Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

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{Fabric Forest} quilt top

Hello friends! Today is  time for a ‘Quilty 365’ linkyup.

Nero and Fabric Forest

Read all my post in my new blog HERE. Lots of photos about my day with the dogs in the garden with this quilt top.




Little Fox in my garden

Hi dear friends! I have the most cute visitor in my garden!

little patchwork picture

This little fellow was jumping around in our garden this morning. She sat a while in the lemon tree … then stopped to the pomegranate tree …

fox patchwork mug rug

Some days ago I received a letter from a Finnish quilter friend , Tiina. Reason for the letter was a special fabric but that will be an other story. For my surprise from the letter jumped out something else …


My two favourite forest animals! And what a fox! I’m big fan of Cori Dantini and can’t believe I have now my very own Cori Dantini Fox! I opened the letter while having my lunch coffee and started to arrange the cute scraps.


Yesterday I finished the ‘North Star’ quilt top and already took some other projects to my table to continue them. But then my eye catched the dear fox and I thought to spend some time with her.

patchwork picture

I won’t tell you how long time I was choosing those two other scraps. I wanted them to match perfectly because the other pieces are perfect.

Finally, just when I was happy with these oranges, I remembered some other fabrics which I knew were the best for this. They are from the ‘Pic Nic on the Beach’ quilt. Just the right green and orange.


For the wadding I picked piece of ‘insulate wadding’ that my sister uses for winter curtains in England. Great material!


I didn’t want to loose even one thread so I sew the scraps on the wadding and backing fabric, just slightly over each other.


Then I quilted straight lines but couldn’t stitch over the face of my fox. Binding is double folded 2″ and I sew it by hand. Dark grey frames nicely this little picture.

mini quilt

Last stitches sewn just before felling a sleep, this dear Fox was in my dreams. I love foxes and especially because our little dog was ‘Foxy’. When she came to us as a tiny puppy, she looked like a small fox.

fox mini quilt

We have still fantastic weather, sunny and really warm. But days are shorter, shadows are longer, looks like clouds are gathering, perhaps we get soon some rain. There are autumn colours around …so beautiful with my little Fox…

autumn mini quilt

I’m joining my favourite weekly partys: ‘Sew Cute Tuesday’, ‘Fabric Tuesday’, ‘Linky Tuesday‘,  ‘Let’s Be Social’, ‘Needle and Thread’, All the buttons are also on my sidelist, so you can easily visit my friends’ blogs when ever you like.

Fox mini quilt

Thank you Tiina, for these fun scraps!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed meeting this little Fox and the visit in my garden.



Nero’s Post: Winner and the Question!

Vof vof my friends! Sorry I’m late with the announcement, but this was a big job for me and Hanna to do on our own. We did our best and now we have the winner … but First things First … I have to check that everything is ok on the road …


Hanna says she’s ready to start …


We had a good plan … we took two empty doggy bisquit boxes and made them small pieces …


Hanna is really good in this, in no time she had made lots of small pieces. But then I realized something … if you ask me to play ball, I’m the best! But, sorry guys, I couldn’t write so many names on the papers. I can hardly write one name and there were almost 100 fun and unique comments from you!


So we had to make a new plan … and we lied down for a while to think …


Hanna said that we have to count, can we count? Of course we can count and so we went on with the plan B …


I saved one big piece and then we started …


Under the rose tree we looked First if the winning Number has one or two numbers and it has two! and we continued …


… we got the five …


… and we got the six … that makes fiftysix … and as many times I counted I got the same result, so you just have to believe me … hmmm, now only I should get the name on this Paper somehow …


If I ask politely perhaps the lady from the next door can help me …


… as you see somehow the name appeared on the Paper and Hanna as a secretary may show it. The lucky winner is Jody! Congratulations Jody!!! Jody writes at ‘The Vanilla Year’. Isn’t that the cutest name! I’m sure you love her blog and all the doggies there, beautiful quilts and who knows where vanilla is hidden!


I asked you if you would give up quilting or make-up. I could have never guessed that you all took the time to answer and also your answers were surprise. No one would give up quilting!

How I came to this question: my friend said to me something and when I wrote the give away post I got an idea to ask this. I thought it’s almost impossible to choose but I was wrong. Seems to be that already many quilters have given up make-up … to have more time for quilting and more money for Fabrics!!!

Was said in the comments:

Moomins don’t were make-up, why us.

Give up make-up, but wouldn’t leave the House.

Give up make-up except the days when not quilting.

What to do without Fabrics? Play with make-up?

Give up make-up, more many for quilting.

Give up make-up, more quilting time.

I was even asked about tips to add make-up! Those I would need myself too. I have used make-up all my life and at least always at work. But lately my usual make-up doesn’t work anymore and I feel less is better. If you have good tips or even tutorials, please tell! Other wise I guess I need to do some googeling (this was a note from Teje).


Hanna doesn’t need any blush on her cheeks or mascara on her eye lashes, she gets more and more white hairs, but she is so beautiful! I go back to my favourite place … to look what happens on the road.


Thank you so much for joining my give away and for the fantastic and funny comments! In that post there are some funny things about Teje, too.  I leave you with a sneaky peaky from Teje’s work table … I don’t think she’s making stuffed wine leaves …

Perle cottons

Hugs and kisses!



Blogger’s Quilt Festival: ‘Milky Hearts’

Hi! Welcome to Blogger’s Quilt Festival! This fantastic semi-annual quilt show is organized by Amy and is very important event to us quilters. This year I’m joining at the last minute with ‘Milky Hearts’.
Milky Hearts by Teje
‘Milky Hearts’ in aqua was an unfinished mini quilt on my design wall from the March. It was enjoy to watch it there but the plan was to make it pillow …
Milky Hearts pillow
… and pillow it bacame late last night … with a simple envelope backing …
pillow back
Usually my furry friends, Nero or Hanna, present my quilts in this festival and I thought now it’s Nelli’s turn to do the job …
But she didn’t have any interest so I guess I have to do this on my own.
Milky Hearts by Teje
I found my inspiration from the hearts and my Special quilt book. You can read about the process and my inspiration in THIS POST. There is also link for the ‘heart’ tutorial and explination for the milky name.
 Milky Hearts
I have to have at least one photo with blue sky even today there were milky wisps of clouds. Before heading to the garden I had a nice work on this balcony …
… sneaky peaky for my new project! But lets to the garden. We have a new, cute little garden and it starts to be ready for summer joy … sitting there hand quilting … sounds fun!
Milky Hearts pillow by Teje
Hmm, looks so much Finnish garden!
little rosies
Name: ‘Milky Hearts’
Design: by me
Pieced: by machine
Quilted: by hand
Size: 16″ x 16″ (40 x 40 cm)
Category: Mini Quilts
 If not bright blue sky today, some blue we need as we are in GREECE!
greek ship
When shooting this ship, I just had to take one very, very rare selfie …
So if I mixed you now enough, lets get back to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival. Click the button below and step to the unique quilt show where your can see most beautiful and inspiring quilts and meet amazing quilters from all over the world! There are many categories and each has separate post, so take care not to miss anything. I have found so many dear friends from this quilt festival  and always get lots of ideas and inspiration!
Milky Hearts pillow
‘NERO’S GARDEN’ (animals from Nero’s garden) – spring 2011
‘ORANGE STONES’ – autumn 2011
‘MY DREAM QUILT’ – spring 2012
 ‘BUTTERFLIES’ (applique) – autumn 2012
‘BABY STARS’ – spring 2013
‘HAPPY DAYS’ – spring 2013
‘FANTASY FOREST’ 1. prize in ‘Forest QAL’ (paper pieced) – autumn 2013
‘KIDS GAME’ 2013 – autumn 2013
‘TURN THE TIME’ – autumn 2014
Milky Hearts pillow by Teje
Thank you very much for stopping by ! I hope you enjoyed your visit and hope to see you soon again! Enjoy the festival and good luck!


Nero’s Post: Happy May!

Vof vof friends! Happy May from all of us here! A little bit late but I haven’t seen my secretary much lately. Can’t understand how she’s always so busy.


Today we had a great, short time in the garden … it’s now so perfect, sun is shining, everything is bright green …


We thought that the birds and hard rain took all the seeds, but finally we have lot of beautiful grass in our little garden. There was no lemons for a long time but now looks like I can pick few …


I’m so looking for less busy days to put our garden in nice order, fix lovely place to sit, some planting perhaps …


I find always some wild flowers … I didn’t eat them but the green next to the flowers …


The smallest can be the sweetest.


Hanna was of course with us … waiting to go for her morning walk …


Hanna is my sweet pumpkin!


I guess you would like to see if there is any projects going on? Is there ever time without any Project?

sea pottery boats

This is jewelry Project?! For me they look sailing boats.


There is a bag Project in the sewing room …


This is going to be a happy, little bag! Hope to see it finished soon. But I know that now the painting Project takes First place. It’s a table for the shop. Aa, and the little suitcase needs to be painted and the wooden hanger and WHO knows what else?!

I hope to catch my secretary soon again to write to you. Until then I send you big furry hugs and kisses!

Thank you for reading my post!



Planning today …

… to start NEW quilt! With my NEW Fabrics! Hello dear friends – so nice you came to see what I’m doing here … pretending to be so busy and not much has appeared to my blog posts. I do hope that changes soon when it turns to autumn.

quilt plans with paper

They look fantastic – or what?! Unfortunately they are not Fabrics! I thought that i need to practise First with Paper to use my NEW ruler. This takes time and I would love to catch the Fabrics but I don’t dare to cut them before I’m sure what to do.

Fancy Free fabrics

Happy cloth pecks! Happy Fabrics!


I missed some colour on our ‘outside’ kitchen table. I enjoy having my breakfast here, lunch and often also afternoon coffee.

colourful yarn

I had something colourful in my mind but this idea didn’t go any further … some other little ideas will be seen soon.


I love little rosies, pinks and others … didn’t find anything yellow, so have to make something yellow. But today I’m making plans for a NEW quilt Project. Looking for inspiration from Pinterest.

lunch time

Lunch time today … Paper is still empty but something I have in my mind. There they are my sweet Fabrics in the sunshine!

quilt inspiration

Can you guess which one here inspires me mostly today? I have in my mind in fact three main ideas and it’s very difficult to choose between them. They are quite different. Perhaps it’s better to make few testing blocks and then decide which one to continue.

pre washing fabrics

We may have rain in the next few days so today was laundry day and all of us enjoyed lovely cool Air from the sea. Can you pick Nelli?


She is so sweet girl and has settled to the NEW place just amazingly well. She is now 10 years and stays more close to home and sleeps all the night next to me. Can’t teach her to sleep in her own bed. I made her most comfortable bed on a chair next to me but she insists to sleep ‘glued’ to me.

Thank you for visiting my crafty corner! I hope you have some enjoyable projects going on and I wish you warm and sunny autumn days! (this is my new nail colour!)

Linking at my favourite linky parties – all the buttons are on my sidelist!

Fancy Free

Sorry, but now I have to go to pet my Fabrics … how can I cut them tomorrow!



My own ‘Radiant Orchid’ Challenge

Hi dear friends! You have seen a lot Radiant Orchid quilts lately and so much gorgeus colours! Unfortunately I couldn’t join the “Radiant Orchid Quilt Challenge” but I have been watching those fantastic quilts and voted my favourites. One day I had short moment to ‘clear my mind’ in the sewing attic and thought to make one zipper pouch. Somehow I started to pick purples and …


I found same colours from the garden. Now we have in the garden purples, yellows and whites …


These purpe flowers are wild and the bush doesn’t look anything special, but these flowers are adorable – they are so thin like the thinnest paper …


There is now so much busy workers in the garden that you can here them ‘bzzzzzzing’.


Rosemary doesn’t have anymore flowers, so I was able to cut some to dry … just to show on my design wall and then to the store …



Back to the Radiant Orchid: CLICK HERE to read the main post for the quilt challenge and to see lots of fantastic quilts!


My pouch looks still like this … perhaps one day it will be a finished pouch. As the purple is famous colour this year, of course I have picked also yarn in this delicious colour …


This time the sun light didn’t work well and the real colour is more close to the Radian Orchid. Testing little flowers …

crochet flowers

You remember that there is going on the ‘Rescue Me’ linky party + give away! Hanna told me that she would be happy to write her story and that she is doing right now! “Hanna’s Story” about her puppyhood is HERE. She has been collecting puppy photos and I have had wonderful time watching them again and remembering those lovely, unique moments. I show you one …


Now I leave you with one more flowery photo and go to see if Hanna needs help with her story.

Linking to my favourite link parties – all the buttons are on the sidelist!


Thank you for visiting my little blog and for your sweet comments! We are Super, Super busy this time and you will understand how busy when you one day here the news. But before that there is still trip to Finland and postcards promised from there. Hope to see you tomorrow!