Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen


3rd Advent – Nelli’s Post

Miauuu dear friends! Happy 3rd Advent! Today it’s me Nelli helping here at Nero’s blog. Welcome everyone!

3rd Advent

We have a new little friend in our Christmas corner!

red reindeer

He’s quite a cute fellow! In fact he should serve toothpicks on the dining table but we thought he belongs to our Christmas corner.


He looks also like a dog on the snow!

Nelli cat

Here I am in my special place. I have my own basket with turquoise quilt front of the big window next to the dining table. This space is ‘out of the wall’ so I have panoramic view. I can see the garden, neighbour and the street. What a place to take care that no strange cat enters my area! Now I have put here Christmas lights but those I’ll show you next time.

Nero and Hanna

This is Nero’s and Hanna’s special place, the front veranda. They really enjoy staying here and looking on the street, up to the mountains and down to the sea. Street is quiet but there may be a cat or a dog and then they have to say a loud word.

Christmas Greetings

First Christmas Greetings arrived! Special, hand painted card, Finnish chocolates, Moomins and a beautiful lace doile. My friend had found this and thought I could make something with it. For sure I shall create something special with this, I love the square patterns, but until then it can decorate the Christmas corner. Moomins and chocolates are of course from Handmade by Mia. Do you read Anna Mouse’s stories in Mia’s blog!!! Thank you dear friends!


Remember to get lot of orange energy!

orange juice

I have done some serious job helping Nero with his blog.

Nelli at the computer

Soon he is moving his blog and that is a big job. I do my best to check that everything goes well. Nero will tell you more about this.

Christmas decoration

Now I thank you for reading my post and for your visit here at Nero’s blog. Hanna sends you kisses and thank you for the awesome comments you wrote for her post about the ‘North Star’ quilt! Nero sends you big hugs! We wish you happy 3rd Advent! Enjoy the Christmas cosyness!




Finland’s Independence Day and 2nd Advent

Hi dear friends! Happy 2nd Advent and Happy Independence Day Finland!


Today, 6th of December is a special day in my home country, Finland because it celebrates Independence Day, Congratulations, Finland!


In the evening, 6 o’clock, everyone lights a candle on the window and all those dark windows with candle light is a beautiful scene. Even the big office buildings follow this tradition (used to a least; I hope they still do).

In the evening we watch in tv the celebration from the Castle of President and enjoy the gorgeus evening dresses!


I have add few things to my Christmas corner …


Dala Horse pillow fits well with the Scandinavian style and my two wooden Dala horses. Dala Horse pattern is from Julianna.


Yesterday, again few days late (shame on me) I turned the page on my most favourite Susan Branch wall calendar.


It is ‘eatable’ beautiful! Every page is cute and sweet and filled with little, adorable things…



And lucky me, I have again Moomins Christmas calendar! Those little creatures surely cheers us up!


Do you read Anna’s Christmas calendar? If not, I suggest you pay a visit! You will love it and can’t wait the next day! Anna is a little mouse who lives in Riverland. 


You may have now guessed what I shall show you next time. See you soon!

I wish you pieceful and beautiful Sunday!



1st Advent

Hi Dear Friends! Almost December and time to light our 1st Advent candle!

1st Advent

This year I was in time and inspired to decorate candles for the advent. My first thought was to use small jars and decorate them with some rosmarin and jute cord. But when I was looking for the jars, I found Ikea vases I used in the shop. candle decoration

After all I didn’t want any green for the decor and tight only the jute cord and add the white, linen flower. I made some of those long time ago, brooch or hat decor in my mind.

Christmas tree by Teje

It’s already many days ago when I started to decorate our Christmas corner. I wanted to put the little lights but didn’t want the usual green tree. I placed the drift wood tree (made for our shop) and the Jazz table (made by hb with 3 different legs and painted shabby shic) in our living room.

Reindeer pillow

Lights with hearts … my dear Dala horses and one other old, wooden horse… reindeers of course…lamb furs…wintery scene in our Cretan home. Last days mornings has been beautiful and warm and then every afternoon it’s raining. Then it’s so cosy inside with the lights that I want only sit and stitch my North Star quilt.

winter corner

I have still some ideas in my mind what I want to make for our Christmas corner…except the quilt that will replace that ‘Happy Days’ quilt on the wall.

christmas gifts

Santa’s helper has been busy and hopes to finish the parcels later today. Then have to clean the sewing table for a new quilt project … with stars!

So I guess it’s better open the address book and start.

1st Advent

Thank you for your visit! I wish you wonderful time with your Christmas preparations and hope to see you soon!



Reindeer Pillow – Tutorial

Hi Dear Friends! Today we are here with Nero and Hanna to show you our new Rudolf The Reindeer pillow!

Reindeer pillow - Tutorial

We love Rudolf and both Nero and Hanna are happy to sleep next to him …

Nero's Reindeer pillow

Hanna and Reindeer pillow

As some of you lovely readers liked to have a tutorial for the raindeer to make a pillow, I thought to make one myself, too. Tutorial for the Fair Isle Reindeer is HERE.

Fair Isle Reindeer pillow

I add 3″ borders around the reindeer block. I cut wadding and piece from a material which is like a disposable sheet. I use that often with the pillows to make the quilting easier and the inside of the pillow nice. You can use also piece of any fabric (old sheet etc.)

quilt sandwich

I use pins for basting and a spoon is a great help. Lift the pin with the spoon so it’s easy to close.

basting with pins and spoon

For the quilting I took my ‘six pack’, Perle no 8 cotton threads and went to sit outside.

hand quilting

Weather has been amazing – sunny and really warm. Nights are already chilly and there is so much humidity, but in day time it’s almost like a summer.


I enjoy quilting by hand and what could be better than to do that outside. I realized that I didn’t sit and quilt outside at all in summer because were always so busy. So I’m really happy to do that now.


When you have finished the quilting, trim the piece. Then cut 2 pieces from the backing fabric. They have to bigger than half of the pillow because they will cover part of each others. On the centre edges I sew stripes about 3″. This gives more steady edge than if you only turn the fabric.



I like to use binding for the pillows. It looks nice and also covers the seam allowance so there is no need to think how to finish them (sik sak etc). If you like to see how to make the binding, read my Mini Quilt Tutorial.

Put the backing pieces on the table right side down (towards the table) and then the quilted piece on them right side up. Then pin your double folded binding around. Sew with machine. Turn it on the backside and sew as you prefer. This time I sew it by hand so the stitches won’t show on the right side. Finished size of this pillow is 21″x 22″ (53.5 x 56 cm).

Nero and reindeer pillow

Now you have a nice add to your Christmas decoration and not only. I can imagine how great the reindeer would look in other colours, too. We enjoy to see Rudolf in our living room which has breath from Scandinavia.

Reindeer pillow Tutorial

The first Fair Isle Reindeer I made has a place in the ‘North Star’ quilt I’m making now.

I hope you like this Reindeer and the tutorial. If you have any questions, I’m happy to help.

Thank you very much for reading and following my blog! Thank you also for the wonderful comments you write!



Nero’s Christmas Calendar – day 4

Vof vof! It’s fourth day and early in the morning I was ready to open the new shutter from my Moomin Advent Calendar! But first I show you what pops out from Nero’s Christmas Calendar …

Tree Christmas Ornament

It’s a Tree Ornament or once again pin cushion with fun ‘Summersault’ Pinwheel fabrics! And behind turquoise …

Triangle Ornament

Wonder what Moomins are doing today …

Moomins Christmas Calendar

She’s pretty today! and I think he is going to slip down on the snowy stairs!


Nelli loves to be outside, but now with the winter weather, rain and wind, she doesn’t know what to do. She asks to go out but in 1 minute she wants back inside … in a while she has forgotten the bad weather and asks again to go out … at night she sleeps now on a lamb’s fleece (on my chair)!

tea lights on crepe pan

My first Christmas Decoration!

crepe pan for candles

Thank you for joining our Christmas count down! Hope to see you again tomorrow!

Take care and keep warm!