Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

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{Fabric Forest} quilt top

Hello friends! Today is  time for a ‘Quilty 365’ linkyup.

Nero and Fabric Forest

Read all my post in my new blog HERE. Lots of photos about my day with the dogs in the garden with this quilt top.




Mug rugs and Pot holders

Hi dear friends! This post bagan from a kitchen ‘cheer-up’. I was really depressed with the kitchen and thought it’s time to make NEW happy pot holders. I save too much my dear Fabrics and thought to use this time some Fabrics I really like.

pot holders

I cut pieces from those pink and Red Fabrics and then chose something to match around. This happened wednesday evening. Next day I was supposed to take photos before placing them on the Brown kitchen wall. That next morning I was happy to find that Gnome Angel featured my mug rug tutorial! She is hosting mug rug swap and has gathered some ideas and tutorials for mug rugs. Read here the post about the ‘Festive Mug Rug Swap’!

mug rug coaster

These are in fact coasters as they are smaller than mug rugs. I made this tutorial to show in a Mini Project all the steps to make a quilt. There is a patchwork piece. It’s hand quilted with wadding. And there is normal quilt binding. Read here the tutorial.

patchwork winter

Then I saw that Ruth from ‘Charly and Ben’s Crafty Corner’ had included my little forest in her inspiration mosaic. Thank you so much Ruth for linking to my blog and for reminding me about this Mini quilt!

mini quilt

I made this one winter to find the winter and Christmas feeling. That’s not so easy here in the sunny and warm weather. It was on the wall in the kitchen until summer came! Now I’m happy to see it again on my sewing table as a mug rug.

forest mug rug

For my newer readers I thought to show the mini quilts/mug rugs I made one Christmas …

christmas pot holders mug rugs

You can make patchwork pictures or use raw edge applique, which is really easy and fun method. Draw by yourself or use coocie cutters to draw the shapes. If you have Baby GO! cutter, it’s great, too. I used that for the birds.

butterfly mug rug

PS. I was happy to receive an email from you about the butterflies – thank you Lisa! Here are some links where you see how I made the butterflies and the butterfly wall quilt which I entered to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival few years ago:

There is really endless list of ideas how to make mug rugs, potholders, coasters, place mats and Mini quilts. One great is to make paper pieced block. Make a picture or letter – I love letters and I’m so happy to have Kristy’s patterns for letters! They are available in her Craftsy store!

mug rug with letter

If you are in hurry, beginner in sewing or just want to show well the beautiful fabric, make a mug rug with one fabric …

pot holders

Simple patcwork block with your/hers/his favourite colours …

patchwork mug rug

Mug rug or pot holder is very good little Project to try different technics like raw edge applique, hand quilting, embroidery …

bird pot holder

They are also great little things to  use scraps and up-cycled Fabrics.

kitchen decoration

bird mug rug

So about my new pot holders, they are not in the kitchen yet, no need to cheer up this kitchen because I start to pack again! I hope to have a big Christmas tree this year!

paper pieced letters

I already decided to join the mug rug swap, but have to leave it now. If you have time and like to join for this fun and International swap, read the details HERE!

pot holders

Ha haa, catched you Hanna! This weekend hb is going to pick olives and I think I shall sew with full speed … cant’ even think how many/less days there are until Christmas! One last photo for mug rugs or pot holders…

pot holders

Don’t stress too much and enjoy your Christmas and holiday sewings! Thank you for stopping by and thank you so much for your sweet comments on my ‘Paint’ project! You know what – ‘Hawthorne Threads’ has a give away for the ‘Paint’ Fabrics! Join their news letter!

PS. Welcome to follow ‘nerospost’ at Instagram! I don’t have yet button for the instagram, but I’m there having lots of fun with quilter and blogger friends!

By by for now – hope to see you soon!



Embroidery Hoop Wall Decoration – Tutorial

Hi! Welcome to to the 1st part of my ‘Christmas – Seasonal’ Tutorials! … and it’s not even November yet! Today we shall have fun with little trees!

Embroidery Hoop Decor - tutorial

Catch your scraps and let’s start! Take a piece of fabric for the base. Take the inner piece of the embroidery hoop.  Draw a circle about 2.5″ – 3″ bigger that the hoop. Cut your fabric circle. I didn’t use those coocie molds but instead of the trees we can make some other shapes.

decoration tutorial

Then cut the same size circle from a thin fabric for the backing. For the backing you can use some other thin material, too. I used something which is like those disposable sheets. It’s thin and covers the wadding so the sewing is easier.

Now take a piece of wadding or fleece and draw a circle inside the the inner hoop. (The wadding is smaller so that it doesn’t go between the two hoops).


Now you have 3 layers.


Put some safety pins to keep the wadding and all the layers together. Now comes the ‘difficult’ part – you should arrange your little trees! Random is not easy at all! Leave up and down some space for the ground and sky.

scrap trees

Now just simply sew around the trees. Raw edge applique is fun and easy! Try to sew continuesly and don’t worry to sew some lines twice. If you like you can add more trees later – doesn’t matter even you sew them separately.

scrap trees

When you have finished your trees, stitch trunks with dark thread. Make sky and ground with few scrap stripes. For the sky I made few extra stitching lines. Put pins around your work.

raw edge applique

Sew two lines around your work using longer stitch. Sew also sik sak around.

ebmroidery hoop decor

Drag from the 2 upper threads. Put the inner hoop ‘inside’ your work. Tighten the threads so that the fabric is tight and tie the threads.

embroidery hoop decor

Backside looks like this when finished.

embroidery hoop decor

And a close look on the finished front …

Wall Decoration

Take leather or some other ribbon you like, and tie it for hanging.

Embroidery Hoop Decoration

As usually, I wasn’t alone outside …

Embroidery Hoop Decoration

Nelli was playing with one dry olive and dogs were busy sniffing around in the garden.

playing cat

Thank you for joining me today! I hope you like this tutorial and find some inspiration for Christmas and other sewings!

Embroidery Hoop Decoration Tutorial

Sunny wishes! Hope to see you soon again!