Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen


Hexagon Flower Baby Toy -Tutorial

Hi Dear Friends! I’m happy to show you today a little happy project!

hexagon flower

I have often very cute, little visitor in the shop. He loves colours and you can guess that there are lots of colours in my shop for him to watch. I wanted to make a little, colourful, soft gift for him … something he could hold in his little hands.

happy fabrics

I was thinking what I could sew by hand in the shop. Thinking of one hexagon pincushion, made with triangles, I started to pick colourful fabrics. But then the ‘light switched on’ – hexagons! I have my hexagon Project-BOX in the shop … why not make something with hexagons!

what you need to make hexagons

This is so perfect small project for summer! you don’t need sewing machine or any cutting tools. All you need is fabric, scissors, thread, needle and paper (templates for hexagons). Filling can be the same as there is in the pillows or even cotton. I added the ‘beep beep’ inside because I knew the little boy would be happy for that.

paper piecing hexagons

So to be able to do this in the shop, I just took the Fabrics with me. I cut the squares with scissors and then started to baste. I wasn’t sure what fabrics I shall use so I just basted several hexagons to start.

paper piecing hexagons

If you Paper piece hexagons for the First time, you can use Paper clips or pins to hold the fabric and template together as you baste them. After a while you notice that you don’t need them. I baste on my knee. I press the fold by nail and then as I baste with the thread I fold the next edge etc.



paper pieced hexagon

This is easy and so much fun! If the first and second feels difficult, don’t give up, because you will see that you love your little hexagons!

hexagon tutorial by teje

You noticed that at the end I used almost only solids. For the first time I made hexagons with solids and now I don’t want to stop! I had a plan to use my solids for the ‘Hillside Houses’ quilt (button on my sidelist) but now it looks like I shall make lots of hexagons with my solids and perhaps have to find new solids for the quilt. Anyway that quilt project has to wait until autumn.

paper pieced hexagons

To make the stuffed flower, you sew the hexagons together.

hexagon flower

You can make the back side with other hexagon flower or with one fabric. I chose to use my special kitten fabric.

hexagon flower

It’s easier to make both sides with hexagons but may take a little bit more time. Because I used one fabric, I had to make template which I made with the finished hexagon flower.

hexagon flower project

Only thing I sew with the machine, was the piece of binding. You can sew also this by hand but by machine it will be more steady. This piece is about 2,5″ x 10″. It’s folded double and then I folded the both edges towards the center. Then I stitced both edges.



Sew your hexagon flower and the backside together except small place from where you can turn your flower right side out. Take the papers away, turn it right side out, add the filling and the stripe. If you like to add ‘beep beep’ put it in the filling. Then sew to close the flower.

hexagon flower

I sew two hexagons on the stripe and add also there a little bit filling. This can be like a leave for the flower. I thought it can be nice for the little hands to hold this fabric toy.

flower fabric toy

If you like to get more Information about Paper piecing, look the ‘Paper Piecing’ page up on my blog. I have gathered there lots of useful links about English and foundation Paper piecing.

If you have any questions, I’m very happy to answer and help you.

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed this flower and tutorial!


PS. Aren’t we lucky to be happy with few scraps!




Hi Dear Friends! I know that you call them cloth pegs but don’t you like the Finnish name: ‘Laundry Boys’! And if the ‘boys’ have a fun bag – laundry day is going to be pure enjoy!

cloth peg basket

This ‘LAUNDRY BOYS’ fabric basket is now in England with my SISTER and I think she is hoping even more than usually to have lots of sunny days to hang her laundry outside! She wished something to carry the ‘laundry boys’ on hew arm when hanging the cloths out, so I made this for her Christmas package.

cloth peg basket

First I had many patchwork ideas in my mind – using one funny fabric with cloths! My sister’s style is more modern than mine, so I tried to step out from my scrap box and I chose for the base this white-grey fabric which has modern buildings on it. It’s from Ikea and more firm than normal cotton. It was a good choise because now it looks like the laundry rope is hanging from the walls between the houses.

fabric basket

When I start to make any fabric basket I think just about what size I want (height and the bottom width) and then I start with the bottom piece. Now I made oval using a plate to make the edges round. Then I took the measurement around the bottom and started to make the main piece (making it a little bit longer and trimming it later).

I quilted the bottom and the main piece with wadding, following the Lines of the buildings on the fabric + straight Lines. My wadding was quite fat and it gave beautiful puffy look for the dresses – Like the wind is swinging them on the Air!

I cut the ‘dress’ pieces just squares and ironed them with fusible Web. After that it was easy to cut the dress shapes from the fabric. I wanted to add some colour and made one orange sun. Also here I used fusible web and then drew the shape of the sun (I could saw it through the fabric).

fabric basket tutorial 1

I stitched the sun with simple stitching few times around. For the dresses I used sik sak to make sure they stay nice even after washing. I made laundry rope with a thin, satin ribbon and cloths pegs with tiny pieces from the same ribbon. Bird is from one Ikea’s fabric and I stitched it simply few times around.

fabric basket tutorial 2

When the main piece was finished, I pinned it with the bottom to be able to trim the main piece as long it needs to be. Then I took the pins away, cut the main pieces for the right size and then sew it with the bottom. I made the lining with cotton fabric. Binding is double folded and I sew it frist on the outside (catching now the main basket with the lining). Then I turned it inside and sew so that the stitiching shows on the right side just next to the binding.

fabric basket tuto

The strap has piece of wadding inside and it’s quilted with straight Lines. In these photos the strap is still with pins because I was thinking few options how to catch it. Finally I simply sew it on the basket. You could also make button holes on the two edges of the strap and then two big buttons on both sides of the basket. Like that you can use the basket also for something else without strap.

If you like to see more details how to make any size fabric basket, click HERE to see the tutorial I made for the ‘Quilt Story’s’ Holiday Series! Those baskets are around and have little scrap trees on them.

fabric basket tutorial

If I may say, I was very happy how this ‘LAUNDY BOYS’ basket ended up! I do enjoy making things with pictures and little stories!

Greek garden

I hope you have lots of sunshine to hang your laundry outside! For me it is a little bit challenge this time of the year. I dry laundry only outside and often we have rainy days and even sun is shining, the humidity is high and the days are still short. But every day is longer and lighter … there it is coming … the Spring!

fabric basket

Today I had a big surprise in the post Office …. something that I had given up for waiting … {tools or toys} and you will see them soon! And I didn’t buy flowers but something else as cute as sweet peas!

Thank you so much for visiting me today! I shall join all my favourite link parties – how great after the brake during the holidays! All the buttons are on my sidelist and there is a new party for Wednesdays! Thank you also for your lovely messages!

Before I leave you I would like you to visit Cath. She wrote about very Special quilts and made also two most beautiful Special quilts. It is very touching story and something that I didn’t know before. Cath’s beautiful and colourful blog is ‘Wombat Quilts’!




Pin Wheel Ornament – Brooch Tutorial

Hi! I hope you have enjoyed your weekend! My Pin Wheel Ornament-Brooch Tutorial is featured at ‘SewMamaSew’! They have 7th Annual ‘Handmade Holidays’ series which is all about tutorials! Thank you Jessica for picking my ornament!

Pin Wheel Felt Brooch

For this Brooch I used fleece which has white and blue squares and that made the colour changes like that.

Pin Wheel Ornament Tutorial

This Pin Wheel Ornament is made with upcycled knitting. White fleece or felt is good, too – or any colour you like. I have few of these available in my etsy shop.

Pin Wheel Ornament

My Tutorial can be found HERE and in the page ‘Tutorials’. It’s worth of visiting ‘SewMamaSew’ because there is so many lovely ideas for Christmas inspiration! For example Scrappy Stocking Ornaments! I shall absolutely make bundle of them! I have this button also on  my sidelist so you can easily hop there any time you like.

Handmade Holidays

I made yesterday small candle decoration. I had saved these little blue candles and when dustying, I found also my favourite glass cube. Small white sea glass and few in light blue …

Candle Decoration with Sea Glass

It is hard to believe that we have only one month to Christmas! It still so warm here – the best season for me.

Candle Decor

Today we were ‘cooking’ something outside with Nero and soon he will tell you more about that …

Dog's Wool

I don’t like very hot things but if you do, Nero has some spicies, too  …

wool for felting

Have you entered our give away? If not click HERE and be prepered for a mystery question! I was almost sure that no one can find the answer … it seems to be that I might be right. I just hope you don’t beat me when you learn what it is. Give away is open till 26th of November and then Nero will pick the winner and I think it’s better if he tells you also the answer for the mystery!

I want to say Thousands of Thanks to all of You for reading my blog, following and Welcome to all our new followers! Thank you for taking the time to leave comments! I relly enjoy reading your comments – especially for this give away! See you soon!



Holiday TUTORIAL Series – My Day!

Hello dear friends! Exciting news: my Fabric Basket tutorial is today at the ‘Quilt Story’ – part of their fantastic ‘Holiday TUTORIAL Series’!

Fabric Basket Tutorial

Quilt Story

6.11. Melissa from ‘My Fabric Relish’ – {Christmas Tree Pillow}

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14.11 Lindsey from ‘Inspiring Creations’ – {Monogrammed Stocking}

20.11 Jennie & Clara from ‘Clover and Violet’ – {Christmas Embroidery Dresden Pillow}

22.11 Teje from ‘Nero’s Post and Patch’  – {Little Trees Fabric Basket}

2.12 Tessa from ‘The Sewing Chick’ – {Christmas Pillow}

4.12 Bev from ‘Flamingo Toes’

9.12 Stacy from ‘Freshly Handmade’

11.12 Christa from ‘Christa Quilts’

13.12 Erin from ‘Why Not Sew’

Thank you so much Heather and Megan for inviting me to join!



‘OCTAGON-BALL’ block Tutorial

Hello! I found if finally! How to make a mini quilt, I mean. I want to make a small wall hanging which could be also table runner. I just couldn’t find good idea till I thought Christmas and snow balls. I’m having fun making these octagon-ball blocks! If you haven’t made these, I’ll show you how easy they are!

Octagon block tutorial

For the bigger octagon I have cut 4″ x 4″ square and for the corners 2 x [2″ x 2″] squares cut in half.

Octagon Ball Block Tutorial

For the smaller octagon I have cut 3″ x 3″ square and for the corners 2 x [1.5″ x 1.5″] cut in half.

Octagon Ball Block

Sew the triangles on the corners and cut away the spare corner.

Octagon Ball Block Tutorial

Press the triangles open and trim you block.

Octagon Ball block

When I add sashing I don’t measure and cut stripes. I cut long strip and sew it on the first edge, cut it, sew it on the second edge, cut it and so on.


Continue your project as you like – with or without sashing.

Octagon Ball block Tutorial

You can also mix fabrics as you see above. I sew 4 [2.5″ x 2.5″] squares together and got 4 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ square. For the corner triangles I cut 2 x [2″ x 2″] squares cut in half.

Scrappy Octagon Ball

My plan is to arrange the blocks randomly and to use different size of sashings. I shall add also white space here and there.

Traditional red and green are not really my colours and because any way it’s difficult to find Christmas mood without snow and cold winter, I think this year I shall try something different. We’ll see how it works …  or perhaps in December I’m again hanging my Christmas decorations … with green and red.

At the moment my plan is to make something with purple-pink-spring green- white (of course white!).

happy cat

I think our Nelli is a happy cat! You haven’t seen this quilt, because I haven’t made it. It’s really old and bought, but I like it  very much. It has great and simple, traditional pattern and the colours are nice. Next project with men’s shirts could bea  quilt like this.

Cat's Life

Have you planned how to decorate for the festive season this year? Or perhaps you have already done some decorating?

I’m happy that I have now some ideas in my mind and I can catch my materials! There will be wool, felt, fleece and of course fabric!

Octagon Balls

You may think that my octagons are wonky – they are because I don’t measure exactly where to sew the white corners. I try to get a little bit wonky and improvised random look. I think I use my blocks diagonal (can’t remember now the right word fro that). Is it ‘in points’?

Thank you dear friends again for stopping by! I enjoy seeing your holiday projects – so much fantastic ideas, great tutorials and lots of inspiration! This is busy but fun season! Remember that 22nd of November my tutorial is at Quilt Story’s   ‘HOLIDAY Tutorial SERIES’! There are already many fantastic and beautiful tutorials!

Happy sewings!



Am I Cat or Fox ? – Tutorial

Hi! Yesterday I thought I was playing with a cat but was it a fox?!

patchwork cat by Teje

When I was making those birds, I thought to try if the same idea could work for a cat. With a good will it looks lying cat … or fox.

Nelli the Cat

“When I’m lying I never have my tale up! If you think tale makes it cat, that’s your opinion!”

patchwork cat by Teje

Moustache and button eyes helps a little bit, I think. At least my fresh new fabric is perfect for fur!

cat in the window

“Couldn’t care less – I don’t think you expect me to keep her company?! Only if she’s going to be a mini quilt for my basket – I can consider. Any chance to get this window washed?”

patchwork cat

If you like to make this patchwork cat, look the following easy instructions:

cat with squares and triangles

All you need is squares and triangles. Squares are 2.5″ x 2.5″ and triangles are half square from 3″ x 3″.

!If you use fabric print with direction, take care how to cut the triangles!

how to make patchwork cat

Sew first all the triangle pieces. Trim them to 2.5″ x 2.5″ size.

You can sew the squares together in rows and then the rows together. Or sew them in sections.

My rows are often a little bit wonky so this time I sew the squares in sections (for example 4 together, 6 together and then all the sections together). For me this worked better than rows.

cat block by Teje Karjalainen

I added white stripes around the block and got the size about 17″ x 17″ (43 x 43 cm). I’m going to make this pillow and because I shall quilt it, I didn’t trim it yet.

easy piecy cat by Teje Karjalainen

It’s easy piecy cat – but is it cat or fox? Could she be ‘Easy Piecy Cat’?

And then weather report: today we have had sunshine (what else) and rain (yes!) and wind and sunshine and rain and wind and rain and sunshine … if you don’t belive …

ship in the sun

ship in the rain

ship in clouds

Now the summer is over – can’t help – beach is empty and someone was collecting the last sun beds and umbrellas …

Greek beach

Now when it’s not too hot anymore, Hanna can come with me … she is so good company. In the car she sits still on her seat wearing her the seat belt (if she doesn’t pick any dog – then she may get furious). When I’m doing something, she sleeps on her towel, then we have a small brake and look around …

my dear dog

She is my darling girl!

On our way back home we met two ladies with their kids … try to guess who … till next time!

Thank you for stopping by and reading my little blog! I hope you can use this cat tutorial. Perhaps you have a darling girl who would love to have a cat pillow to hug!

Carly from ‘Citric Sugar’ has made beautiful pillow which absolutely invites for hugging!

See you soon!



Embroidery Hoop Wall Decoration – Tutorial

Hi! Welcome to to the 1st part of my ‘Christmas – Seasonal’ Tutorials! … and it’s not even November yet! Today we shall have fun with little trees!

Embroidery Hoop Decor - tutorial

Catch your scraps and let’s start! Take a piece of fabric for the base. Take the inner piece of the embroidery hoop.  Draw a circle about 2.5″ – 3″ bigger that the hoop. Cut your fabric circle. I didn’t use those coocie molds but instead of the trees we can make some other shapes.

decoration tutorial

Then cut the same size circle from a thin fabric for the backing. For the backing you can use some other thin material, too. I used something which is like those disposable sheets. It’s thin and covers the wadding so the sewing is easier.

Now take a piece of wadding or fleece and draw a circle inside the the inner hoop. (The wadding is smaller so that it doesn’t go between the two hoops).


Now you have 3 layers.


Put some safety pins to keep the wadding and all the layers together. Now comes the ‘difficult’ part – you should arrange your little trees! Random is not easy at all! Leave up and down some space for the ground and sky.

scrap trees

Now just simply sew around the trees. Raw edge applique is fun and easy! Try to sew continuesly and don’t worry to sew some lines twice. If you like you can add more trees later – doesn’t matter even you sew them separately.

scrap trees

When you have finished your trees, stitch trunks with dark thread. Make sky and ground with few scrap stripes. For the sky I made few extra stitching lines. Put pins around your work.

raw edge applique

Sew two lines around your work using longer stitch. Sew also sik sak around.

ebmroidery hoop decor

Drag from the 2 upper threads. Put the inner hoop ‘inside’ your work. Tighten the threads so that the fabric is tight and tie the threads.

embroidery hoop decor

Backside looks like this when finished.

embroidery hoop decor

And a close look on the finished front …

Wall Decoration

Take leather or some other ribbon you like, and tie it for hanging.

Embroidery Hoop Decoration

As usually, I wasn’t alone outside …

Embroidery Hoop Decoration

Nelli was playing with one dry olive and dogs were busy sniffing around in the garden.

playing cat

Thank you for joining me today! I hope you like this tutorial and find some inspiration for Christmas and other sewings!

Embroidery Hoop Decoration Tutorial

Sunny wishes! Hope to see you soon again!