Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Vof vof Friends! It’s Show time!!!! ‘Bestest Show on Earth!

This fantastic show takes place at ‘Lily Pad Quilting’ and it’s all about PETS ON QUILTS!!! And here we are having fun on our quilts … welcome every one to join us under the palm tree!

Pets on Quilts Show 2013

It’s a hot day, but we thought why not have our quilts in the shadow under the palm tree. If you visit us first time, I’ll tell you that we live in Greece in Crete and summer is hot here. Our sewist is from Finland but she has lived here long time and hb is from here. Summer is also very busy time, so I didn’t write so much lately but soon it’s autumn, my favourite season and then I shall write you often … I have always so much to tell and show!

'this dark blue star is my favourite'

‘this dark blue star is my favourite’

We got these quilts in spring – because we can sleep on them, they are ours, right?

'i'm the Star and Hanna is the Swirl'

‘i’m the Star and Hanna is the Swirl’

You see, quilts like owners – my quilt has big stars because I’m a star and Hanna’s quilt has swirls as she is a little bit swirl herself.

'we are best friends'

‘we are best friends’

Star idea came from Kaffe Fassett’s quilt. That man is a big inspiration here! Then Swirls came to be something different but similar. Hb gave his shirts (don’t worry he has still many) and so we got our wonderful and practical quilts.

These quilts were supposed to be one big quilt but because of some space issues in the sewing attic and the fact that we need to wash these often, we made a quilt couple.

'i think ant walked over my leg'

‘i think ant walked over my leg’

Hey Hanna, didn’t we come for a pic nic?

'oh no, i forgot the pic nic basket!'

‘oh no, i forgot the pic nic basket!’

Any chance to get cool drinks here? Bring some goodies, too … please!

'don't search those stitches now, they are just fine'

‘don’t search those stitches now, they are just fine’

I prefer to lie in the shadow but Hanna likes sun. Often I have tell her to come inside, because she’s just sleeping in sun and doesn’t realize that’s grazy when it’s so hot.

'best way to spend sunny day'

‘best way to spend sunny day’

And it’s even better if you have great quilts to lie on! Here are the main posts for these quilts: ‘Stars and Shirts’ and ‘Swirls and Shirts’. Hanna was helping our ‘photographer’ and did great job! They even found wild orchids!

'Under the palm tree'

‘Under the palm tree’

'Is there a pork chop on the grill?'

‘Is there a pork chop on the grill?’

'notice my summer shorts!'

‘notice my summer shorts!’

Sorry, I have to check this … Hanna please you say good by to our friends … see you soon! First time in my life I wear summer fur. Someone thought I should have less hairs not to feel so hot as I’m not a young boy anymore. You know to to feel the cool floor on my tummy. Now I feel young boy again with these funny short pants!

Oh, those boys! Always busy and restless!



Thank you thank you thank you friends for joining us today! It was really nice you came to see us and our quilts … under the palm tree!

'is someone walking on my street!'

‘is someone walking on my street?’

Now we shall go inside … pork chop is waiting (or dry doggy food) and then it’s time to rest till the evening because now it’s too hot to have a ball game.

But for you I have something to do! Go to meet other pets and see what kind of quilts they have! There is also a linky party where you can enter your own quilt. It can be you on your quilt. Or perhaps there is a quilt with pet pictures somewhere around your house – you can enter that, too!  At the same time you have a chance to win amazing prizes! There is about million way to win! Have fun and don’t forget the voting which is 18.8. – 24.8.2013. No worries, I shall remind you when it’s that day … if I remember … perhaps I need to tell Hanna to remind me to remind you …

Hugs and Kisses!!!!


pets on quilts




Hi Dear friends! It’s hot hot hot here … and too hot to use our new quilts, time to take our summer quilts from the store. But you haven’t seen yet the second quilt I made with men’s shirts. Here it is: ‘Swirls’!

quilt with men's shirts

This is the second quilt I made with hb’s shirts. First I made ‘Stars’ for him and now my ‘Swirls’ is finished, too.  We have already used these for a while, when having our afternoon nap. Also they cover our bed during the day, when I often find Nero or/and Hanna having a nap there.

quilts from men's shirts

Both quilts are quilted by hand and I’m still thinking if I could/should add more stitiching on them. I stitched one smaller hexagon on one swirl but I’m not sure if it looks good.

hand quilting

I like the colours and patterns but now I’m so happy to make again something more creative, with smaller pieces and happier colours. I have begun to quilt the ‘Summer Wine’ but I try to make it slowly in the moments that I can’t do something else.

'Swirls' men's shirt quilt

Weekend has been busy by visiting the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’. I have seen so many amazing quilts and found lots of inspiration. I have made pin board for my favourites in Pinterest and I shall add there more, when I have time to see more quilts.

Perhaps you have noticed that I have managed to make SOCIAL BUTTONS to my sidelist. That was a one day lesson and work, but I’m really happy I made it – it was time to learn something. If you don’t know what social buttons are, they are easy way to go ‘some where’, for example clicking the ‘b’ takes you to bloglovin where you can follow my posts,’ P’ takes you to my Pinterest site, ‘E’ to my etsy shop, ‘little bird’ to my Twitter and the ‘button’ to Flickr.

I’m linking at these parties: ‘Fabric Tuesday’, ‘Linky Tuesday’ ‘Sew Cute Tuesday’.

quilt in nature

Yesterday evening I continued Forest QAL project – it was very hot in my sewing attic and I’m worried that soon I can’t stay there … then what?! Deer is ready so you’ll see it soon and now I’m working with something green. Oh how I wish I could go to continue that but it has to wait till the evening.

Swirls men's shirt quilt

Also I wish that I could be on the beach …

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for all your most sweet comments! Have a wonderful week and see you soon!

PM. You can find tutorial for this block from Jaybird Quilts HERE. Look her other great tutorials too!