Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen


Favourite Quilt and Fantastic video!

Hi! I’m happy to see you so soon again! So much is happening these days and list of the things to post gets longer. Molly Flanders had a great idea to show our favourite quilts! I love Molly’s works with lovely hand quilting! Of course I had to pick my favourite … in fact I didn’t need to think much which is my favourite quilt …

Orange Stones quilt

This is the one of my quilts I never get tired of watching. If I put it in the store, I miss it and so it’s all the time on the wooden fence in my sewing attic. I can see it when I’m working and also from down stairs. Colours mix beautifully with the stones and wood in our home and the white gives the freshnes and light. Do you see little Foxy in the up left corner with her white pullover?

orange stones hexagon quilt

When I made this quilt, I had just crochet some stones and thought those big hexagons look like stones. Quilt found name: ‘Orange Stones’. I love these sunny fabrics by Joel Dewberry. Read Nero’s post about this quilt with all the details.

I made this quilt quickly in one week to join the Blogger’s Quilt Festival and I learnt to make easy hexagons from Julie. Her wonderful blog is ‘Jaybird Quilts’ and hexagon tutorials are here.

hexagon quilt

These colours goes well with Cretan nature and I think this is great time to take you for an unforgetable tour around Crete – my home island! This video is about 6 min. and worth of every second! Please listen the story – it’s  fun, clever, touching.


By the way … we have today +30 C and warm wind … just when I was hoping to find my jeans from the store … so it’s summer dress day again and I guess I jump to the pool!

Orange Stones quilt

I’m linking my favourite quilt ‘Orange Stones’ at Molly’s link party.

As said these last days lots of things has happend in and out of ‘Nero’s Post and Patch’ and we continue tomorrow with Nero’s 9th Birthday! We have got many new friends and followers! I want to welcome all the new followers and thank you so much! Also a huge thank you for our regular readers who take the time to write sweet and engouraging messages!

Now let’s go to see other quilter’s favourites! There is a long list to see beautiful quilts! Funny thing is that often it’s not the quilt that was most challenging or took much time to make.

Sunny wishes! Look the Cretan link – it’s good!




‘Summer Wine’ season by hand

Hello! There has been wonderful series of post ‘A Season by Hand’ at Clover and Violet! Many talented sewers has shared their hand made projects, ideas and inspiration! I would like to enter with my ‘Summer Wine’ quilt.

Summer Wine quilt

This was the first time I pieced the blocks by hand. I thought that I would sew these tiny pieces all the summer but I got hooked and now the quilt is ready.

A little bit about the process with photos …


english paper piecing

 paper piecing

paper pieced octagons

mini quilt

hand quilting

Summer Wine mini quilt

paper pieced mini quilt


Name: ‘Summer Wine’

Size: 24″ x 24″

Technique: paper pieced octagons and squares

Quilting: by hand with cotton thread n:o 6

Binding: sewn by machine

paper piecing

“Cheers”! ‘Kippis”! “Γεια μας”!

I’m linking at ‘A Season by Hand’, ‘Hexie Friday’

Thank you for your visit! Have a lovely summer week!




Hi Dear friends! It’s hot hot hot here … and too hot to use our new quilts, time to take our summer quilts from the store. But you haven’t seen yet the second quilt I made with men’s shirts. Here it is: ‘Swirls’!

quilt with men's shirts

This is the second quilt I made with hb’s shirts. First I made ‘Stars’ for him and now my ‘Swirls’ is finished, too.  We have already used these for a while, when having our afternoon nap. Also they cover our bed during the day, when I often find Nero or/and Hanna having a nap there.

quilts from men's shirts

Both quilts are quilted by hand and I’m still thinking if I could/should add more stitiching on them. I stitched one smaller hexagon on one swirl but I’m not sure if it looks good.

hand quilting

I like the colours and patterns but now I’m so happy to make again something more creative, with smaller pieces and happier colours. I have begun to quilt the ‘Summer Wine’ but I try to make it slowly in the moments that I can’t do something else.

'Swirls' men's shirt quilt

Weekend has been busy by visiting the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’. I have seen so many amazing quilts and found lots of inspiration. I have made pin board for my favourites in Pinterest and I shall add there more, when I have time to see more quilts.

Perhaps you have noticed that I have managed to make SOCIAL BUTTONS to my sidelist. That was a one day lesson and work, but I’m really happy I made it – it was time to learn something. If you don’t know what social buttons are, they are easy way to go ‘some where’, for example clicking the ‘b’ takes you to bloglovin where you can follow my posts,’ P’ takes you to my Pinterest site, ‘E’ to my etsy shop, ‘little bird’ to my Twitter and the ‘button’ to Flickr.

I’m linking at these parties: ‘Fabric Tuesday’, ‘Linky Tuesday’ ‘Sew Cute Tuesday’.

quilt in nature

Yesterday evening I continued Forest QAL project – it was very hot in my sewing attic and I’m worried that soon I can’t stay there … then what?! Deer is ready so you’ll see it soon and now I’m working with something green. Oh how I wish I could go to continue that but it has to wait till the evening.

Swirls men's shirt quilt

Also I wish that I could be on the beach …

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for all your most sweet comments! Have a wonderful week and see you soon!

PM. You can find tutorial for this block from Jaybird Quilts HERE. Look her other great tutorials too! 



My Moomin, Myy and quilting

Hi! Good week to everyone! Sunday was wonderful, relaxing day! I spent most of it outside with the ‘Swings’ quilt. Monday I was busy working in ‘Maherida’ and here we are already in Tuesday evening. Yesterday I found something special from my mail box so this became a Moomin post!


Sunday I started to quilt and today I have almost finished the quilting and hope to make soon the binding.


On sunday, after the breakfast I emptied the outside table and lied there first the backing fabric and tighted it with clips. Then add the wadding and the quilt top … with help of tea spoon I catched the safety pins …


… and then started to stitch!


This quilt has been a small nightmere … corners don’t match, I sew blocks two ways, fabrics were just enough … and I thought this is a piece of cake. But I do like this pattern (or as it should be)!


When I sit on our patio I see the landing air planes. They don’t make much noise so they don’t bother us and I love to imagine the stories behind the people who are coming … remembering often how I was once there coming to Crete for the first time …


Who knows if it was exactly this plane, where one little girl with red hair, was sitting and waiting to meet me …


She is Miss Myy and she came from far away Finland! She is very persistent as we Finnish women (I was told) and if she doesn’t like you, she may bite your ankle! I’m happy to say that she is not a tourist but is going to stay with me and remind me to be persistent!


Little Miss Myy came from Mia’s shop and she brought with her something really really sweet … Moomin pouch and Moomin keyring/bag charm! They have so lovely sky blue colour!


I have wanted long time something from Mia and something with Moomins and now I have = happy happy!!! Many of my blog friends know already Mia who is from Finland! But if you don’t, have a visit to her blog ‘Handmade by Mia’ which is wonderful mix of her beautiful, mostly felted crafts and little stories around her life in Finland! Mia is selling her sweet and unique cratfs all over the world till far away Japan!


There are also Moomins inside in yellow! Thank you Mia, I’m so happy to have these and this little Miss Myy is going to be my engouraging company every day! You didn’t know that when I was a little girl, I hade long and very red hair like Miss Myy’s!


Miss Myy was super cute surprise as well as the Snoopy letter! Do you write ‘normal’ hand written letters? I don’t but I should – it’s really fantastic to find a letter in your mail box … and especially with so beautiful paper! As I’m looking this photo, I got funny thought … it’s like Miss Myy is standing on a quilt with pillow! I guess I let her sleep first nights in a strange country on her own Moomin matress and hug her Moomin pillow!

If you like to read more about Moomins and Tove Jansson – lady who created Moomins, here are some links:

Moomin, Moomin Valley, Tove Jansson, Tove Jansson in wikipedia. There are lots of beautiful illustrations and interesting things to see and read!


And in the daytime she can fancy my violas, while I’m working in the garden. Violas are one of my favourite flowers! There is always also someone else watching me in the garden …


Nelli enjoyes wathcing what happens and what we are doing around. She used to be very scared but now she is always some where near taking care of everything what happens in her garden!

I wish you Happy First of May and hope you have wonderful spring weather for this celebration! We are here getting ready for the Easter which is this weekend. I guess we’ll celebrate and have fun with few friends! Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your always sweet comments!




Hello Dear Friends! Good Month to everyone! Did you get tricked? I almost did and we had a good laugh!

paper pieced octagons

Small octagons are all the time some where near to me … slow process as it’s ment to be … other wise I need to start new ‘carry with’ project.

Hey, look, there is something in the box …


Yesterday we had help to cut lots of grass around in the garden. Still there is enough to collect . Cats were fighting some where and Nero started to shout to them and Hanna got worried about all this – dear Hanna, don’t worry, let’s go to play …


Want to get a big kiss?! Nero had his favourite tennis ball in his mouth and the most loved red ball under his paw but then he just dropped them for the photo. Hanna is not so grazy about ball game but sometimes we play quite well and she enjoys that.

paper pieced octagons

There they are happy octagons in my grandfather’s paint box … some octagons have been sewn together already …


I like to baste some and then sew some. I don’t think I could baste hundreds of octagons and then start to sew them. For me this project is good because I don’t have any plan or pattern. I just make what I feel in that moment.


I need pink fabric! and flower fabric! and and and … but I have to work with blue and beige …


These are going to be the ‘pair’ quilt. I made the ‘Stars and Shirts’ for our bed and because I can’t make very big quilt, I decided to make a pair. The other one is with big stars and I think this pattern is great choise for the second quilt. Fabrics are exactly the same and both patterns have hexagons even in different way.

When I made ‘Orange Stones’ quilt, I found the pattern from Julie at ‘Jaybird Quilts’. That was a wonderful pattern and quick and easy. Julie has made fantastic tutorial for hexagons and there are many ways how to mix your pieces and get different look. From then I had this one in my mind – how you can call these … ‘swirrels’? tell me if you have a good word!


Nero has just amazing fur now; it’s so long and there is a lot! I try not to think that soon it fells all over … and Hanna will leave enough fur also. But till then I just love to see how beautiful they both are! Now unfortunately work and cleaning is waiting for me, but I’ll manage thinking that some little octagons are waiting for me … and the almost finished knitted jacket (not much missing anymore) … and of course my sweet puppies!


Remember that our SUNGLASSES GIVE AWAY is open till 14th of April, if you haven’t entered yet!!!

Jane from ‘Jane’s Journal’ is having a give away and you can win a beautiful necklace!!!

Faith from ‘Fresh Lemons Quilts’ is having a fantastic give away for fabrics!!!

If you like paper piecing, ‘Quiet Play’ has a new sewing themed block ‘Snip It’!

I’m linking at ‘Fabric Tuesday’, ‘Sew Cute Tuesday’, ‘Linky Tuesday’ and ‘W.i.P wednesday’


Thank you for your visit – wish I could have offered coffee and cinnamon buns! not that I have made any, but lovely thought. If you ever come I promise to bake!!! I guess I have to go now … when I come back there may be some sweet messages from you waiting for me … that in my mind to the work!