Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen


Wrist Warmers Tutorial and My View

Hi friends! This was my small knitting project in Finland. Christmas is getting closer but there is time to knit these easy wrist warmers.

wrist warmers

I remember someone saying ‘but who use wrist warmers?!’ I used to think that, too. Now wrist warmers really are in fashion! And if you wear a poncho or something with shorter sleeves, they are very good. I hope you don’t need them for painful wrists as I do.

Nalle yarn from Novita

When I saw this Novita’s Nalle yarn in delicious ‘Ice Cream’ colour, I knew it’s just perfect for wrist warmers. The yarn suggests no 3 needles and fortunately I found them from my mothers needle box.

ice cream wrist warmers

So lets start!

We need about 100 g yarn and 5 sock needles no 3

  • make 12 loops to each of the 4 needles
  • knit: 1 knit, 1 purl about 33 rows
  • start to increase loops: do this using only knit stitches (no purls), have one centre stitch and make the increase stitches on both sides of that, increase every second row 2 new stitches until you have done 14 new stitches
  • finish these stitches, knit around and when you reach the finished stitches, make new stitches so that you have 14 loops in one needle and 12 loops in other three needles
  • continue to knit 1 knit, 1 purl about 6 rows and finish the stitches
  • pass the yarn ends through the knitting with a big needle and your wrist warmers are ready!


These colours are so sweet and Nalle yarn has also many other beautiful colours. I have also the multicolour and I shall use it for other pair of wrist warmers but with different pattern.

Speaking about colours, I was really happy to read yesterday Debbie’s post. Pantone has announced new colours for the 2016, this time 2 colours, and they are my favourites! In fact you can pick them in this yarn. They are Rose Quartz and Serenity, lovely pastel pink and blue. Blue in my view yesterday was much stronger!

sea view

It’s so breathtaking blue! Days are still gorgeus but at night it’s chilly and I need my wrist warmers.

zorba's mountain

In the morning I took photo of a little secret thing and sun had just reached the mountains. On those mountains, there is the cave, where Zorbas was living and the movie ‘Zorba the Greek’ with Anthony Queen, was filmed!


I hope you have time to have a walk, look around, shoot a photo, pick a flower or make a snowball… because there is always something beautiful to see!

If you are looking for more easy, knitting ideas, look my Cowl Cape tutorial.

wrist warmers

Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog! Thank you also for your sweet comments on my “North Star’ quilt! I hope to bind it this weekend. Your company and support is very important to me!




Reindeer Pillow – Tutorial

Hi Dear Friends! Today we are here with Nero and Hanna to show you our new Rudolf The Reindeer pillow!

Reindeer pillow - Tutorial

We love Rudolf and both Nero and Hanna are happy to sleep next to him …

Nero's Reindeer pillow

Hanna and Reindeer pillow

As some of you lovely readers liked to have a tutorial for the raindeer to make a pillow, I thought to make one myself, too. Tutorial for the Fair Isle Reindeer is HERE.

Fair Isle Reindeer pillow

I add 3″ borders around the reindeer block. I cut wadding and piece from a material which is like a disposable sheet. I use that often with the pillows to make the quilting easier and the inside of the pillow nice. You can use also piece of any fabric (old sheet etc.)

quilt sandwich

I use pins for basting and a spoon is a great help. Lift the pin with the spoon so it’s easy to close.

basting with pins and spoon

For the quilting I took my ‘six pack’, Perle no 8 cotton threads and went to sit outside.

hand quilting

Weather has been amazing – sunny and really warm. Nights are already chilly and there is so much humidity, but in day time it’s almost like a summer.


I enjoy quilting by hand and what could be better than to do that outside. I realized that I didn’t sit and quilt outside at all in summer because were always so busy. So I’m really happy to do that now.


When you have finished the quilting, trim the piece. Then cut 2 pieces from the backing fabric. They have to bigger than half of the pillow because they will cover part of each others. On the centre edges I sew stripes about 3″. This gives more steady edge than if you only turn the fabric.



I like to use binding for the pillows. It looks nice and also covers the seam allowance so there is no need to think how to finish them (sik sak etc). If you like to see how to make the binding, read my Mini Quilt Tutorial.

Put the backing pieces on the table right side down (towards the table) and then the quilted piece on them right side up. Then pin your double folded binding around. Sew with machine. Turn it on the backside and sew as you prefer. This time I sew it by hand so the stitches won’t show on the right side. Finished size of this pillow is 21″x 22″ (53.5 x 56 cm).

Nero and reindeer pillow

Now you have a nice add to your Christmas decoration and not only. I can imagine how great the reindeer would look in other colours, too. We enjoy to see Rudolf in our living room which has breath from Scandinavia.

Reindeer pillow Tutorial

The first Fair Isle Reindeer I made has a place in the ‘North Star’ quilt I’m making now.

I hope you like this Reindeer and the tutorial. If you have any questions, I’m happy to help.

Thank you very much for reading and following my blog! Thank you also for the wonderful comments you write!



Fair Isle Reindeer – Tutorial

Hi dear friends! Time to show you how you can make your own, Rudolf Reindeer! This was the first Fair Isle block I made and it’s my favourite.

Fair Isle Reindeer - Tutorial

Here is the drawing with few shades to help you to see how it’s separeted in sections.




1 x [10.5″x 4.5″], 1 x [4.5″x 2.5″], 1 x [2.5″x 2.5″]

3 x [6.5″x 1.5″], 1 x 4.5″x 1.5″], 1 x [3.5″x 1.5″], 7 x [2.5″x 1.5″], 13 x [1.5″x 1.5″]


1 x [7.5″x 6.5″], 1 x [6.5″x 5.5″], 1 x [5.5″x 2.5″], 1 x [4.5″x 3.5″], 1 x [4.5″x 2.5″], 1 x [3.5″x 2.5″], 3 x [2.5″x 2.5″],

1 x [6.5″x 1.5″], 1 x [5.5″x 1.5″], 3 x [3.5″x 1.5″], 8 x [2.5″x 1.5″], 12 x [1.5″x 1.5″]

FINISHED SIZE: about 17.5″ x 16.5″

reindeer tutorial

Here are the pieces we need. Seam allowance is 1/4″ so each square measures 1″x 1″when finished. This helps you to create your own Fairl Isle patterns. If you need for example retangle 4″ x 3″ you will cut 4.5″ x 3.5″ piece.

Sew in sections. First I sew the smallest squares together. You can consider this one kind of log cabin block. When you have sewn small squares, you can add the next bigger piece etc.


When you look Fair Isle pattern, find the places where you can draw straigh lines to share it in sections.

There is many ways to share the pattern in smaller pieces. I try to create as big as possible pieces to make it easy and quick. I still like also the idea to make this kind of pattern using only 1″x 1″ squares, but that takes a lot of time.

Below you see the legs of the reindeer.


You can press the small seams first with your nail. When you have made some bigger pieces, press the seams with iron. I like to press very often, because it gives better result. When there are lots of little seams, I do like this to save time.


sewing reindeer

Keep the pieces all the time in order on their places because it’s very easy too mix them or to sew them upside down.


When you have the sections ready, press them well and trim a little bit if needed.

reindeer quilt block

And voila! You have made the cutest Reindeer! Now you can use it for a quilt, pillow, wall hanging, table runner or for any other great idea you have! HERE is the pillow I made with the reindeer.

If you like to make Fair Isle Man and Woman, HERE is my tutorial.

North Star quilt project

I hope you find this tutorial easy and helpful to create your own Fairl Isle quilt blocks! If you have any questions, I’m happy to help!

Happy quilting!



Hexagon Flower Baby Toy -Tutorial

Hi Dear Friends! I’m happy to show you today a little happy project!

hexagon flower

I have often very cute, little visitor in the shop. He loves colours and you can guess that there are lots of colours in my shop for him to watch. I wanted to make a little, colourful, soft gift for him … something he could hold in his little hands.

happy fabrics

I was thinking what I could sew by hand in the shop. Thinking of one hexagon pincushion, made with triangles, I started to pick colourful fabrics. But then the ‘light switched on’ – hexagons! I have my hexagon Project-BOX in the shop … why not make something with hexagons!

what you need to make hexagons

This is so perfect small project for summer! you don’t need sewing machine or any cutting tools. All you need is fabric, scissors, thread, needle and paper (templates for hexagons). Filling can be the same as there is in the pillows or even cotton. I added the ‘beep beep’ inside because I knew the little boy would be happy for that.

paper piecing hexagons

So to be able to do this in the shop, I just took the Fabrics with me. I cut the squares with scissors and then started to baste. I wasn’t sure what fabrics I shall use so I just basted several hexagons to start.

paper piecing hexagons

If you Paper piece hexagons for the First time, you can use Paper clips or pins to hold the fabric and template together as you baste them. After a while you notice that you don’t need them. I baste on my knee. I press the fold by nail and then as I baste with the thread I fold the next edge etc.



paper pieced hexagon

This is easy and so much fun! If the first and second feels difficult, don’t give up, because you will see that you love your little hexagons!

hexagon tutorial by teje

You noticed that at the end I used almost only solids. For the first time I made hexagons with solids and now I don’t want to stop! I had a plan to use my solids for the ‘Hillside Houses’ quilt (button on my sidelist) but now it looks like I shall make lots of hexagons with my solids and perhaps have to find new solids for the quilt. Anyway that quilt project has to wait until autumn.

paper pieced hexagons

To make the stuffed flower, you sew the hexagons together.

hexagon flower

You can make the back side with other hexagon flower or with one fabric. I chose to use my special kitten fabric.

hexagon flower

It’s easier to make both sides with hexagons but may take a little bit more time. Because I used one fabric, I had to make template which I made with the finished hexagon flower.

hexagon flower project

Only thing I sew with the machine, was the piece of binding. You can sew also this by hand but by machine it will be more steady. This piece is about 2,5″ x 10″. It’s folded double and then I folded the both edges towards the center. Then I stitced both edges.



Sew your hexagon flower and the backside together except small place from where you can turn your flower right side out. Take the papers away, turn it right side out, add the filling and the stripe. If you like to add ‘beep beep’ put it in the filling. Then sew to close the flower.

hexagon flower

I sew two hexagons on the stripe and add also there a little bit filling. This can be like a leave for the flower. I thought it can be nice for the little hands to hold this fabric toy.

flower fabric toy

If you like to get more Information about Paper piecing, look the ‘Paper Piecing’ page up on my blog. I have gathered there lots of useful links about English and foundation Paper piecing.

If you have any questions, I’m very happy to answer and help you.

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed this flower and tutorial!


PS. Aren’t we lucky to be happy with few scraps!


‘Milky Hearts’ about process and inspiration

Hi dear friends! Thank you so much for your visit and most sweet comments about my NEW sewing room! I’m happy you liked the tour and the space. Unfortunately I don’t have much time to sew now because we are working all the time for the shop and preparing to open it soon.

Milky Hearts

‘Milky Hearts’, Aqua and Pink, mini quilts are on my design wall and I’m waiting to quilt the pink one and then finish them to pillows.

These pillow covers are inspiration from two ideas and sources. First I really liked the hearts I saw at ‘Cluck Cluck Sew’. They are so cute and there is tutorial for ‘Making heart blocks in multiple sizes’. I thought I would make several hearts and them use them for pouches – but I changed my mind…

heart blocks

I have to show you the process photos because they are so cute. I imagine they are little beds in a children’s summer camp!

heart blocks

Little white squares will be up corners and the bigger white square makes the down side for the heart. Two ‘beds’ make one heart.

heart blocks

Now the corners are sewn on and trimmed. After pressing the seams open, the hearts are ready. Don’t throw away those little left over triangles!

heart blocks

I used the smallest 4″ measurement. Look for other sizes and details at ‘Cluck Cluck Sew’.


The other part of my inspiration came from my favourite quilt book…


I have got this book from my dear quilter friend, Sonja, who is my ‘American cousin’, always so helpful, supporting and amazing friend! This book doesn’t has patterns or instructions. It has very good story with most beautiful illustration and quilt blocks.

Quilt Maker's Gift

Quilt Maker's Gift

Quilt Maker's Gift

One Sunday morning I read this book once again and looked the quilt blocks inside the covers. I wanted to make a simple block. Then I saw the block with lovely colours and the name ‘Milky Way’ … I was sold …

quilt blocks

‘Milky’ word sound so nice and suited so well with the colours of my hearts, so I knew I shall use this block and name my work Milky Hearts!

I took the left over triangles that I had trimmed from the heart blocks and made cute little squares. In the Milky Way block corners are made with 4 squares but I used just white squares.

star block

When this star was made, I put the blocks to my design wall to see what else I could add there.

on the design wall

I had made some testing geese blocks and the colours were perfect for this, so I cut them half, back to half square tringles. Few ‘hour glass’ blocks I cut in four and got white/turquoise triangle-squares.

scrappy work

Then I started to find scraps in ‘milky aqua’ colours.

milky heart process

You can’t imagine how difficult it is to decide how arrange the blocks and colours – at least for me. To think how the layout looks good and to have a nice ballance. I think I use the most of the time for this. When I finally decide how to go on, then it’s quick to fill the space between and to sew the pieces together.

milky hearts mini quilt by teje

I marked with pins on the design wall the size I need to make this pillow. Then it was easier to see how much I need to add pieces around. Now I have basted this with fleece and one very thin material. It’s quilted and waiting to be a pillow.

One milky photo through the thin material I use for the backing to quilt the piece, when making pillows, bags, pouches …

milky hearts

I hope these photos help you if you like to create your own improvised ‘Milky Hearts’ quilt. It can be a pillow or a Mini quilt, but also you can continue and make it the most sweet baby quilt. I hope to do that later.

Thank you very much for stopping by! I wish you wonderful March! Hmmm… I have to go to turn the pages on my calendars… they are all still in February. And I had so good idea to make a Mini quilt every month from my Quilter’s calendar … something to look for the next winter, I guess.

pink milky hearts by teje

Perhaps I shall quilt the Pink Milky Hearts to feel that it’s a weekend … even it’s part of the work also but the happy part.

Next time I show you what other Projects I have had on my sewing table. It’s all the time full of something and at the moment no way to sew anything, so hand stitiching is just perfect thing to do now. If you like to see my ‘bead studio’, please step in to ‘TRIKIMIA’, my other blog.

Have a great weekend and happy sewings!



Nero’s Tutorial: Paper Piecing Hexagons

Vof vof friends! Welcome to my hexy post! I show you how I make little paper pieced hexagons – they are easy piecy! Even I can make them – could, if someone just threads my needle!

Nero is paper piecing

Look what I have put in my project box – all I need to paper piece hexagons. First you need paper templates. I have copied my templates from the ‘Incompetech’, printed them and then cut them. You can also buy ready paper templates from ‘Paperpieces’.

paper piecing hexies

With the papers I use paper clips. You can use also glue, but I have found paper clips quick and easy to use and prefer them. If you are just beginning paper piecing, you can use pins in the beginning until your fingers get used to hold and turn the fabric.

english paper piecing

Then I need thread for basting (blue) – it’s good to use colour that you can see easily to take off later.

For sewing I like to use white during all the work even it may be a little visible somewhere. You can use any colour you like to match with your Fabrics.

Needles I use two: longer for basting and shorter for sewing – both are quite thin.

Little scissors to cut threads and easy to fit in the project box.

Big glass jar is for my goodies?! – unfortunately not – it is for the basted hexies.


And then the most exciting: the fabrics! This time I use 2.5″ x 2.5″ squares. You can use also hexagons – cut them on your own or even buy ready hexagon-fabric-bundles).

Just in no time I had prepared about 100 squares! And I’m ready to start paper piecing.

Put the fabric in the middle of the paper template and use two paper clips …


Start to baste it. Fold the edges as you go futher …

paper piecing hexagons

I make knot at the end of the thread and when I have basted around the hexagon I made one extra stitch.


Here you go! Couldn’t be easier!


Then make an other one …

paper piecing

Make quickly seven hexagons …

paper pieced hexagons

… and now there is no return! You can already start to play with them and you will see that you just have to make one more … and one more … and one more … and one more …


The more you make the more you have choises to play. My only ‘problem’ is that I had a plan to make something else than flowers. But if you make flowers, after 7 hexagons you could already start to sew them together!


There are lots of ways to arranges them and also so many places to use them. I shall tell you an other time where you can use hexagons – except to make a quilt.

paper pieced hexagons

I hope I managed to inspire you to try English paper piecing! Before I tried, ‘I knew that this is not for me’! So much time for fuzzling with papers and basting and hand sewing – no way … but never say never …



… you see that last spring I started paper piecing project with octagons and tiny squares … on this table … and it was supposed to be something to sew during the hot summer … but somehow it happend that it was finished before the summer! I just got hooked with those little pieces and couldn’t wait to see how they grow! ‘Summer Wine’ is now on the side table next to my bed.

paper pieced hexagons

Find more Information and links on my page ‘Paper Piecing’.

Thank you for visiting and for your sweet comments! I send you big furry hugs and hope to see you soon again!




Hi Dear Friends! I know that you call them cloth pegs but don’t you like the Finnish name: ‘Laundry Boys’! And if the ‘boys’ have a fun bag – laundry day is going to be pure enjoy!

cloth peg basket

This ‘LAUNDRY BOYS’ fabric basket is now in England with my SISTER and I think she is hoping even more than usually to have lots of sunny days to hang her laundry outside! She wished something to carry the ‘laundry boys’ on hew arm when hanging the cloths out, so I made this for her Christmas package.

cloth peg basket

First I had many patchwork ideas in my mind – using one funny fabric with cloths! My sister’s style is more modern than mine, so I tried to step out from my scrap box and I chose for the base this white-grey fabric which has modern buildings on it. It’s from Ikea and more firm than normal cotton. It was a good choise because now it looks like the laundry rope is hanging from the walls between the houses.

fabric basket

When I start to make any fabric basket I think just about what size I want (height and the bottom width) and then I start with the bottom piece. Now I made oval using a plate to make the edges round. Then I took the measurement around the bottom and started to make the main piece (making it a little bit longer and trimming it later).

I quilted the bottom and the main piece with wadding, following the Lines of the buildings on the fabric + straight Lines. My wadding was quite fat and it gave beautiful puffy look for the dresses – Like the wind is swinging them on the Air!

I cut the ‘dress’ pieces just squares and ironed them with fusible Web. After that it was easy to cut the dress shapes from the fabric. I wanted to add some colour and made one orange sun. Also here I used fusible web and then drew the shape of the sun (I could saw it through the fabric).

fabric basket tutorial 1

I stitched the sun with simple stitching few times around. For the dresses I used sik sak to make sure they stay nice even after washing. I made laundry rope with a thin, satin ribbon and cloths pegs with tiny pieces from the same ribbon. Bird is from one Ikea’s fabric and I stitched it simply few times around.

fabric basket tutorial 2

When the main piece was finished, I pinned it with the bottom to be able to trim the main piece as long it needs to be. Then I took the pins away, cut the main pieces for the right size and then sew it with the bottom. I made the lining with cotton fabric. Binding is double folded and I sew it frist on the outside (catching now the main basket with the lining). Then I turned it inside and sew so that the stitiching shows on the right side just next to the binding.

fabric basket tuto

The strap has piece of wadding inside and it’s quilted with straight Lines. In these photos the strap is still with pins because I was thinking few options how to catch it. Finally I simply sew it on the basket. You could also make button holes on the two edges of the strap and then two big buttons on both sides of the basket. Like that you can use the basket also for something else without strap.

If you like to see more details how to make any size fabric basket, click HERE to see the tutorial I made for the ‘Quilt Story’s’ Holiday Series! Those baskets are around and have little scrap trees on them.

fabric basket tutorial

If I may say, I was very happy how this ‘LAUNDY BOYS’ basket ended up! I do enjoy making things with pictures and little stories!

Greek garden

I hope you have lots of sunshine to hang your laundry outside! For me it is a little bit challenge this time of the year. I dry laundry only outside and often we have rainy days and even sun is shining, the humidity is high and the days are still short. But every day is longer and lighter … there it is coming … the Spring!

fabric basket

Today I had a big surprise in the post Office …. something that I had given up for waiting … {tools or toys} and you will see them soon! And I didn’t buy flowers but something else as cute as sweet peas!

Thank you so much for visiting me today! I shall join all my favourite link parties – how great after the brake during the holidays! All the buttons are on my sidelist and there is a new party for Wednesdays! Thank you also for your lovely messages!

Before I leave you I would like you to visit Cath. She wrote about very Special quilts and made also two most beautiful Special quilts. It is very touching story and something that I didn’t know before. Cath’s beautiful and colourful blog is ‘Wombat Quilts’!