Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen


Quilty 365 – January linkup

Nero's post III

Hi dear friends! My fabric forest is growing very well!

Fabric Forest by Teje

Here they are all in random order! I’m participating the ‘Quilty 365’ where the main idea is to sew one one fabric circle each day for one year. There are other ideas except the circles and I went on with my Fabric Forest idea.

fabric trees

I concider that I started this project 1st of January, even in fact I started already back in December with the mugs.

Now I have made 46 blocks. I allow myself to go futher and not holding exactly on ‘one per day’, because I know there will be days when I’m not able to do these. Also I have found out now how to continue all the year…you understand there can’t 365 tree blocks, or what?! I shall share my year to quarters. So I’ll end up with four small quilts with different themes. And…

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My sewing room and stash

Hi dear friends! Welcome to visit my sewing room! Step in and have a chair! Please take cup of coffee with apple pie and I’ll show you my stuff!

sewing room

Read all the post in my new blog.  Thank you!



{Scandic Scene} Quilt top

Nero's post III

Hello hello hello! How are you today? I feel happy happy because I have new boots!

boots and leg warmers

Yesterday I was really lucky because I found what I was looking for, these boots, last pair in my size and my favourite colour! All leather and handmade in Greece by Kokka shoes. And I can were my woollen leg warmers with them! Click the link if you like to see Nero wearing them!

my new boots

Why I speak about boots even I have a new quilt top to show?! Because I have a ‘thing’ with this quilt project, serious thing.


I was twice lucky with these fabrics. I won them and I won with them. Those gorgeus solids are Scandinavia from Oakshott and the adorable pastel prints are Notting Hill from Annett at Knettycraft. Thank you very much! Fortunately I had purchased bundle of Honeycomb in lovely soft colours. What I won with them?…

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“Vintage Rainbow” fabrics

Nero's post III

Hi dear friends! I hope you enjoy your weekend! If you can leave your sewing for a moment, come to join the fun contest with Rachel from ‘Stitched in Color‘! It’s about colours … what else?! Rachel’s post is very inspiring with adorable photos. If I happen to win, I shall make something from the ideas those photos gave me!

from Fabric Worm 1

This time we are challenged to create fabric mosaic with ‘Vintage Rainbow colours’. No need to add all the colours from the rainbow but knowing me, you can guess that it was really difficult to choose what colours not to add.

Sponsor for this contest is ‘Fabric Worm’! They have fantastic collections! Look through the fabrics and try to pick only 9  fabrics in vintage rainbow colours and make two mosaics. I take this always too seriously and can’t just pick my favourite fabrics … I want to…

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{Fabric Forest} and my Birthday

Nero's post III

Hi dear friends! Today is my Birthday and I thought to celebrate by showing you my happy, hand sewing project. One word was my inspiration. It was a real ‘eureka’ (ευρηκα) moment! I saw in Finnish magazine word ‘kangasmetsa’ and I knew immidiately where I shall go.

applique tree

To the fabric forest! Can you believe that in Finland we have fabric forest?! Now you think it’s a fairy land or luna park or just my dream but no, it’s real!

fabric forest by Teje

Okey, I tell you the secret. Finnish language is very rich (and difficult). It’s fun when we are used to some words, we don’t really think what they mean. One day when I saw the word kangasmetsa, I realized the word Fabric! Wow, I never thought that I had grown in a fabric forest! Kangasmetsa means one type of forest. Metsa means forest and kangas means fabric! So it’s fabric forest

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{Splinters on Snow} quilt top

Nero's post III

Hi dear friends! Quilt top with little triangles is finished and there was a perfect day for photo shooting.

Chips on Snow quilt top

When this top was finished, I don’t know why by I wasn’t very exicited. When I took it out, the excitment came …

Splinters on Snow

That stain glass illusion is so beautiful, when the sun light comes through the quilt top! I like always the seam allowances as a part of the ‘design’ and in this they play even more important role as there is so much white. Next photo is from the backside …

quilt top from back

This quilt started when I was going through my scraps. I save even the smallest because I know I like to make fabric pictures and then even the littlest can be important. I noticed that there were lots of triangles so I thought to improvise something with them. My word for this year is ‘improvise’.


After basting, I…

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Hanna: New Fabrics and Beach

Welcome to the new address!

Nero's post III

Vof vof dear friends! I hope your year has started great … mine did! Just before the Christmas I received new fabrics!


I couldn’t believe my luck when I read late in the evening already almost sleeping from the IG that I won fantastic bag of stripes and selvages!


Stephanie from ‘Spontaneous Threads’ shared most generously many bags of selvages and scraps! If you like, read her post HERE.  She had several different choises and I wished to win jelly roll stripes because I haven’t used much stripes… and I won, juppiiii!


Of course I forgot to take photo of the parcel because I was so busy to see them all … and they are not all on the wall, yet!


Look the selvages filled my ironing board … I have big plans for these!

But now I take you to the beach …


Oh boy it was so…

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