Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

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{Fabric Forest} quilt top

Hello friends! Today is  time for a ‘Quilty 365’ linkyup.

Nero and Fabric Forest

Read all my post in my new blog HERE. Lots of photos about my day with the dogs in the garden with this quilt top.




Mugs – Quilty 365

Hi dear friends! Hoping that you’ll have lovely, relaxing holidays and time for sewing,  I’ll show you what I have started…


Mugs! Who wouldn’t love mugs! I collect them and feel that it’s high time to get new mugs. Would you like to get a new mug every day?! And to design it by yourself!

applique mug

There are several things that made me start this project. First, I didn’t have any hand sewing project going on. No quilt top for hand quilting and my hexies just don’t inspire me at all now.


As the mugs had stuck to my head, I had to try if I like to make them or should I forget the whole thing. I gathered my things in a box with the little heart suitcase which is usually for my hexy project.

hand sewing

How I started? First I draw and cut some tamplates and even the frame to help me fussy cut the fabric. Later I saw that the templated is not necessary because the mug shape is very easy. I cut them with scissors and straight edges are easy to turn and press the seam allowance with your finger/nail. Then I just pin the mug on my background fabric and sew it around.


I haven’t done much applique except the raw edge applique with the sewing machine (which I love), so these simple mugs are perfect for a start. But how to make the ears? Those I couldn’t imagine to applique. I tried ribbon and it works well. But I don’t want shiny ribbons and I picked all the mat clour ribbons from my stash. Or should I add some bling bling?


Knowing that I like to continue this, I fixed a box to keep all I need. Even the little blue ‘tray’ fits on the box – it doesn’t close now but I’m not planning to travel anywhere. The little red suitcase doesn’t work because now I need threads in many colours. Finally I found perfect use for my two little tin boxes …

quilty 365

‘Pretty Thing’s will hold my threads and ‘Make a Wish’ will hide my pins and is also thread catcher. Hmmm, where I can put my pins and needle…I have to make a little pin cushion….


… unfortunately I haven’t finished the christmas cleaning so pin cushion has to wait a little bit.


  • When I saw Marle’s mugs, I was sold! She has made many things with mugs, for example place mats, using Marimekko fabrics and grey background. They look fantastic!
  • Maryse, who always inspires me with her gorgeus quilts, has started a project ‘Quilty 365’. She picked red background!
  • Audrey is the one who started the project ‘Quilty 365’. She is making one applique circle each day for one year! Her idea is to pick each day fabric that feels right at that moment. Audrey is hosting also a link up, where you can share your process. Look here what others have already done. Not everyone is making circles.

My thoughts: First I was ready to start to make the circles. Then thinking a little bit more, I stepped back. I know that I’m not able to make this every day. The circles need template and for ex. folio paper or basting to turn the seam allowance. Maryse shows well how she’s doing this.

I really liked Marle’s mugs and wanted to make some, so I thought to mix these two ideas. Marle has pieced her mugs and paper pieced the ears.

I started my mug-project 18.12.2015, but I let myself to have a free program. Sometimes I may sew several mugs per day and then perhaps none for a while. Even the idea of ‘Quilty 365’ is fantastic, I’m not going to make 365 mugs, that would be too much even for a mug lover…or perhaps shouldn’t say anything if I end up with 563 mugs!

rotary candle holder

Yesterday I took down the box with Christmas decorations and found my dear Moose rotary candle holder. They are so funny when running around!

quilty 365

Remember that soon I start to post in the new address:

I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for your company this year and for writing the sweetest, friendly comments! I’m looking for to start the new sewing year with you sharing our ideas, inspiration and passion for creating!



Happy Friday

Hi dear friends! Looks like happy days continue as today we meet at Penny’s ‘Happy Friday’! Come and join the fun sharing your happy moments! Penny made me think what made me happy this week …

Paint Splash

Quite many things make me happy every day, even ‘everyday’ it’s so easy to forget those things. Often they are something we see so often that we don’t see them anymore.


Last time you where thinking what Nero and Hanna saw on the other side of the wall. It was in fact our terace and they can see to the sea (above) and to the ‘White Mountains’ (below) …


… but you can guess that they don’t look the sea or mountains but the cats, dogs and any one, any where around!


Today on my way to meet my sweet golden friend, I realized that where ever I go, I can see mountains or the sea! White mountains are now so gorgeus when the sun makes the snow shine!


Nero and Hanna make me happy. Every morning Hanna gives me very gentle kiss before I get up from the bed. Then she goes the stairs down singing and seems to be so happy to start a NEW day! They get piece of bread in the morning. Nero takes his bread and runs and jumps (always) to the living room to eat it.


Nelli still finds NEW thing in this House and makes me smile. I think she’s most happy in the evening when I go to the bedroom, finally settling in one place and she can watch tv for a while with me.


Colours and colourful things make me happy and these triangle mugs – you understand that I had to take them – how often you see mugs with quilt pattern (at least here, not often)!


This ‘piece’ was supposed to be a part of one project with the paper pieced paint tubes, but that didn’t happen, so I made it mini quilt for my new sewing room. ‘Paint Splash’ and bright Kona solids make me happy.


For me this photo has almost too delicious colours. I can’t explain how much I enjoy those happy colours mixed together … I think I need to print this to put it on the wall. I wish I had time to make a happy painting!

Thank you for joining my Happy Friday! Now click the button below to visit Penny’s linky party! planet-penny-happy-friday

Thank you also very much for your sweet Happy Birthday wishes! I hope to finish the jewelry studio / library room, to be even more happy today!



Mug rugs and Pot holders

Hi dear friends! This post bagan from a kitchen ‘cheer-up’. I was really depressed with the kitchen and thought it’s time to make NEW happy pot holders. I save too much my dear Fabrics and thought to use this time some Fabrics I really like.

pot holders

I cut pieces from those pink and Red Fabrics and then chose something to match around. This happened wednesday evening. Next day I was supposed to take photos before placing them on the Brown kitchen wall. That next morning I was happy to find that Gnome Angel featured my mug rug tutorial! She is hosting mug rug swap and has gathered some ideas and tutorials for mug rugs. Read here the post about the ‘Festive Mug Rug Swap’!

mug rug coaster

These are in fact coasters as they are smaller than mug rugs. I made this tutorial to show in a Mini Project all the steps to make a quilt. There is a patchwork piece. It’s hand quilted with wadding. And there is normal quilt binding. Read here the tutorial.

patchwork winter

Then I saw that Ruth from ‘Charly and Ben’s Crafty Corner’ had included my little forest in her inspiration mosaic. Thank you so much Ruth for linking to my blog and for reminding me about this Mini quilt!

mini quilt

I made this one winter to find the winter and Christmas feeling. That’s not so easy here in the sunny and warm weather. It was on the wall in the kitchen until summer came! Now I’m happy to see it again on my sewing table as a mug rug.

forest mug rug

For my newer readers I thought to show the mini quilts/mug rugs I made one Christmas …

christmas pot holders mug rugs

You can make patchwork pictures or use raw edge applique, which is really easy and fun method. Draw by yourself or use coocie cutters to draw the shapes. If you have Baby GO! cutter, it’s great, too. I used that for the birds.

butterfly mug rug

PS. I was happy to receive an email from you about the butterflies – thank you Lisa! Here are some links where you see how I made the butterflies and the butterfly wall quilt which I entered to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival few years ago:

There is really endless list of ideas how to make mug rugs, potholders, coasters, place mats and Mini quilts. One great is to make paper pieced block. Make a picture or letter – I love letters and I’m so happy to have Kristy’s patterns for letters! They are available in her Craftsy store!

mug rug with letter

If you are in hurry, beginner in sewing or just want to show well the beautiful fabric, make a mug rug with one fabric …

pot holders

Simple patcwork block with your/hers/his favourite colours …

patchwork mug rug

Mug rug or pot holder is very good little Project to try different technics like raw edge applique, hand quilting, embroidery …

bird pot holder

They are also great little things to  use scraps and up-cycled Fabrics.

kitchen decoration

bird mug rug

So about my new pot holders, they are not in the kitchen yet, no need to cheer up this kitchen because I start to pack again! I hope to have a big Christmas tree this year!

paper pieced letters

I already decided to join the mug rug swap, but have to leave it now. If you have time and like to join for this fun and International swap, read the details HERE!

pot holders

Ha haa, catched you Hanna! This weekend hb is going to pick olives and I think I shall sew with full speed … cant’ even think how many/less days there are until Christmas! One last photo for mug rugs or pot holders…

pot holders

Don’t stress too much and enjoy your Christmas and holiday sewings! Thank you for stopping by and thank you so much for your sweet comments on my ‘Paint’ project! You know what – ‘Hawthorne Threads’ has a give away for the ‘Paint’ Fabrics! Join their news letter!

PS. Welcome to follow ‘nerospost’ at Instagram! I don’t have yet button for the instagram, but I’m there having lots of fun with quilter and blogger friends!

By by for now – hope to see you soon!




Hi friends – I give the word to Nero, he has been resting all the day and I feel sleepy … Vof – happy Friday to all of you! I have been sleeping a lot today and also took some super vitamins + naminami for my legs, so I’m feeling great! And I’m happy to show you something fun …


It has been like a spring this week! Sunny and so warm – just amazing! I have picked many little flowers around …


… and always so many birds … my garden is full of birds! I love to listen their singing so I thought to invite few to my home …

notes and birds

I’m sure you can’t guess where they are singing! … this fabric came with hb from Ikea a while ago. We love notes but not so much black, so we had to add some colours! Other thing we didn’t like (anymore) was the small curtain with crochet flowers. It was nice curtain but we have been watching it now … how about just too long!

small curtain

So we made a new curtain for the bathroom. There is a simple white cotton backing and the birds are sewn by raw edge applique method – which we love as you know!  We left the birds very simple and didn’t start to sew legs etc. but wings we made because they look nice. And just because we had the flower in the exact same colour, we had to put that too. Flower had a purple center and we prefered blue so we made it on our own.

raw edge applique

The truth is that the loops are still missing and I do hope that tomorrow we can see this curtain on the window and here the birds singing in the bathroom. Do you sing in the shower? I don’t, so I’m happy to have someone else to do the singing!

Speaking about bathrooms the ‘donkey-bridge’ leads to Nelli’s new loo. Nelli loves to be outside but she prefers to have her ‘hmmm’ inside. That’s because Nelli was very ill when she came to us, and she stayed the first year mostly at home. Now she is the queen of the garden and enjoyes every part of the countrylife! But here you go …


You know that cats like to be clean and they throw the cat litter from their feet all around when leaving the ‘sand box’. Now after ten years I got ‘the great idea’ to put her litter in a big box, where she can shake her legs as much as she likes! I just wish all this thing could be in the garden!

cat's toilet

One thing is sure that Nelli is the only cat in the world who has a loo with hippoes, fishes and a bird!

PAPER PIECING: I have just seen two beautiful paper piecing blocks! They have been made with foundation-piecing technic. I still haven’t tried that but these two blocks are really inspiring!

*   “Scottie-Dog” made by Judith at “Just Jude

*   “Little Cat’ made by Kristy at ‘Quiet Play’

I found the cat block from Janine at ‘Rainbow Hare Quilts’ – she made her part for the bee quilt with these cat blocks!


GIVE AWAY! Our give away is still open! If you like to win a voucher for super fashionable designer eyeglasses – click HERE and leave a comment to tell me what glasses you would choose or what I should choose!

QUILTING NEWS! I have finally finished the pattern-tutorial for the ‘BABY STARS’ quilt! It’s available in my etsy shop TEJESARITA!

baby quilt

We have some new ideas – how else – not a moment without planning and thinking – I do hope someone has time to brush my beautiful fur tomorrow – and of course to play!


Hmmm…. I guess I have to leave you now … Nelli just lift her head from the chair! She is sleeping often on the chair under the dining table and I forget her totally and then I’m so surprised when she gets up suddenly! That chair has a lamb wool on it and Nelli loves that. But then she loves also her bed next to the window in the sewing attic – there she has a little, cozy ‘net’ in the basket with a small patchwork blanket.

'Singing Birds'

I leave you with these birdies and hope their singing leads you to a wonderful weekend! Oh – almost forgot to ask: should I sew (or Teje in fact) more around the birds or do you think that one stitching line looks enough?

I’m linking at ‘Friday Felicities’, ‘Creative Friday’, ‘Fiber Arts Friday’

Thank you for stopping by and reading my post! Also I want to send thanks and my furry hugs to all my friends – it’s so great to see that you have followed us to our new blog and also we are so happy to see many new readers and followers! We do our best to divert you (hope that’s the right word)! Please continue to write your sweet messages – we love to read them!




Hello my dear friends! Title tells everything … I have a little story in my mind … and a give away!!!  hope you join me …

eye glasses applique

When I took photos for my notebook and had my vintage glasses for decoration, there happened to appear one shoot I really liked! It’s this photo with lovely shadow.

notebook cover

It stayed in my mind and I wanted to do something with this … and just then I got an exiting e-mail. I have been thinking a lot about eye glasses lately. The truth is that I got an e-mail from “Firmoo” already before the Christmas, but then I was so busy with many things and also with the moving of my blog – so I couldn’t react.


Still I was thinking often those eye glasses and I was really happy they contacted me again now! I’m sure anyone who wears glasses, has a special ralationship with this matter – love or hate – or both? Also I’m sure that anyone who wears glasses, would like to get more often new glasses and to have several pairs of glasses!


I thought that now I have an opportunity to sew something inspired with the photo I liked. But how? Hmmm … I have to draw them first … I haven’t drawn anything for ages!


And how I make the base? I shouldn’t have start any new project because there is already something on my sewing table and I thought I could have finished that and get it in use … but here I am again. Any way, that’s why I thought to take quickly same patches I used for the notebook, not to use much time to plan other colours and prints.

log cabon block

So here I have now the log cabin block and I should some how manage to ‘draw’ eye glasses on it with fabric?! I’m not affraid – this is what I love to do – make patchwork pictures and I haven’t done any for so long time! In the drawing the uppest pair of glasses was my first try to draw the shadow. That didn’t look good so I draw the glasses and then I just had to add also the shadow.


‘Firmoo’ has a wonderful collection of eye wears and so good prices! They have lots of fashionable frames, traditional, glasses ‘without’ frame, half-frames, for women and for men, computer glasses, specialty glasses and sun glasses which I need every day and almost all the year!


You know that one of my most favourite eye glasses were those vintage eye glasses in these photos. Other eye glasses that I truly loved were without frames … I would still use them but I have distroided them when painting something.

Now I can’t choose what kind of eye glasses I should buy.

Should I choose these…


or these … small-1-aXbhqGJknH[1]


‘Firmoo’ has kindly offered to sponsor a give away! There will be four lucky winners and each of them will get $30 designer glasses voucher (shipping not included)!  And if there are more than 30 competitors, there will be an extra price!

sewing eye glasses


* To enter this give away, leave a comment in this post and tell me which glasses you would like to win or which I should choose.

* This give away is open till 19th of February and 20th of February Nero will pick the winners.

* This give away is open internationally, but the winner have to be located in the Firmoo’s delivery area. No worries, they deliver almost every where!

* Take care that there is a way to contact you if you win. If you are ‘no-reply’, please add your e-mail in your comment.


As you saw, this is the first part of the story. Follow my eye glasses story and get more chances to win. Visit “Firmoo’s” site and you’ll see that now we can easily buy second (third … fourth …) pair of glasses to enjoy and have some fun with them. Not only have one pair which we had to choose very carefully to be able to wear them loooooooong time.

drawing eye glasses

Now you may wonder how the story continues with this patchwork … I’m wondering too … I hope we’ll find that out in the following parts.

I wish you all Good Luck and have a great week! Thank you for joining me today and I hope to see you soon … I shall dive to my chest of drawers to see how many other vintage glasses I have there hiding and dust them for the next part!