Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen


{Bunny’s Friends} Part 1

Once upon a time, there was a pink bunny …

paper pieced bunny

Sugar scraps, tiny threads and paper clips, of those she was made …

paper piecing

Little Dragonfly chose her fabrics carefully and her small sewing machine made srrrrr srrrrr until late during those hot summer evenings.


bunny pattern by quiet play

Little bunny got long ears …


… she got fluffy tail …

paper piecing bunny

… she became the cutes, little bunny …

paper pieced bunny by tejesarita

But she missed something …

Bunny's Friends by Tejesarita

… to be continued …

PS. paper piecing pattern is from ‘Quiet Play’. Kristy celebrates with -30% until 16th of August 2015!




{Solid Sampler} HRT Harlequin Block

Hi friends! Today I start my new quilt block series with solids: {Solid Sampler}. This will be blocks made with solids, new and old, traditional and modern, what ever comes to my mind. If I know the name for the block I use that other wise I give it ‘my’ name. I show you how I make the blocks or I link to the tutorials that inspired me.

hrt harlekin block by tejesarita

My first block is HRT (half retangle triangle) Harlequin block. For me this shape reminds me always Harlequin so I call it that.

I cut half retangle triangles so that the short side is 3.5 ” and the long side is 6.5 “. You can use the [30 degrees] line on your ruler. For me works well to cut one triangle like that and then the rest of the triangles I cut using the first one as a template. I don’t like to turn around my big ruler and try to find the right angle. Also my table is usually too full to have good space, as you can see …

solid blocks

So I put the ready triangle on my next fabric and then cut the second using the ruler.

half retangle triangle

I always iron my fabrics before cutting! Except this time… after these three I ironed them and all my solids!


Cut your half retangle triangles and then arrange them as you like. Sew them as shown below …

sewing half retangle triangles

And then it’s time to play!

solid blocks by tejesarita

solid blocks by tejesarita

solid blocks by tejesarita

And then play some more …

triangle blocks

Then trim your pieces and sew them together. I shall use white around the blocks, but not just yet, because with the white I shall bring the different kind of blocks to the same size.

hrt blocks

{solid sampler} hrt harlekin

Sometimes we just need to do something else than the current project to clear our thoughts for a moment. At least me, when I’m working with a new quilt, my mind is there day and night. That’s why Saturday evening I decided to make one great block I had in my mind. I didn’t make that block because when playing with the pieces I saw this ‘harlekin’ and thought to stay with this. I don’t call this ‘project’ because I shall make these blocks now and then between my projects without any target but I think I shall make this small wall quilt for my sewing studio. You can imagine how difficult it is now to stop making solid blocks!

I hope you enjoyed your visit and this colourful block! Take care and see you soon …



Little Yellow Bag

Hi Friends! Is it hot? It is here! and busy, high summer season. But I managed to squeeze few moments to finish a little bag …

small bag

This is a small, simple shoulder bag. Strap is adjustable with a knot …

shoulder bag by tejesarita

Fabric is a canvas style with fun print and it’s from Ikea.

small bag by tejesarita

On the other side the ric rac covers the seam so the print continues nicely all around the bag.

Lining is full of juicy oranges!

small bag

This time my favourite juice is with berries …

berry juice

From the local mini market I bought crackers which happened to be really good! With cinnamon and sugar and the yellow is with corn. The cinnamon cracker is like the crackers we used to have at home when I was small.

crackers and juice

I’m happily surprised that I have had been sewing a lot. Secret project is finished and I’m looking for to show it to you. I have continued the ‘Scandic Scene’ quilt which is now on my design wall. Hope to finish the top these days because I’m already making plans for a new quilt and soon the design wall has to be empty for that new project.

little bag

I spot this fun view through the mirror in the shop! Maria has Greek statues front of her shop.

Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for the sweet comments you write! I wish you wonderful August and happy sewings!



‘Milky Hearts’ about process and inspiration

Hi dear friends! Thank you so much for your visit and most sweet comments about my NEW sewing room! I’m happy you liked the tour and the space. Unfortunately I don’t have much time to sew now because we are working all the time for the shop and preparing to open it soon.

Milky Hearts

‘Milky Hearts’, Aqua and Pink, mini quilts are on my design wall and I’m waiting to quilt the pink one and then finish them to pillows.

These pillow covers are inspiration from two ideas and sources. First I really liked the hearts I saw at ‘Cluck Cluck Sew’. They are so cute and there is tutorial for ‘Making heart blocks in multiple sizes’. I thought I would make several hearts and them use them for pouches – but I changed my mind…

heart blocks

I have to show you the process photos because they are so cute. I imagine they are little beds in a children’s summer camp!

heart blocks

Little white squares will be up corners and the bigger white square makes the down side for the heart. Two ‘beds’ make one heart.

heart blocks

Now the corners are sewn on and trimmed. After pressing the seams open, the hearts are ready. Don’t throw away those little left over triangles!

heart blocks

I used the smallest 4″ measurement. Look for other sizes and details at ‘Cluck Cluck Sew’.


The other part of my inspiration came from my favourite quilt book…


I have got this book from my dear quilter friend, Sonja, who is my ‘American cousin’, always so helpful, supporting and amazing friend! This book doesn’t has patterns or instructions. It has very good story with most beautiful illustration and quilt blocks.

Quilt Maker's Gift

Quilt Maker's Gift

Quilt Maker's Gift

One Sunday morning I read this book once again and looked the quilt blocks inside the covers. I wanted to make a simple block. Then I saw the block with lovely colours and the name ‘Milky Way’ … I was sold …

quilt blocks

‘Milky’ word sound so nice and suited so well with the colours of my hearts, so I knew I shall use this block and name my work Milky Hearts!

I took the left over triangles that I had trimmed from the heart blocks and made cute little squares. In the Milky Way block corners are made with 4 squares but I used just white squares.

star block

When this star was made, I put the blocks to my design wall to see what else I could add there.

on the design wall

I had made some testing geese blocks and the colours were perfect for this, so I cut them half, back to half square tringles. Few ‘hour glass’ blocks I cut in four and got white/turquoise triangle-squares.

scrappy work

Then I started to find scraps in ‘milky aqua’ colours.

milky heart process

You can’t imagine how difficult it is to decide how arrange the blocks and colours – at least for me. To think how the layout looks good and to have a nice ballance. I think I use the most of the time for this. When I finally decide how to go on, then it’s quick to fill the space between and to sew the pieces together.

milky hearts mini quilt by teje

I marked with pins on the design wall the size I need to make this pillow. Then it was easier to see how much I need to add pieces around. Now I have basted this with fleece and one very thin material. It’s quilted and waiting to be a pillow.

One milky photo through the thin material I use for the backing to quilt the piece, when making pillows, bags, pouches …

milky hearts

I hope these photos help you if you like to create your own improvised ‘Milky Hearts’ quilt. It can be a pillow or a Mini quilt, but also you can continue and make it the most sweet baby quilt. I hope to do that later.

Thank you very much for stopping by! I wish you wonderful March! Hmmm… I have to go to turn the pages on my calendars… they are all still in February. And I had so good idea to make a Mini quilt every month from my Quilter’s calendar … something to look for the next winter, I guess.

pink milky hearts by teje

Perhaps I shall quilt the Pink Milky Hearts to feel that it’s a weekend … even it’s part of the work also but the happy part.

Next time I show you what other Projects I have had on my sewing table. It’s all the time full of something and at the moment no way to sew anything, so hand stitiching is just perfect thing to do now. If you like to see my ‘bead studio’, please step in to ‘TRIKIMIA’, my other blog.

Have a great weekend and happy sewings!



Welcome to my sewing room!

Hi Dear Friends! I’m happy to welcome you to my NEW sewing room! Just wish I could offer you apple pie with coffee!

Teje's sewing room

When you come to my sewing room, this is the First sight you have from the door. Room is not big but everything is now in order and it’s quite practical to work. I did a lot of thinking in the beginning and ended up to put the table in the middle. I have always my sewing machine on the leftside and the cutting place on the right, so like this the electricity cable comes easily from the back wall.

Teje's sewing room

There is very narrow window and the door to the balcony. I thought that how ever I put my table, I can’t see much out, so I prefer to have the wardrope behind me and the open selves front of me. Also I can have drawers on the back wall as the wall on the right side doesn’t has space for them. If I’m here, Hanna is here!

Teje's sewing room

On the wall are now my two challenge quilts. My First quilting challenge was ‘Nero’s Garden’ (free pieced animals from our garden and neighbourhood) on the right. The latest challenging quilt project was ‘Fantasy Forest’ (paper pieced forest animals) on the left side. They don’t really match together but ‘Nero’s Garden’ was long time in the store so I like to see it for a while. Then I will put there ‘Happy Days’ quilt.

Sorry but you are still on the door … please step in!

Teje's sewing room

From the balcony door you see all this … I have fixed my table with an old table from our taverna, old drawers also from our taverna and the white board on them. I like to have white table to see well the colours. Material is slippery, so Fabrics move easily on it and it’s easy to clean. The drawer is filled with my painting stuff.

Teje's sewing room

Around my sewing machine I have most needed little things, on the opposite selves quilting Fabrics, quilting books, boxes for selvages, bindings, 3,5″ Project etc. Some yarns that are the latest projects (and didn’t fit in the big drawer in the other room). Behind the pillows on the right, there is my ‘GO Baby’ cutter machine. I wish I had more often time to make projects with that. The door is my inspiration board. There I have my Quilter’s Calendar and Moomins Calendar + inspiration pictures.

Teje's sewng room

On the table I have the most needed tools: rulers, bobbins, scissors, cutters, pins and wonder clips … and one BOX with mixed stuff (should clear up that BOX). Mostly I use these big spools of cotton thread. I keep my other threads in the white drawer on the left side from the sewing machine, near but safe from dust and light.

Teje's sewing room

There are also the ribbons, zippers, buttons, other small supplies, stamping things and some leathers. When we moved in, I was really happy to see these drawers in the wardrope; I knew they will be very practical and I like the white material. My Perle 8 threads for quilting are in chocolate tins. Perfect size for the little balls and easy to take with me if I stitch some where else.


Scrap BOX which happens to fit over the BOX with ready cut men’s shirts. I fact I don’t have a lot of scraps because I use them all the time. Also I consider as a scrap only very small pieces. Some Special scraps are in an other BOX,  stripes and whites are also separate.


My quilting Fabrics are in plastic storage boxes by colour (mainly). I used to have them just folded, as big as possible to avoid much ironing. You have seen that many quilters fold them so that you can see all the Fabrics by one look. I just fixed my Fabrics like that and it’s absolutely the best way. I have lots of small pieces and so many sizes of Fabrics that I didn’t fold them for exact size, just so that they fit nicely in the BOX.

quilting fabrics

Now I have fixed the colours but need to fix still the other boxes: white/low volume, MIX, other (linen etc.), Special and solids.

quilting fabrics

Then finally we turn back to the door. This is perfect design wall as there is no space for any furniture and it’s easy to use and look from my chair. I have coverd the boards with fleece. Even I have the door open in summer, Fabrics don’t fly away because they will be behind the door.

Teje's sewing room

Next to the design wall I have a Board with Special cards and little things from friends. On the stool some quilts are waiting for a label to go to the shop. On the design wall there is my latest project: ‘Milky Hearts’ in aqua. And then there was the ‘Milky Hearts’ in pink …

design wall

And what about the wardrope? It’s filled with … you guessed right … with fabrics, other materials, waddings,  and finished things for the shop. Only small difficulty is the ironing Board. If I want something from the wardrope, I have to move it. but I didn’t find any solution for this (yet). After the busy summer I may think again and do some changes … but I think my room works well now concidering how much I have managed to fit in the small room. I’m very happy with my new sewing space and enjoy being there. It looks normally very much like this except the table which is often over loaded with Projects and Materials. Now just finishing the ‘Milky Hearts’, I collected those materials to be ready for the new ones.

Teje's sewing room

As you can see two baby quilts are still waiting to be quilted. I find it hard now to share my time and to decide which works should be done first etc. I’m thinking that hand quilting can be done also later in the shop so perhaps you will find me there stitching those quilts.

Thank you for your visit! I’m so happy you came to see where I sew now! So I shall then drink the coffee on my own … without apple pie … hope you enjoyed your visit and come back soon!

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Flower Bag and Pink Sea Glass

Hello Dear Friends! I hope you are fine and enjoy the summer! We have hot weather and me and my new flower bag tried to stay in the shadow  …

Bag and Sea Glass Pendant

This bag has a great summer feeling. I almost said also country feeling but why not also city feeling … in cities there are also lots of lovely places filled with sweet flowers. Last days we have been working mostly with the bracelets and sea glass pendants. Sea Glass is very Special and exciting material. Every piece is unique and sometimes if you are very lucky you can find ‘once in a lifetime’ piece …

Pink Sea Glass


Pink sea glass is really rare colour. If you think what kind of glass items there is made from glass in pink colour, you understand that it’s almost a miracle to find a piece like this … smoothened by salty sea water, sand and stones and then washed to the beach.

Pink Sea Glass

Only sea can create those c shapes on the glass and it may take over 30 years to be nicely smoothened all around. This pink colour is very difficult to photograph and with our strong sunlight it looks almost white. That’s also the magic with Sea Glass that it looks very different depending how and where you look …


Blue Sea Glass Pendant

Here is for an example one, also very special piece of blue Sea Glass. This has very rare surface and it looks beautiful. But look the colour with the sunlight …

blue sea glass

And if you give her few drops water, the magic shows even more …

blue sea glass

The shape under the glass is water drop. If you love colours, you would get ‘grazy’ with the surprises of the sea glass colours! If you like to read more about sea glass, visit my other blog ‘TRIKIMIA’. More about pendants here.

Shoulder Bag by Teje

And then back to bag … and the back of the bag …

Shoulder Bag by Teje

I made this bag with same idea like the ‘Greek Cross Bag’. Only the linen part on the top of the bag is a little bit lower. That strap is with knot on one side and on the other side it’s sewn under the small strap.

shoulder bag

shoulder bag

Inside there is again one pocket and the closing is with zipper. Bindings on the outside big pockets and the up edge are double folded.

Shoulder Bag by Teje

I do hope that there will be one bag for me, too! Linen looks great with the flower fabric and it is very practical with two large ourside pockets and one pocket inside. Size is about 10″ x 12″. Strap is adjustable with the knot.

making bracelets

Now I think I return to my work with bracelets. Most of the stones we use are semi precious stones, gem stones, coral, lava etc. For example on the front line those ovals are Tiger’s Eyes, light stones are Rose Quarts and the dark stones Green Jaspers.

I shall post about our jewelry projects also in our other blog ‘TRIKIMIA’ which is mainly for our sea glass, jewelry and decoration makings. Both of our etsy shops: ‘TRIKIMIA’ and ‘TEJESARITA’  are quite empty now because we are working for a new project. Most of the things we make, are for sale, so if you see something you would like to purchase, I’m very happy to make a special listing for you. Please send me email: nerospost(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll get back to you.

Gemstone Bracelets by Trikimia

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for leaving so wonderful comments! I wish you Fantastic Midsummer and to all my Finnish readers Hyvaa Juhannusta!


Shoulder Bag by Tejesarita