Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen


Blogger’s Quilt Festival: {Bunny’s Friends}

Once upon a time there was a little Bunny …
Bunny's Friends by Teje
Hello and welcome to Greece! I’m so happy to join once again ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’, hosted and organized by amazing Amy! Thank you Amy for this fantastic quilt show!
In summer I was happy and honoured to make a special custom order quilt. I was asked to make a wall quilt for a new born baby girl. Then I met Bunny at Kristy’s blog ‘Quiet Play’ and asked if she could help me to create a cute baby quilt.
Bunny took the lead on this project and asked her little friend Dragonfly to help her.
They worked until late during those hot summer nights to get the quilt done in time.
Bunny and Dragonfly gathered more friends, they made stars and heart. Dragonfly had her little tools with her …
Read all the Bunny’s story:  
hand quilting
Name: ‘Bunny’s Friends’
Size: 38″ x 37″ (95 cm x 94 cm)
Design: Teje Karjalainen
Pieced: by machine
Quilted: by hand (Perle cotton no 8)
Paper piecing patterns: Kristy ‘Quiet Play’
Category: Scrappy Quilts
Here is the schedule for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival:
23.10. – 29.10. linky is open and nominate for ‘Viewer’s Choise’
29.10. – 5.11.   vote for favourites in each category
You can nominate your favourite (3) quilts here: ‘Nominations for Viewer’s Choise’
Copy the url address from the post where your favourite quilt is and add it there.
‘Bunny’s Friends’ is in Scrappy Quilt category.
Bunny's Friends by Teje
Bunny and her friends in sunshine and wind …
Bunny's Friends by Teje
Thank you wind for showing the pink backing …
Bunnys Friends by Teje
In the shadow …
Bunny's Friends by Teje
In my sewing room …
Teje's sewing room
It was nice to have this happy quilt in my sewing room for few days. I have now turned everything upside down and around in my sewing room. Great to have (almost) everything organized again. I shall give you a tour soon.
Bunny chose pink backing and Dragonfly stitched waves, hearts and stars and flew with her nail and thread around Bunny’s friends.
Dear Bunny, I miss you and your friends! Please come back soon!
Bunny's Friends by Teje
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baby quilt by Teje
Thank you for your visit! I hope you enjoyed your short stay in Greece! I’m from Finland but I have lived over twenty years in Crete. Blue sky, turquoise sea, beautiful colours and sunshine are my everyday inspiration!
Blogger’s Quilt Festival is waiting for you! Talented quilters from all over the world present their amazing quilts! It’s the best place to meet quilter friends, make new friends, find ideas and inspiration and enjoy what we love – QUILTS!
Have a wonderful weekend and quilt filled week!




{Bunny’s Friends} Part 4

Once upon a time there was a little bunny. She knew that special job was waiting for her and she gathered some friends to help her …

Bunny's Friends by Teje Karjalainen

First there was a little, cute, pink Bunny …

paper pieced bunny

Little Bunny wanted to have friends to help her and she asked Dragonfly to make her bird to sing and donkey to laugh …

paper pieced bird

paper pieced animals

Bunny asked her to make some stars, flower, heart … and lots of happy quilting …

hand quilting

hand quilting

Dragonfly had chosen sweet, pink fabric for the backside …

Bunny's Friends by Teje Karjalainen


Dragonfly sewed a sleeve and wrote a card …

hanging sleeve

… and then she stepped back to see what she had been sewing during those hot summer nights …

Bunny's Friends baby quilt

Bunny's Friends baby quilt

Then Bunny and her friends were waiting …

sewing studio by Teje Karjalainen

They were waiting many days …


Dragonfly flew home … but she left her little tools … so perhaps one day she comes back to make her magic again …

dragonfly's sewing tools

After many moons …

baby quilt by teje

… in one sunny, windy summer day … little baby girl was born …

Bunny's Friends quilt

Bunny and her friends were so happy and excited! Bunny knew that she will tell the best stories, Bird will sing the happiest songs and Donkey will say the funniest jokes to keep the little baby girl always happy in her fairyroom.Bunny's Friends baby quilt by Teje


Name: Bunny’s Friends

Size: 38″ x 37″ (about 95 x 94 cm)

Design: Teje Karjalainen

Quilted: by hand with Perle cotton no 8

Made: July 2015

Paper piecing patterns: Kristy “Quiet Play”

Thank you for reading Bunny’s story and for your wonderful, sweet comments! 



{Bunny’s Friends} Part 2

Once upon a time there was a Bunny. She was a happy, pink Bunny but she missed something …

paper pieced bird

Bunny said to the little Dragonfly ‘please make me a friend! I have a job to do and need a friend to help me.’

sewing dragonfly

Dragonfly sat to think what to do. Then she remembered Kristy’s Bird and thought to make a bird who could help Bunny.

paper piecing

She picked her blue fabrics, papers and tools and started to make a bird …

paper pieced bird

Dragonfly sew until late during those hot summer nights to finish the little bird.

paper pieced bird

She thought this little Bird will be a great singer … she needs one star!

hrt star

Dragonfly picked her cutest scraps. She put some white around and sew with her tiny sewing machine …

hrt star

Then she stitched and stitched … around, up and down, here and there …

hrt by tejesarita

… to be continued …



{Bunny’s Friends} Part 1

Once upon a time, there was a pink bunny …

paper pieced bunny

Sugar scraps, tiny threads and paper clips, of those she was made …

paper piecing

Little Dragonfly chose her fabrics carefully and her small sewing machine made srrrrr srrrrr until late during those hot summer evenings.


bunny pattern by quiet play

Little bunny got long ears …


… she got fluffy tail …

paper piecing bunny

… she became the cutes, little bunny …

paper pieced bunny by tejesarita

But she missed something …

Bunny's Friends by Tejesarita

… to be continued …

PS. paper piecing pattern is from ‘Quiet Play’. Kristy celebrates with -30% until 16th of August 2015!



Hexagon Flower Baby Toy -Tutorial

Hi Dear Friends! I’m happy to show you today a little happy project!

hexagon flower

I have often very cute, little visitor in the shop. He loves colours and you can guess that there are lots of colours in my shop for him to watch. I wanted to make a little, colourful, soft gift for him … something he could hold in his little hands.

happy fabrics

I was thinking what I could sew by hand in the shop. Thinking of one hexagon pincushion, made with triangles, I started to pick colourful fabrics. But then the ‘light switched on’ – hexagons! I have my hexagon Project-BOX in the shop … why not make something with hexagons!

what you need to make hexagons

This is so perfect small project for summer! you don’t need sewing machine or any cutting tools. All you need is fabric, scissors, thread, needle and paper (templates for hexagons). Filling can be the same as there is in the pillows or even cotton. I added the ‘beep beep’ inside because I knew the little boy would be happy for that.

paper piecing hexagons

So to be able to do this in the shop, I just took the Fabrics with me. I cut the squares with scissors and then started to baste. I wasn’t sure what fabrics I shall use so I just basted several hexagons to start.

paper piecing hexagons

If you Paper piece hexagons for the First time, you can use Paper clips or pins to hold the fabric and template together as you baste them. After a while you notice that you don’t need them. I baste on my knee. I press the fold by nail and then as I baste with the thread I fold the next edge etc.



paper pieced hexagon

This is easy and so much fun! If the first and second feels difficult, don’t give up, because you will see that you love your little hexagons!

hexagon tutorial by teje

You noticed that at the end I used almost only solids. For the first time I made hexagons with solids and now I don’t want to stop! I had a plan to use my solids for the ‘Hillside Houses’ quilt (button on my sidelist) but now it looks like I shall make lots of hexagons with my solids and perhaps have to find new solids for the quilt. Anyway that quilt project has to wait until autumn.

paper pieced hexagons

To make the stuffed flower, you sew the hexagons together.

hexagon flower

You can make the back side with other hexagon flower or with one fabric. I chose to use my special kitten fabric.

hexagon flower

It’s easier to make both sides with hexagons but may take a little bit more time. Because I used one fabric, I had to make template which I made with the finished hexagon flower.

hexagon flower project

Only thing I sew with the machine, was the piece of binding. You can sew also this by hand but by machine it will be more steady. This piece is about 2,5″ x 10″. It’s folded double and then I folded the both edges towards the center. Then I stitced both edges.



Sew your hexagon flower and the backside together except small place from where you can turn your flower right side out. Take the papers away, turn it right side out, add the filling and the stripe. If you like to add ‘beep beep’ put it in the filling. Then sew to close the flower.

hexagon flower

I sew two hexagons on the stripe and add also there a little bit filling. This can be like a leave for the flower. I thought it can be nice for the little hands to hold this fabric toy.

flower fabric toy

If you like to get more Information about Paper piecing, look the ‘Paper Piecing’ page up on my blog. I have gathered there lots of useful links about English and foundation Paper piecing.

If you have any questions, I’m very happy to answer and help you.

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed this flower and tutorial!


PS. Aren’t we lucky to be happy with few scraps!


Dala Horse Pillow

Hi friends! As I really like horses and Dala horses, I made the Paper pieced Dala Horse. Before Christmas Julianna from “jednoigleg” had a ‘last minute Christmas Sampler’ QAL. She shared beautiful Paper piecing patterns and I promised to myself that I shall make the horse for the First Project in my NEW sewing room.

dala horse pillow

I love little dala horses. I don’t know from wehre the white wooden horse on the right is. Blue and Red dala horses I have bought from the airport. Old days I had to take several flights to go to Finland and when I was waiting in transit, I often bought small, cute thing – souvenir for that trip. These horse I have bought from Kopenhagen even they are Swedish tradition.

dala horses

I should never think that some Paper piecing pattern is easy – then the troubles began and I make mistakes. But I managed to finish my scandinavian horse.

paper pieced horse

Few pics from the process …

paper piecing

paper piecing

paper pieced dala horse

hand quilting

This time I didn’t find inspiration for the quilting. Just couldn’t ‘see it’. So I just stitch some Lines following the horse and the borders. Then some stitching for few details and that’s it.

handmade pillow

If you like to make this horse or other great patterns from this QAL, you find them HERE. Thank you Julianna for sharing these patterns!

dala horse pillow by teje

I’m happy to join this week my favourite linky parties from the blogs: Quilt Story, Blossom Heart Quilts, Freemotion by the River, Sew Fresh Quilts, My Quilt Infatuation – all the buttons are on my sidelist.

Thank you for your visit and lovely comments! Sorry but have to run now to bracelet work …



Place mats with letters

Hi! If I don’t show projects when they are fresh, I easily forget them, like the place mats I made for Christmas present. I had so many ideas but that time I was too busy with the moving. I had to go with something that didn’t need too much planning and creating.

yellow patchwork

When I bought these text Fabrics long time ago, I had for some reason my sister in my mind. Fabrics came from Japan and my sister has lived there, so it was a nice connection. Also the texts on the Fabrics were just right for her.

paper pieced letters

To add something to the simple patchwork and to make them personal, I made Paper pieced letters. I really like Paper pieced letters and Kristy’s patterns for them.

paper piecing

Some letters have tiny tiny pieces.

cutting the fabric

Cutting was a challenge. To get the most of the texts and to get somehow nice shapes.

planning the place mat

I picked all my yellow Fabrics and then chose the shades I liked; more to lime and not to orange as I knew they have something in those colours in their kitchen.

place mat patchwork

My opinion is that usually the place mats are a little bit too small. I like to place my glass also comfortable on the mat, napkin and slice of bread. So I made these bigger, thinking that they can be used also as table runners on the side table etc.

place mat

Stitiching is made by hand as most of the times, First some Lines in white and then some in black, too.

hand quilting


This was fun Project – should make more of these!

place mat

place mat

Tomorrow I’m planning to start in my sewing studio before, or perhaps with my breakfast! We’ll see if I get more done with the new programm and if I’m able to keep it. Lots of pieces for clutch bags have been cut and wait there. Also I started to cut squares, 3,5″ x 3,5″. They are good for many projects.


Thank you for visiting and reading my blog! Thank you for your sweet comments! I’m happy you liked my ‘Happy Friday’ photos! If you like to see more photos, not only from sewing, please visit nerospost at Instagram and follow if you like!

I hope you have had a great weekend and wish you happy week!


PS. I didn’t buy that cabbage, it was way too big for us. But I was thinking it would have been perfect for a cabbage pie using the leaves as ‘fillo’!