Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

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Hanna’s Anna pouch

Vof vof friends! We made little Anna pouch! Read all my post in our new address!

Hanna and pouch

Hugs from HANNA!



I met my quilter friend!

Hi! When I was in Finland I met one Finnish quilter!

metal frame purse

You may think, okey that’s great and sure you had fun. Yes we did, but it was much more than that because first time I was able to speak ‘nose to nose’ with a quilter and in my own language. Also for the first time I was looking fabrics with a quilter. You know how fun it is to show and say ‘oh look this’ ‘ah look this’ ‘did you see this’ ‘ what you take’ ‘shall I take this’ etc etc !!!

purse by tilkkutie

The quilter I met is Leena from ‘Tilkkutie’. We know each others some time through our blogs but had never met. During my earlier trip to Finland we didn’t manage to meet but this time we decided that some where we shall meet.

purse by tilkkutie

Finally we met in my town because she had sewing ‘business’ there. I’m sure she will tell about that soon. So we met in a sewing shop. What would be better place to get to know each others! We were speaking, laughing and …

quilting fabrics

I think it’s all here…hmmm not all but all I bought with my friend. Blue light in these photos is like winter in Finland but it’s in the shadow on the sunny balcony at home.


You can imagine how I was like a child in a candy shop … hard to decide what to take. Fortunately I was well prepared for my shopping therapy …


Then we went for a late lunch and continued talking and laughing. Leena makes beautiful quilts etc. and I enjoy reading her posts because she’s a great, fun writer. ‘Tilkkutie’ (=patch road) is in Finnish but even you don’t speak Finnish, it’s worth of seeing beautiful photos of her quilts and from Finland. Leena gave me this beautiful purse …


She had picked so cute fabrics and colours. I love how this double, metal frame purse has two colours inside, green and turquoise like the spools outside. I can’t hide this yet in my bag so it will be decoration with some big spools in my sewing room … which I’m just turning all around and cleaning. Soon I shall give you a tour in my re-fixed sewing studio.


Hanna picked these from our morning walk yesterday …

morning walk

Let’s see what we find today. And then I shall finish my sewing room to continue the ‘Dog Gone Cute’ project.

I’m linking at Molli Sparkles’ Sunday Stash, join the party!

Thank you Leena for that special day and beautiful purse! Thank you all for reading my blog and sharing our passion for fabrics!

Have a great day and enjoy small autumn things!



Hexagon Pouch and Old Suitcases

Hello Dear Friends! I’m catching up slowly again. My last post was named ‘so much happening’ … if i just knew then. Fortunately i have managed to do some sewing. Little hexagons have followed me in various places. Earlier i started to sew them together randomly but then decided to use them in different pfojects …

hexagon pouch

After making so many colourful things, it was nice to work with this ‘linen look’ cotton which i have found from the local fabric shop. It’s a little bit heavier and perfect for bags, pouches etc.

hexagon pouch

Hexagons are sewn together as a flower and then stitches around on the fabric. I stitched the hexagon flower only once around and didn’t make any quilting inside to get a puffy look. I used wadding and thin fibre for the quilting.

hexagon pouch

Few hexagons behind the pouch and stitching around them …

hexagon pouch

My hexagon project-box is small to be easy to carry with me. For me, most practical seems to be this Nero’s coocie tupper (it used to have coocies for Nero and Hanna).

hexagon project-box

There is exactly the space for everything. Basted hexagons, 2.5″ x 2.5″ fabric squares, white thread for sewing, Red thread for basting, few Paper clips, scissors, needles, little purple BOX for templates and …

sewing suitcase

… and my little suitcase! When i saw it in one special shop in Finland, i knew right away that it will be my sewing suitcase! Wishes to Tiina! I love her shop and i shall show you some photos from the shop in an other post. The little purple Metal box keeps my hexagon templates; it had salmiakki inside and was given to me by a friend.

sewing case

Could you guess with how many suitcases i returned from my trip to Finland?

old suitcases

They are not all here! My ‘normal’ turquoise suitcase is missing from this photo and also the black bag i carried with me. Now you think that i had filled all these luggages with fabrics – i wish! But the truth is that i was thinking a long time how great it would be to store my fabrics to those old suitcases there were in my father’s store. Only now i had an other, special reason to bring them and i’m so happy i was able to fit the smaller suitcases inside the biggers so finally i had two suitcases with me.

mouse pincushion

I went through my mom’s sewing things and met this un-forgetable pin cushion. Old rosy coocie tin is also strongly in my memories. I was thinking to take it with me, but then left it because thought the metal box may couse some searching in the suitcase.

vintage coocie tin

As so often, my storie carried away … last week i had to run to town for some work and i had a chance to buy some zippers. Front of the shop were a stand with yarns …

yearns and threads

They were all 1 euro / per piece! On the right the white and turquoise are thin (thinner than Perle cotton 8) and i hope to use them for quilting. All the others are a little bit thicker and i’m planning to use them for crochet necklases etc.

cotton yarns

We have so many plans what to make and one of them is to make more wooden trays. This one is made by hb and painted by me. You can guess from where i got the inspiration for the pattern …

wooden tray

I really enjoy making many kind of things and would love to paint … i hope one day i have again time for that. This tray has been used a lot – just perfect size to carry coffee or a small lunch to the garden.

flower and fly

I have a new camera – Canon Power Shot S120! Unfortunately i’m so behind with everything – this spring has flew away and too much has happened. I got a new camera but didn’t have a good chance yet to learn it well. Now and then i try to find a moment to take photos and to get better with my shoots. I really enjoy taking photos and when i start, it’s difficult to stop …

yellow flower

… i don’t need to go far away … always something happens … i just have to step out from the door and i meet someone …


… and even we don’t have a rich flower garden, there are many interesting views if you just look close enough …

flower art

You see, now when i finally started to write, i could continue and continue! But i guess this is enough for today. I hope to quilt a little bit the garden quilt because there are only few days till the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’! This evening’s programm has also cooking ‘Pastitsio’ = Greek pasta cassarole (i shall be the helper).

hexagon pouch

Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I’m sorry that lately i haven’t been able to visit or leave comments as often as i used to. Often i read your posts and just can’t find the energy to write – sorry about that. I do hope to get back to ‘normal’ soon (if that’s ever possible) and to catch the chat with you!

I wish you wonderful week and i hope you had a beautiful Mother’s Day!



Without Strings …

Hi Dear Friends! I had a slower period with sewings but now seems to be that I can get busy again. Busy I’m always, so busy but sew busy I don’t mind!

draw string bags

Draw String Bags has been under process for some time now. You saw a clock and typewriter, which ended up looking like this …

drawstring bags

I’m not happy with the satin ribbon even it works well because it’s slippery. I need to find something ‘more natural’ to match with the linen.

draw string bags

Sorry … had to go out because Nero was barking on the BBQ. There was a strange cat under the roof and Nero could go very close to it so it was dangerous for him. Cat didn’t have any way to leave as long as Nero was there. Hanna was of course with him, but she comes more easily when I call her. If Nero has found a cat, only way to get him home, is with the leash. Now we are inside, ate some goodies, but he is all the time on the window, trying to see there and ‘crying’: I need to go there!


Weather has changed today many times. In the morning I was out long time with Nero and Hanna. Dog’s quilt is washed and I hope it dries before the next rain comes.


My hexy project goes slowly but I made one testing. For this idea, sewing by machine will work much better=easier.


But the idea of making these litle hexy loves by hand feels nice!

little hexy

… on the bayleaves … first fresh leaves on the vine …

hexy on vine

… even this poor lemon ‘tree’ has manged to create something new …


lemon's flower

Things get rusty easily with the high humidity … fortunately often I don’t mind …


During the years I have done so many things in the garden with my blue wheelbarrow.


On the up-right corner you can see a little bit light blue. It’s the older one, without wheel and I have a great idea for it. If I don’t have time to do it, I’ll tell you, so you can make yours … fill the old wheelbarrow with solid and plant lots of colourful summer flowers!


Nelli in her watching place – olive tree – she has there perfect place to sit and look what happens around.

draw string bags

I just finished one fabric basket and more are on the way … sometimes too many ideas to think all the time … how you ’empty’ your mind for a while to relax?!

Thank you so much for visiting and for your wonderful comments! I wish you great weekend and happy sewings!


PS. I think we have to go with Nero to see if the cat has left … and then good cup of coffee wouldn’t harm!


Pouch, lots of Fabrics and Greek “Winter”!

Hi dear friends! I could say good morning, because this time I’m here with my morning coffee. I hope you are fine!

bird pouch

This most sweet pouch flew to me from Katherine from ‘Sew Me Something Good’! I’m so happy to be friends with Katherine because we love same things and colours! She is so talented and makes beautiful quilts and many kind other sewings! What ever she makes, I love them and find always inspiration from her!


She sent me her super cute card and wonderful hand cream! Thank you so much dear Katherine! This lovely little bird is now on my side table and makes me happy when ever my eyes catch her! I want to say that I was amazed how carefyl work Katherine did with this pouch! It is perfect with every detail! Look the zipper corners!


Katherine didn’t know about my birthday, but her letter came just that day! My sister send me fabric goodies and most beautiful summer blouse! I’m so happy for these Fabrics …


It’s always enjoy to get NEW Fabrics, but now I realized how fun it is because they are usually something that we wouldn’t have found on our own.

quilting fabrics

I love these! I don’t think that I have ‘seen’ the bubbles with black background and I had picked too much only light or bright colours. I can’t decide what to make with these because they could do so many beautiful things. Perhpas a NEW summer bag!

bird fabric

I love these cute little birds and colours! Today all my sentensies began ‘I love’! You know that I love pictures and this fabric is going to be so perfect for many ideas! And guess what … for the Christmas she sent to me this same fabric in other colours …

bird fabric

Help me to decide what to make … and other summer bag …

bird fabric

This wonderful chicken fabric was also in my Christmas packet … and owls …

owl fabric

Thank you so much dear sister! This owl fabric would make beautiful summer blouse! If you have ideas for pattern, please let me know! Till then I’m just petting my beautiful fabrics!

quilting fabrics

We had some amazing, summer days! It was sunny, +20C, no wind and so beautiful! One day I was sitting outside crocheting and having lunch wearing short sleeve t-shirt!


Again I couldn’t take lovely country photo because the wooden table was occupied …


She is a funny pea … by the way, my ‘Sweet Pea’ scarf is now finished and I hope to show it to you soon.


Finally my little hyacinth made the flower – what a lovely surprise!


Now it’s getting colder and rain and storm may reach even Crete but today we are still enjoying the Greek ‘Winter’ which is usually sunny and quite warm with bright blue sky, lots of green in the garden – just perfect!


Time to go out … I washed our men’s shirt quilts – ‘Stars with men’s shirts’ and ‘Swirls with men’s shirts’ and I shall hang them outsiden in the sun and lovely wind to dry!

Thank you for reading my blog and for your lovely comments! I’m sorry I haven’t wrote so many messages as usually but my days are still a little bit ‘grazy’ busy.

Hugs and Kisses!




Hi friends!!! How I thought that I don’t have any use for drawstring bags? I do have, I need a project bag for my crochet squares and I could use it for hundreds of other things!

drawstring bag

Just watching those happy colours makes me happy! And cups, mugs and cans – I’m a little bit grazy for them! I used to buy a mug from every travel and trip.

drawstring bag

As usually, my four-legged friends didn’t leave me to go out alone. Today we were a lot inside, because it was raining most of the day! I feel bad for the tourists who have been waiting so much to spend their holidays in the sunshine. For us and the nature the rain was important because there will be months without any rain.


I made for my bag white lining – I like to use white for lining, because then it’s easy to see what there is in the bag.

pouch for crochet

I sew the outside piece and the lining to pouches. Then put the lining inside the bag, turned the seam allowance on the edges and sew them together. Then I sew other stitching line next to make the channel for the string/ribbon.

drawtsring pouch

I wanted to make the string/ribbon from cotton fabric but that doesn’t work well. The ribbon is better to be a little bit slippery so that it moves easily. I was lucky to find two big wooden beads from my stash for the ribbon.

If you like to make a drawstring bag without lining, Chase from ‘1/4 inch mark’ has made a great tutorial using a French seam.

Svetlana from ‘sotak handmade’ inspired me with her beautiful drawstring bags.

And more inspiration from Lori from ‘lori x five’, who makes beautiful knitting bags with lovely embroidery stitches.

I am linking at ‘Can I get a Whoop Whoop’ ‘Creative Friday’, ‘Fiber Arts Friday’, ‘Show off Friday’, ‘Design wall weekend’

drawstring bag

I’m so behind with my Forest QAL blocks! Today finally I started to make the moose – I like to think it’s Finnish reindeer. Perhaps I would have done it much quicker, if I just had fabrics … I don’t have forest colours at all! Can you imagine my turquoises, greens, oranges on a reindeer?

Forest QAL

These are not exactly the fabrics I’m using … but more about this an other time. I think I should go to continue … hb is watching sports with friends so I can concentrate well for my foundation piecing. I miss energy and motivation, but I want to make these because I know it’s going to be a great (?) something.

drawstring bag

Thousands of thanks for your most sweet comments on my last posts! I blushed reading your sweet words about my photo … if you just saw me wearing ‘always the same jean and t-shirt’ without make up …

I wish you the most wonderful weekend and I hope that our sunshine travelled to you! Sew a lot, dig in the garden or just relax reading or chating with your friends! Hugs and Kisses!