Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen


Little Triangles

Happy New Year dear friends!


One day I took my scrap boxes and started to separate…


Sadly the result was very poor. The box was full, but when sorted out, decent size scraps were so less. Most were crumbs and chips…but some of them started to speak to me…


Little triangles screamed: We may be small but we can do it! Take your white scraps and you’ll see!

little scrap triangles

So I did, and started to make the puzzle.


I was happy to find an important project, because these last days I couldn’t start anything. I have so many ideas going on in my mind but when I thought to start, they seemed to be purposeless.

little triangles

These, ‘useless’ littlest chips pushed me to start and I hope they lead me to improvising new year. This time I trim with scissors.

I have made extra design board. It’s a small board which I covered with piece of fleece. It can be on my sewing table, lean against the wall or I may hang it on the wall. If you don’t have space for design wall you can still make small design board. Use any board, wood or even carton. Or tape a piece of fleece or wadding on the door. Try, it makes big difference to see your design on the wall/board and not on the table.


Some of these little blocks are now on the board and some on the table…and there are still many little triangles waiting for white scraps.

triangle blocks

Jayne at ‘Twiggy and Opal’ inspired me finally to start something with the littlest.  I admire her beautiful, unique work and fun writing. Thank you Jayne! I have also an other project going on, where I used idea from Jayne’s blocks…those half retangle blocks.

scandic scene

‘Scandic Scene’ is again on the design wall and in my thoughts. I have some ideas how to continue and hope to finish soon this quilt top to start the quilting.


Time to say Farewell 2015 and Welcome 2016! I think this is a good moment to move to a new address and to start a new chapter in ‘Nero’s Post and Patch: I was happy to see in the stats that many old posts are visited often again so I’m sure we shall meet now and then also here in my ‘old’ blog.






Paper pieced letters – Fabrics – Sea Glass

Hello dear friends! I hope you have had great time with the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’! After many days apart from my sewing machine, I catched myself yesterday from the neck and climbed to attic. Where to start if there is nothing waiting on the table? Letters – yes – paper pieced letters!

paper pieced letters

These letters are great project to do just when I don’t know what to do! But I allow myself to make only one letter per time …

foundation pieced letter

… otherwise I couldn’t stop and would make only letters! and I do need to go for a walk with my letters and puppies … around the garden …

slippers with letters

For once I was lucky to find easily just perfect slippers from the local ‘Halkiadaki’ super market! They are so fun – with my blue jeans the blue pops up, with my lime green shawl that colour … I don’t have anything orange?!

The other thing for today is that I received again fabrics – yes, I can’t stop fabrics arriving here! And look what came this time …

fabric tree

These are the most beautiful Kona solids – my first ever – and I love them and can’t wait to find an idea, good enough, to use them! I appreciate these fabrics ‘for twice’ as they came from Joanna from ‘Shape Moth’. Some fabrics that I won from the Forest QAL were missing and Joanna was so sweet that she picked these from her own stash and sent them to me. Thank you Joanna – you don’t know how happy I am! I guess it’s difficult to believe, but I don’t have solids at all (except a little bit orange and green from the local shop).

blue fabric and sea glass

Hey, you don’t get off so easily … I took lots of photos to find some nice, so I need to show at least few more … by the way the sea glass is from our Sea Glass Studio ‘TRIKIMIA’.

solids and sea glass

I take lots of photos … for the ‘Fantasy Forest’ I have took till now about 350 shoots and still I’m not totally happy. I guess I need to go for an other place.

fabrics and sea glass

But what you think if I take those forest animals to the sancy beach? Perhaps we have to make a trip to the woods …

… honestly I didn’t plan this ‘donkey’s bridge’ but yesterday evening I got lost in the woods … seriously …

scrap trees

I felt so ‘improvising creator’ with my beloved scraps …


Now I would love to dive in to my scraps again but I have to dive in the kitchen sink and wash the plates. Fortunately Nero is next to me and happy to help me.


LETTERS: Patterns are made by Kristy from ‘Quite Play’ and they are available in her Craftsy Store.

Kristy hasmade a beautiful mini quilt with letters !

Carla from ‘Grace and Favour’ has made amazing hexagon letters!

QUILT ALONG WITH LETTERS: ‘Blossom Heart Quilts’ has a QAL with letters ‘Easy as ABC’!

‘3patchcrafts’ has made sweet sheeps! How about counting paper pieced sheeps till falling asleep! Patterns are in Craftsy.

‘Sew mama sew’ has great page for tutorials! Paper piecing and many other patterns.

Kona solids and sea glass

Yes … the plates … thank you so much for stopping by! I love to read your lovely comments and thoughts! Sorry  if I don’t have always time to answer, but I do my best! Often the comment thread  continues and it’s great to keep in touch with sewing friends! So please tell me what you have been doing – have you really started to sew for Christmas? I’m still wearing flip flops and t-shirt … sorry!



More ‘Baby Stars’!

Hi Friends! I hope you are enjoying your summer weekend! Today I like to show you once more the ‘Baby Stars’. Hope you don’t mind seeing them again.  This was the first I made …

baby quilt

The reason for this post is that I like you to meet Debbie, who bought my pattern and was so sweet to send me photos of the quilt she made.  She is very talented and I’m so happy she wanted to make this quilt. Debbie’s wonderful blog is ‘Angel’s Scraps Quilting’ and here is the beautiful quilt she made …

'Baby Stars'

Baby quilt by Debbie, ‘Angel’s Scraps Quilting’

I love her photos on the green yard and her fabrics are so beautiful! Thank you Debbie! Here is the lovely post Debbie wrote about this quilt. I’m sorry I didn’t post about this earlier but sometimes … I don’t know … it’s just takes time.

The other quilt I made with this same pattern had blue, green and turquoise. Then I wrote also the pattern-tutorial, which is available in my Etsy shop ‘TEJESARITA’.

babu quilt

If there wasn’t so long list patterns which I like to make, I would enjoy making this again. Somehow it’s just so happy and sparkling.


Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet and amazing comments about my Forest quilt! It is now pinned with the backing and next step is to start quilting. But I really should make first something to wear …

Have a lovely time – hope to see you soon!