Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

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{Gone Fishing} baby quilt

Hi dear friends! Time to start in the new address. This year’s first post in the new blog address is {Gone Fishing} Baby Quilt! 

Gone fishing baby quilt by Teje

Welcome to read all this post in my blog’s new address:!




{North Star} Fair Isle Quilt

Vof vof friends! It’s me Hanna and I’m so happy to see you here today!

North Star quilt by Teje

Our Christmas corner looks now so cosy and cute. I think the new quilt, lights and hearts brought The Christmas!

Christmas corner

Imagine how it looks in the evening with the sparkling lights!

Christmas quilt

Reindeer was the first block we made using an old knitting pattern. It was so fun to make, that we made also the fair isle star and then woman and man. Look the links for my tutorials. Our first reindeer became a pillow. If you like to make one, look my Reindeer pillow tutorial.

Reindeer pillow by Teje

‘North Star’ is quilted by hand with straigh lines in red and light blue. As we try not to be perfectionists, we didn’t mark the lines, just followed the seam allowances and the threads of fabric.

North Star quilt by Teje

One night she was quilting the last lines at 5 in the morning…I was very confused why we had to be awake that time, but she said she couldn’t sleep and prefered to stitich on the couch with me than staying in the bed awake. From now on I take care she won’t drink coffee in the evening!

North Star quilt by Teje

Now there is still one thing to do, the hanging sleeve. I’m worried that we get used to those cloth pegs, but I hope we shall find a moment to sew the sleeve. Can you believe now she has gone fishing?! I can’t, but that’s what she told us.


Oh Nero, my dear Nero! He does his best to amuse us!

Nero and Hanna

Look now what he did! He was sitting long time like that, until Teje saw him and took photos. Then the curtain slipped down. He gave us a good, happy laugh!



Name: North Star

Size: 44″ x 45″

Fabrics: quilting cottons, shirt fabrics (she bought those from Finland), Ikea’s text fabric

Quilted: by hand

Design: Teje Karjalainen

North Star quilt top

This quilt top was featured at ‘Sew Cute Tuesday’! Thank you so much Alyce!

I shall join all my favourite linky parties! Buttons are on my sidelist so you can have fun with us! There are parties almost every day to link your quilting and sewing post!

I’m joining also Ellison’s Handmade Holidays give away linky party!

Nero and Hanna

Hey Nero, we should thank now our visitors and say by by … could you get up for a second?

Never mind, enjoy your self and I do it…

North Star quilt by Teje

Thank you so much friends, for visiting my little place and reading my blog! I’m so happy to have so many lovely friends all around the world! Thank you for writing such a sweet comments and always encouraging us! I wish you the most wonderful time and send you lots of kisses and sunshine!

(….hey Teje, is it okey like that… should I say something more?… forgot she’s fishing…)



Nero’s Post {Puppy Portraits} – Voting!

Vof Vof friends! Nero here with my dog gone cute puppies! Oh, I’m so bone happy for my own super quilt! I love each puppy! Voting has began and I shall show you new photos of my for ever favourite quilt so you get really excited and vote my puppies!

Puppy Portraits by Teje

Can you see me there just going out and Hanna on the couch?

We had a great company of puppies at our breakfast table …


One day Hanna had a laundry day and she washed also our puppies.


Hey Tim, you feel better now after having a bath?

Hanna and puppy quilt

I want to show you some detail photos that I didn’t add to my first post (because there was already so many photos).


Every portrait has a ribbon and nail to hang it. Background and backing fabrics are my old duvet cover. It looks like a wall paper so I thought it’s perfect for this project.

dog quilt

In the middle there was a space like waiting for something little extra. I picked solids from the portraits and made tiny squares. Later I thought that they could present ‘negatives’ like we had for photos in old days.


Each puppy is hand quilted around.

puppy quilt

This quilt is a challenge to photograph because it’s quite big. I’m not tall enought to hold it and we tried to hang it on the wardrope. Unfortunately we can’t leave it there – it would be really nice to have my puppies near to our dining table all the time! But the doors are not opening now and soon Teje may want to take something from there.

Puppy Portraits by Teje

There is often too less light or too much light… we’ll try outside …

Dog Gone Cute by Teje

But now I think it’s enough photo shooting and I want my coocies!


Hmmm, I hear something … like someone is eating …


Hey Nero, I smell coocies! Did you eat them all alone?!

Nero and Hanna

Don’t worry Hanna, we have enough coocies for everyone, welcome for coocie party anytime you like! But now let’s go to the Linky party’s voting to Lorna’s blog!

VOTING for “Dog Gone Cute” has began and you have three votes! That’s so great because it’s not possible to choose only one puppy quilt. Voting is easy: just click the heart on the corner of the photo you like. Here is also the link to the voting post. 

If you adore my puppies, please vote – there are fantastic presents and I would love to win some fabrics to give to Teje. Perhaps she would make a quilt for Nelli or puppy pillows for me!


Our internet line is sleeping now for few days. We change for better line and perhaps get it to work again on Monday. So unfortunately you won’t hear me barking for next few days. I hope to be back very soon and until then we are preparing the TUTORIAL for the Reindeer Fair Isle block. It gives us many great ideas.

Puppy Portraits by Teje

I leave you with my favourite puppy photo. I like those green light so much!

Thank you for reading my story and if you vote, I give you a Biiiiiiiiiig Fuuuuuurry Huuuuuuug! And Hanna will Kiss you!



Dog Gone Cute: Nero’s {Puppy Portraits}

Vof vof dear Friends! Nero here and it’s finally show time!!! After a  loooong waiting, my puppy project is finally finished! We just finished the binding and photo shooting.

Nero and puppy quilt

So today is my turn in the ‘Dog Gone Cute’ blog hop. This has been the best ever project and I want to thank Lorna for giving me this opportunity to make my very own puppy quilt! When I saw those puppies in Lorna’s blog ‘Sew Fresh Quilts‘, I said to Teje that if we don’t join this blog hop, we can stop quilting!

We started {Dog Gone Cute}  project during the busiest summer days. I send Teje to work with fabrics and measurments and said, don’t come home without puppy. She did her best cutting with scissors and sewing by hand.



This has been a family project because we all have worked with this best ever quilt! I have picked the puppies and fabrics for them. Hanna chose background fabrics and made stories (she speaks and sings a lot so she was perfect for this job). Nelli helped very well with the quilting and hb found the wadding. Teje did the sewign and stitching stuff.

Hanna and Tim puppy

Now let me introduce my puppies in the order we made them…

1.WILLY is a biologist and photographer. Little flowers, green grass and sunshine make him happy. (hand pieced)

Willy Puppy

2. BRUNO is an ornithologist. He loves forest and could stay days in the woods watching birds. Woodpecker is his favourite. (hand pieced)

Bruno puppy

3. OLIVIA  is a gardener. She grows radishes, carrots and she loves little snails. Soon it’s time for her to collect olives. (hand pieced)

Olivia puppy

4. CECIL is a city girl. She loves shopping, chocolate and sitting in a cafeteria with her friends.  Note the chocolate stain on her picture. (machine pieced)

Cecil puppy

5. AUDREY is a florist and illustrator. She makes beautiful bouquets and pictures with flowers. (machine pieced)

Audrey puppy

6. TIM is a painter and a traveller. He drives around finding beautiful places to paint. (machine pieced)

Tim puppy

Today was the final day to finish my quilt. Binding was still missing. I knew how I want it to be: mixed with all the solids from the quilt. Teje was sewing kilometres to make it long enough … exactly 8 metres and 25 centimetres … a little bit more than we needed …



In the morning I made the bed nicely to be ready for the photo shooting. But it looked like it takes hours to finish the binding … and I fall asleep …

Nero sleeps

While I was sleeping Hanna had put beautiful lights (handmade by friend) … and she was thinking if the quilt will be ever ready …


Hanna was tired and she was dreaming of sleeping under a quilt, soft like a cloud …

Hanna and quilt

And the dream came true… the quilt was there and it was finished!

Nero and quilt

I love my quilt but the weather is still warm so I just tried it but didn’t sleep under it yet.

Puppy Portraits by Teje

Before we went out to take more photos, I remembered some moments when making this quilt …

puppy quilt process

Nelli and quilt

And then we went to the balcony to get some fresh sea air …

Dog Gone Cute blog hop

After quilting so many days it’s time to be more outside. Perhaps we go tomorrow for a pic nic and take my quilt with us.


Our sewing room’s balcony is small so we are very close … anyway Hanna is always very close …


I think it’s time to leave you and go to sleep with my new quilt! I love it and could show your ten (at least) more photos. Okey … only one more …

Puppy Portraits by Teje

Hey Nero, can I sleep next to you today?….


Thank you Lorna for this fantastic blog hop and great, cute pattern! This has been really fun! We have met so many beautiful puppies (furry and fabric) and read so many wonderful stories! There are still many puppy projects coming so look the schedule for all the participators.

Thank you for reading my puppy story!


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Blogger’s Quilt Festival: {Paper Dolls}

Hi and welcome to Greece! For my second entry to this season’s ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’, I’m happy to show you for the first time ‘Paper Dolls’! This was a secret project I made at the end of this summer.
'Paper Dolls' quilt by Teje
small quilt
I wish I could show you more fun photos but there was a reason why I wanted to deliver this quilt as as soon as possible.
This project looks easier than it was. Beginning idea was totally different but when I saw the paper dolls in my stash I thought this would be perfect project to use them. I’m happy that my ‘customer’ gave me free hands and she liked the paper doll fabric, too.
fabrics for girl quilt
I tried to mix the first idea with bento boxes with those ‘girls and cloths’ … but it didn’t work. It looked too busy and I was worried that the paper dolls will disappear if the pattern is too mixed.
quilt process
One advice I got was that the girl who will get this, loves pink. Me too! But it appeared that my pink stash is getting poor. And have you noticed that the pink has to be the right one. I wanted warm and sweet look. To get further, I made the blocks with cloths using my typical happy colours. I left most of the greens out, because they didn’t fit.
 quilt blocks
Usually yellow is not my colour … but it starts to be! When I add some yellow, I was happier. It gave the warm, sweet look I was searching. And white of course … to give light and to ‘clean’ the colours!
design wall
The final layout came like this: I placed first those four girls (most beautiful blond hair in the middle because I like to think she’s the one who gets this quilt). Because the fabric didn’t have more different girls, I made two same size blocks with the whole outfit and placed them in the opposite corners. Then I placed the cloths somehow symmetric and between them puppy, flowers and the pink heart.
quilt basting
I was reliefed when the top was finished. Sometimes the project you consider easy, can be very tricky. To make the block sizes to match together, to decide what colours to use for the sashings and to find out how to place the blocks, was a challenge with this quilt.
Name: ‘Paper Dolls’
Size: 42″ x 60″ (107 cm x 152 cm)
Design: Teje Karjalainen
Pieced: by machine
Quilted: by hand (Perle cotton no 8)
Category:  Small Quilts
quilt for girl
I needed someone/-thing to hold the quilt. Nero and Hanna did they best but still two stones were needed.
quilt for a girl
 Here is the schedule for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival:
23.10. – 29.10. linky is open and nominate for ‘Viewer’s Choise’
29.10. – 5.11.    vote for favourites in each category
You can nominate your favourite (3) quilts here: ‘Nominations for Viewer’s Choise’
Copy the url address from the post where your favourite quilt is and add it there.
‘Paper Dolls’ quilt is in the ‘Small Quilts’ category.
‘NERO’S GARDEN’ (animals from Nero’s garden) – spring 2011
‘ORANGE STONES’ – autumn 2011
‘MY DREAM QUILT’ – spring 2012
‘BUTTERFLIES’ (applique) – autumn 2012
‘BABY STARS’ – spring 2013
‘HAPPY DAYS’ – spring 2013
‘FANTASY FOREST’ 1. prize in ‘Forest QAL’ (paper pieced) – autumn 2013
‘KIDS GAME’ 2013 – autumn 2013
‘TURN THE TIME’ – autumn 2014
‘MILKY HEARTS’ – spring 2015
Paper Dolls by Teje
Now cute puppies are waiting for me … you can see few of them on the left on my design wall. Today we make the binding with Nero and Tuesday is our blog hop day! Hope to see you then again!
Paper Dolls quilt by Teje
Thank you very much for your visit! Also I want to thank Amy for organizing this fantastic quilt festival!
Have a great week visiting wonderful blogs, talented quilters and enjoying fantastic quilts!


PS. I’m terrible sorry that by mistake I pushed by ‘publish’ too early. Should have pushed ‘save draft’! So if you received unfinished post, I’m really sorry!


Blogger’s Quilt Festival: {Bunny’s Friends}

Once upon a time there was a little Bunny …
Bunny's Friends by Teje
Hello and welcome to Greece! I’m so happy to join once again ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’, hosted and organized by amazing Amy! Thank you Amy for this fantastic quilt show!
In summer I was happy and honoured to make a special custom order quilt. I was asked to make a wall quilt for a new born baby girl. Then I met Bunny at Kristy’s blog ‘Quiet Play’ and asked if she could help me to create a cute baby quilt.
Bunny took the lead on this project and asked her little friend Dragonfly to help her.
They worked until late during those hot summer nights to get the quilt done in time.
Bunny and Dragonfly gathered more friends, they made stars and heart. Dragonfly had her little tools with her …
Read all the Bunny’s story:  
hand quilting
Name: ‘Bunny’s Friends’
Size: 38″ x 37″ (95 cm x 94 cm)
Design: Teje Karjalainen
Pieced: by machine
Quilted: by hand (Perle cotton no 8)
Paper piecing patterns: Kristy ‘Quiet Play’
Category: Scrappy Quilts
Here is the schedule for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival:
23.10. – 29.10. linky is open and nominate for ‘Viewer’s Choise’
29.10. – 5.11.   vote for favourites in each category
You can nominate your favourite (3) quilts here: ‘Nominations for Viewer’s Choise’
Copy the url address from the post where your favourite quilt is and add it there.
‘Bunny’s Friends’ is in Scrappy Quilt category.
Bunny's Friends by Teje
Bunny and her friends in sunshine and wind …
Bunny's Friends by Teje
Thank you wind for showing the pink backing …
Bunnys Friends by Teje
In the shadow …
Bunny's Friends by Teje
In my sewing room …
Teje's sewing room
It was nice to have this happy quilt in my sewing room for few days. I have now turned everything upside down and around in my sewing room. Great to have (almost) everything organized again. I shall give you a tour soon.
Bunny chose pink backing and Dragonfly stitched waves, hearts and stars and flew with her nail and thread around Bunny’s friends.
Dear Bunny, I miss you and your friends! Please come back soon!
Bunny's Friends by Teje
‘NERO’S GARDEN’ (animals from Nero’s garden) – spring 2011
‘ORANGE STONES’ – autumn 2011
‘MY DREAM QUILT’ – spring 2012
‘BUTTERFLIES’ (applique) – autumn 2012
‘BABY STARS’ – spring 2013
‘HAPPY DAYS’ – spring 2013
‘FANTASY FOREST’ 1. prize in ‘Forest QAL’ (paper pieced) – autumn 2013
‘KIDS GAME’ 2013 – autumn 2013
‘TURN THE TIME’ – autumn 2014
‘MILKY HEARTS’ – spring 2015
baby quilt by Teje
Thank you for your visit! I hope you enjoyed your short stay in Greece! I’m from Finland but I have lived over twenty years in Crete. Blue sky, turquoise sea, beautiful colours and sunshine are my everyday inspiration!
Blogger’s Quilt Festival is waiting for you! Talented quilters from all over the world present their amazing quilts! It’s the best place to meet quilter friends, make new friends, find ideas and inspiration and enjoy what we love – QUILTS!
Have a wonderful weekend and quilt filled week!



{Greek Island} mini quilt

Hi dear friends! I hope this brings you lovely memories from your summer holidays!

Greek island

When you are going to meet your special quilter friend, you want to make her something. But what? My thoughts went through pouches, potholders, pincushions, mug rugs … and ended up to mini quilt.


It’s difficult to make something for someone else; especially when there is no time for second of third one if the first idea doesn’t work. I was thinking something in blue colours, simple design with a sailing boat and light house …

half square triangles

I made sails in nice, calm, blue colours … could be also fish if you need fish block …


And then I didn’t know how to continue ‘calm’ … I looked my scraps and saw sun …

sun with scraps

I knew that I want red boat … and it could land to a green, greek island …

improvising with scraps

Greece has strong colours and contrasts … there is blue sea and yellow, hot, sandy beaches …


Then there are the mountains and near to Crete is Santorini with volcano …

greek island patchwork

On the sea your eyes pick sailing boats … seagulls over the fishing boats …

greek island

Because my time was limited, I made the binding before quilting. I thought if I don’t have enough time before my travel, I can quilt it in Finland but binding I couldn’t sew there. I chose to sew the binding first on the back side and then I was able to sew it with orange thread over the front side. I add corners for hanging …

hanging corners

greek island

I knew Leena has a place for this ‘Greek Island’ and she can use it there as a place mat or to hang it with wooden stick in the hanging corners.


As you see, this didn’t turn out elegant design in calm blues … but then, I think it’s better it looks ‘me’ because it’s a souvenir from Greece.

This improvising patchwork reminded me once again that we shouldn’t try to be/make something else than what we are. I do my best to think with every project {i make this for me} … then I use colours I feel good, I’m careful without thinking about the time it takes, if something doesn’t look good I change it … I make by instinct and create with materials I have. I have never bought fabrics for a certain project. This works for me and if I try to do/be something else, usually it doesn’t end up well.


Be you and be proud of that! Make what you like and enjoy that you can make what you love! Be satisfied if you have found your style! Isn’t it fun to realize from the first photo seen in bloglovin, who has made it!

I do hope you have the most beautiful autumn weather! If not, I hope this scrappy sun warms you a little bit and perhaps brings to your mind lovely summer memories!

Thank you so much for your trip to the “Greek Island”!

I shall join my favourite linky parties … buttons are on my sidelist.