with me. Now you think that i had filled all these luggages with fabrics – i wish! But the truth is that i was thinking a long time how great it would be to store my fabrics to those old suitcases there were in my father’s store. Only now i had an other, special reason to bring them and i’m so happy i was able to fit the smaller suitcases inside the biggers so finally i had two suitcases with me.

mouse pincushion

I went through my mom’s sewing things and met this un-forgetable pin cushion. Old rosy coocie tin is also strongly in my memories. I was thinking to take it with me, but then left it because thought the metal box may couse some searching in the suitcase.

vintage coocie tin

As so often, my storie carried away … last week i had to run to town for some work and i had a chance to buy some zippers. Front of the shop were a stand with yarns …

yearns and threads

They were all 1 euro / per piece! On the right the white and turquoise are thin (thinner than Perle cotton 8) and i hope to use them for quilting. All the others are a little bit thicker and i’m planning to use them for crochet necklases etc.

cotton yarns

We have so many plans what to make and one of them is to make more wooden trays. This one is made by hb and painted by me. You can guess from where i got the inspiration for the pattern …

wooden tray

I really enjoy making many kind of things and would love to paint … i hope one day i have again time for that. This tray has been used a lot – just perfect size to carry coffee or a small lunch to the garden.

flower and fly

I have a new camera – Canon Power Shot S120! Unfortunately i’m so behind with everything – this spring has flew away and too much has happened. I got a new camera but didn’t have a good chance yet to learn it well. Now and then i try to find a moment to take photos and to get better with my shoots. I really enjoy taking photos and when i start, it’s difficult to stop …

yellow flower

… i don’t need to go far away … always something happens … i just have to step out from the door and i meet someone …


… and even we don’t have a rich flower garden, there are many interesting views if you just look close enough …

flower art

You see, now when i finally started to write, i could continue and continue! But i guess this is enough for today. I hope to quilt a little bit the garden quilt because there are only few days till the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’! This evening’s programm has also cooking ‘Pastitsio’ = Greek pasta cassarole (i shall be the helper).

hexagon pouch

Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I’m sorry that lately i haven’t been able to visit or leave comments as often as i used to. Often i read your posts and just can’t find the energy to write – sorry about that. I do hope to get back to ‘normal’ soon (if that’s ever possible) and to catch the chat with you!

I wish you wonderful week and i hope you had a beautiful Mother’s Day!



Bunny and Pouches

Hi Dear Friends! Oh, long time has passed, lots of things are happening – but happily some sewings has been done! There is always time for a pouch or bag … or  bunny …

Bunny and Pouch

Yesterday I made spontaneously my first ever bunny. It’s funny how long ears make this creature look like like a bunny … it miss still eyes, nose and mouth because I thought it’s better to see first how/if my idea will work and to do the embroidery work later.

fabric bunny

She needs some exercise to get thinner legs and even we like long neck … perhaps not sooo long … or she needs a scarf to keep her head up.

fabric bunny

As you see, she has a scrappy dress. The back of the dress is made with two pieces having seam vertical and from there I filled her body and then sew the closing by hand.

Moomin drawstring bag

I have made lately several drawstring bags and this time with ‘traditional Japanise’ style. One pink Moomin jumped on this bag and  I quilted on ditch.

drawstring bag

It’s enjoy to work with little squares but I need too much time to decide how to arrange them!

drawstring bag

I like white and pastels. But after this white and pink, I needed more colours …

drawstring patchwork bag

Quite juicy and spicy colours … again quilting in the ditch …

drawstring bag

… and this time leather for the drawstring – thank you sister!

drawstring bag

This kind of bag has thousands of ways to use it so there will be absolutely many more coming in many colours and sizes!

And then lets zip!

purple zipper pouch

Before my trip to Finland, I made this patchwork piece with purples – inspired by the orchid purple challenge going on then. It waited for me faitfully and finally ended up to a zipper pouch …

zipper pouch

I added a little cute detail with a piece of vintage ribbon … and settled it next to the wild thyme …

patchwork zipper pouch


And now I want to send very special wishes and thanks to Esther from ‘ipatchandquilt’! I won in her give away and I’m happy happy for the amazing train patterns I received! Thank you so much Esther!!! They are so fantastic! I didn’t have time to finish any block yet so you can be sure you’ll hear and see more about these patterns! It is amazing collection of patterns – trains and many other items to make adorable train-themed quilt, pillows, bags or many other things! Esther has all the patterns available in her Craftsy Store!

new fabrics

Many of my new fabrics has been washed and ready to start working! What to do first …

Thank you for visiting and for your lovely comments! Thank you also for joining my trip to Finland – it was great to have you with me! I have still some photos to show you but thought that it’s time to show some sewings, too.

I’m linking at my favourite link parties and you can find all the buttons on my sidelist!



My own ‘Radiant Orchid’ Challenge

Hi dear friends! You have seen a lot Radiant Orchid quilts lately and so much gorgeus colours! Unfortunately I couldn’t join the “Radiant Orchid Quilt Challenge” but I have been watching those fantastic quilts and voted my favourites. One day I had short moment to ‘clear my mind’ in the sewing attic and thought to make one zipper pouch. Somehow I started to pick purples and …


I found same colours from the garden. Now we have in the garden purples, yellows and whites …


These purpe flowers are wild and the bush doesn’t look anything special, but these flowers are adorable – they are so thin like the thinnest paper …


There is now so much busy workers in the garden that you can here them ‘bzzzzzzing’.


Rosemary doesn’t have anymore flowers, so I was able to cut some to dry … just to show on my design wall and then to the store …



Back to the Radiant Orchid: CLICK HERE to read the main post for the quilt challenge and to see lots of fantastic quilts!


My pouch looks still like this … perhaps one day it will be a finished pouch. As the purple is famous colour this year, of course I have picked also yarn in this delicious colour …


This time the sun light didn’t work well and the real colour is more close to the Radian Orchid. Testing little flowers …

crochet flowers

You remember that there is going on the ‘Rescue Me’ linky party + give away! Hanna told me that she would be happy to write her story and that she is doing right now! “Hanna’s Story” about her puppyhood is HERE. She has been collecting puppy photos and I have had wonderful time watching them again and remembering those lovely, unique moments. I show you one …


Now I leave you with one more flowery photo and go to see if Hanna needs help with her story.

Linking to my favourite link parties – all the buttons are on the sidelist!


Thank you for visiting my little blog and for your sweet comments! We are Super, Super busy this time and you will understand how busy when you one day here the news. But before that there is still trip to Finland and postcards promised from there. Hope to see you tomorrow!




My Moomin, Myy and quilting

Hi! Good week to everyone! Sunday was wonderful, relaxing day! I spent most of it outside with the ‘Swings’ quilt. Monday I was busy working in ‘Maherida’ and here we are already in Tuesday evening. Yesterday I found something special from my mail box so this became a Moomin post!


Sunday I started to quilt and today I have almost finished the quilting and hope to make soon the binding.


On sunday, after the breakfast I emptied the outside table and lied there first the backing fabric and tighted it with clips. Then add the wadding and the quilt top … with help of tea spoon I catched the safety pins …


… and then started to stitch!


This quilt has been a small nightmere … corners don’t match, I sew blocks two ways, fabrics were just enough … and I thought this is a piece of cake. But I do like this pattern (or as it should be)!


When I sit on our patio I see the landing air planes. They don’t make much noise so they don’t bother us and I love to imagine the stories behind the people who are coming … remembering often how I was once there coming to Crete for the first time …


Who knows if it was exactly this plane, where one little girl with red hair, was sitting and waiting to meet me …


She is Miss Myy and she came from far away Finland! She is very persistent as we Finnish women (I was told) and if she doesn’t like you, she may bite your ankle! I’m happy to say that she is not a tourist but is going to stay with me and remind me to be persistent!


Little Miss Myy came from Mia’s shop and she brought with her something really really sweet … Moomin pouch and Moomin keyring/bag charm! They have so lovely sky blue colour!


I have wanted long time something from Mia and something with Moomins and now I have = happy happy!!! Many of my blog friends know already Mia who is from Finland! But if you don’t, have a visit to her blog ‘Handmade by Mia’ which is wonderful mix of her beautiful, mostly felted crafts and little stories around her life in Finland! Mia is selling her sweet and unique cratfs all over the world till far away Japan!


There are also Moomins inside in yellow! Thank you Mia, I’m so happy to have these and this little Miss Myy is going to be my engouraging company every day! You didn’t know that when I was a little girl, I hade long and very red hair like Miss Myy’s!


Miss Myy was super cute surprise as well as the Snoopy letter! Do you write ‘normal’ hand written letters? I don’t but I should – it’s really fantastic to find a letter in your mail box … and especially with so beautiful paper! As I’m looking this photo, I got funny thought … it’s like Miss Myy is standing on a quilt with pillow! I guess I let her sleep first nights in a strange country on her own Moomin matress and hug her Moomin pillow!

If you like to read more about Moomins and Tove Jansson – lady who created Moomins, here are some links:

Moomin, Moomin Valley, Tove Jansson, Tove Jansson in wikipedia. There are lots of beautiful illustrations and interesting things to see and read!


And in the daytime she can fancy my violas, while I’m working in the garden. Violas are one of my favourite flowers! There is always also someone else watching me in the garden …


Nelli enjoyes wathcing what happens and what we are doing around. She used to be very scared but now she is always some where near taking care of everything what happens in her garden!

I wish you Happy First of May and hope you have wonderful spring weather for this celebration! We are here getting ready for the Easter which is this weekend. I guess we’ll celebrate and have fun with few friends! Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your always sweet comments!




Hi friends! It’s time to continue our eye glass story. If you haven’t read that part 1, hop HERE and leave a comment to get your first entry in our give away!

zipper pouch with applique

As you can see, it became a zippie – baggie … I had decided something else but the measurement didn’t fit. If I manage to make ‘that’ what I had planned, you will be the first one to see it!

patchwork pouch

This story with eye glasses is all about our fantastic give away with ‘FIRMOO’ Global Online Optical Store! Firmoo has offered kindly four $30 designer glasses vouchers! Read all the details for this give away from the part 1. This give away is open till 19th of February 2013.


Last time I promised to dust all my glasses and here they are … not all but all from my years in Greece. One pair is missing and I can’t understand how I throw them away, because they were one of the favourites! First they were my eye glasses and later I changed them to sun glasses. They looked like these …

Firmoo's eye glasses

Designer glasses from ‘Firmoo’

They were magical glasses because through them you looked really well tanned!!! I had them when I came first time to Greece with my friend and I remember how she said sometimes: ‘let me look a little bit with your glasses to see how great tan I have!’

my eye glasses

I did my best to give you sunny photos, but I failed today. There was just few sunny moments but mostly it was really cloudy and rainy. The next best backround is my new ‘Happy Days’ quilt! It’s quilted and the binding is pinned.

my eye glasses

This quilt was enjoy to make but more about that next time. I have to admit that my glass collection looks a little bit boring but with my small and narrow face, it is always quite a challenge to find good glasses. For me the good = they have something special or fun and I look nice wearing them.  Only these vintage glasses seems to be a little bit fun or what? The most right pair is the one I use now.

favourite glasses

These two pairs are my favourites! So I guess I should choose Firmoo’s glasses shown above or both pairs I showed to you in my last post

I thought that this time you could tell me if you remember some funny story about glasses. I love these glasses but perhaps they are too funny for ‘serious Mrs. in my age’!

Designer glasses from Firmoo

Designer glasses from ‘Firmoo’

One comment reminded me about what happened long time ago. My first ‘own’ dog was the most sweet Collie ‘Sina’. I named her after Keke Rosberg’s wife Sina. Keke Rosberg is Niko Rosberg’s Finnish father and he was very famous F1 driver! Anyway, once my sweet Sina ate my glasses! I came from sauna and found a hole in the other lense. I started to cry … but at the end fortunately insurance paid the glasses and I fixed them. My optician told that it’s not unusual that dogs like our glasses, because they have the smell from our skin.

zipper pouch

I don’t like to sew zippers but it’s always good to do something we don’t feel so comfortable. Mostly it’s my sewing machine’s fault, because I can’t change the foot.

I really like this big pouch – I don’t know if I use it or perhaps it goes to my shop. For the moment I enjoy watching it on my sewing table! It’s good size, firm, quilted with fleece and fusible web and I like the lining, too! Perhaps I should throw all my old glasses in it!


Here is my sewing assistant, very busy, full of ideas and inspiration in her creative space!

Remember that there will be an extra present if we have over 30 competitors in our give away!!! what happens now with this part 2?! Leave a comment here and tell your memory about eye glasses (or anything else you like). This means that by leaving a comment in part 1 post and part 2 post, you get 2 chances to win (one comment in each post)! Take care that there is a way to contact you, if you win!

It would be very nice if you visit FIRMOO to see how fantastic glasses and amazing prices they have!

eye glasses applique

Thank you for joining my eye glasses stories and sharing yours! Now I shall go to finish the binding on my ‘Happy Days’ quilt and later we shall see a movie on tv ‘I hate Valentine’s Day’. I love the movie ‘My Greek Wedding’ and the actors are same, so I hope this one is also good and funny!

I wish you all Good Luck, great week and hope to see you soon!