Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

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{Fabric Forest} quilt top

Hello friends! Today is  time for a ‘Quilty 365’ linkyup.

Nero and Fabric Forest

Read all my post in my new blog HERE. Lots of photos about my day with the dogs in the garden with this quilt top.



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My sewing room and stash

Hi dear friends! Welcome to visit my sewing room! Step in and have a chair! Please take cup of coffee with apple pie and I’ll show you my stuff!

sewing room

Read all the post in my new blog.  Thank you!


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{Gone Fishing} baby quilt

Hi dear friends! Time to start in the new address. This year’s first post in the new blog address is {Gone Fishing} Baby Quilt! 

Gone fishing baby quilt by Teje

Welcome to read all this post in my blog’s new address:!



Little Triangles

Happy New Year dear friends!


One day I took my scrap boxes and started to separate…


Sadly the result was very poor. The box was full, but when sorted out, decent size scraps were so less. Most were crumbs and chips…but some of them started to speak to me…


Little triangles screamed: We may be small but we can do it! Take your white scraps and you’ll see!

little scrap triangles

So I did, and started to make the puzzle.


I was happy to find an important project, because these last days I couldn’t start anything. I have so many ideas going on in my mind but when I thought to start, they seemed to be purposeless.

little triangles

These, ‘useless’ littlest chips pushed me to start and I hope they lead me to improvising new year. This time I trim with scissors.

I have made extra design board. It’s a small board which I covered with piece of fleece. It can be on my sewing table, lean against the wall or I may hang it on the wall. If you don’t have space for design wall you can still make small design board. Use any board, wood or even carton. Or tape a piece of fleece or wadding on the door. Try, it makes big difference to see your design on the wall/board and not on the table.


Some of these little blocks are now on the board and some on the table…and there are still many little triangles waiting for white scraps.

triangle blocks

Jayne at ‘Twiggy and Opal’ inspired me finally to start something with the littlest.  I admire her beautiful, unique work and fun writing. Thank you Jayne! I have also an other project going on, where I used idea from Jayne’s blocks…those half retangle blocks.

scandic scene

‘Scandic Scene’ is again on the design wall and in my thoughts. I have some ideas how to continue and hope to finish soon this quilt top to start the quilting.


Time to say Farewell 2015 and Welcome 2016! I think this is a good moment to move to a new address and to start a new chapter in ‘Nero’s Post and Patch: I was happy to see in the stats that many old posts are visited often again so I’m sure we shall meet now and then also here in my ‘old’ blog.





Mugs – Quilty 365

Hi dear friends! Hoping that you’ll have lovely, relaxing holidays and time for sewing,  I’ll show you what I have started…


Mugs! Who wouldn’t love mugs! I collect them and feel that it’s high time to get new mugs. Would you like to get a new mug every day?! And to design it by yourself!

applique mug

There are several things that made me start this project. First, I didn’t have any hand sewing project going on. No quilt top for hand quilting and my hexies just don’t inspire me at all now.


As the mugs had stuck to my head, I had to try if I like to make them or should I forget the whole thing. I gathered my things in a box with the little heart suitcase which is usually for my hexy project.

hand sewing

How I started? First I draw and cut some tamplates and even the frame to help me fussy cut the fabric. Later I saw that the templated is not necessary because the mug shape is very easy. I cut them with scissors and straight edges are easy to turn and press the seam allowance with your finger/nail. Then I just pin the mug on my background fabric and sew it around.


I haven’t done much applique except the raw edge applique with the sewing machine (which I love), so these simple mugs are perfect for a start. But how to make the ears? Those I couldn’t imagine to applique. I tried ribbon and it works well. But I don’t want shiny ribbons and I picked all the mat clour ribbons from my stash. Or should I add some bling bling?


Knowing that I like to continue this, I fixed a box to keep all I need. Even the little blue ‘tray’ fits on the box – it doesn’t close now but I’m not planning to travel anywhere. The little red suitcase doesn’t work because now I need threads in many colours. Finally I found perfect use for my two little tin boxes …

quilty 365

‘Pretty Thing’s will hold my threads and ‘Make a Wish’ will hide my pins and is also thread catcher. Hmmm, where I can put my pins and needle…I have to make a little pin cushion….


… unfortunately I haven’t finished the christmas cleaning so pin cushion has to wait a little bit.


  • When I saw Marle’s mugs, I was sold! She has made many things with mugs, for example place mats, using Marimekko fabrics and grey background. They look fantastic!
  • Maryse, who always inspires me with her gorgeus quilts, has started a project ‘Quilty 365’. She picked red background!
  • Audrey is the one who started the project ‘Quilty 365’. She is making one applique circle each day for one year! Her idea is to pick each day fabric that feels right at that moment. Audrey is hosting also a link up, where you can share your process. Look here what others have already done. Not everyone is making circles.

My thoughts: First I was ready to start to make the circles. Then thinking a little bit more, I stepped back. I know that I’m not able to make this every day. The circles need template and for ex. folio paper or basting to turn the seam allowance. Maryse shows well how she’s doing this.

I really liked Marle’s mugs and wanted to make some, so I thought to mix these two ideas. Marle has pieced her mugs and paper pieced the ears.

I started my mug-project 18.12.2015, but I let myself to have a free program. Sometimes I may sew several mugs per day and then perhaps none for a while. Even the idea of ‘Quilty 365’ is fantastic, I’m not going to make 365 mugs, that would be too much even for a mug lover…or perhaps shouldn’t say anything if I end up with 563 mugs!

rotary candle holder

Yesterday I took down the box with Christmas decorations and found my dear Moose rotary candle holder. They are so funny when running around!

quilty 365

Remember that soon I start to post in the new address:

I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for your company this year and for writing the sweetest, friendly comments! I’m looking for to start the new sewing year with you sharing our ideas, inspiration and passion for creating!



4th Advent and Quilt for Anna

Happy 4th Advent, dear friends! Today I have something special to share.


I have a special guest at home these days, Peggy Pig is her name. She is very shy so my Beth Bunny came to help us. The thing is that I have been reading Anna’s stories at Mia’s blog and one day Peggy saw Anna Mouse and realized that Anna was her long lost friend! They had grown together but then Peggy moved away and travelled around so they lost their contact.


Peggy couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Anna! She was so excited that she wanted to send to Anna something special. We were thinking together what that could be and then got an idea to make a quilt. We new that Anna loves rosies and pink so those we picked and began to cut …


Peggy and I love stars and we had really fun time playing with the scraps and making the wonky star with lots of pinks!

star block

…rosies, dasies and greens around …

mini quilt

We stitched by hand with Peggy and made this sweet quilt for Anna Mouse.

mini quilt by Teje

Peggy was worried if the size is good because she hadn’t seen Anna for a long time. We asked our friend Beth Bunny to test the quilt (the first photo). Beth said that it’s very good and better too big than too small.

Peggy packed the quilt carefully, fixed the parcel and wrote the card to her friend, Anna. I saw tears in her eyes…she was touched about having a contact again with her old friend.

Peggy Pig

Then we send the parcel and had to wait and hope that Anna will receive it soon. One day we got the great news: the parcel had arrived! Read here how happy Anna was about the letter and parcel from her dear friend, Peggy!

Anna and her friends from' Handmade by Mia'

Anna and her friends from’ Handmade by Mia’

Who knows…perhaps one day Anna Mouse and Peggy Pig meat again!

Happy 4th Advent! Lets see what Anna is doing today!

4th Advent by Teje

Only few days until Christmas! I hope that we all can finish quickly our works, bakings, cleanings, perhaps still some gift sewings and then slow down. relax and enjoy the holidays!

I have so many new project ideas in my mind! One of them was in my mind day and night these last days so I had to try if it works and if I like to do it. Stay on lines, I shall tell you more about that soon!

Thank you for your visit and lovely comments!




Baby Quilt and my blog’s new address

Hello dear friends! I’m back from fishing and with a good catch, I would say!

star quilt top

In fact these fishes I catched in Finland when I was shopping with my friend Leena. I’m so happy I did, because now they were just what I needed. This small quilt goes to a new born baby boy.

baby quilt top

Stars were wished and they show well the little sea creatures …

fish fabrics

These fish fabrics were small and different size pieces, so I cut them as big as possible squares to show the cute fabrics well. Not many scaraps were left over. A little more than this …


Trimmings look always fun!

star quilt top

I haven’t used many times sashing, but for this it was good. It separetes the stars and makes the colours even more bright. Fortunately I had just right blue Kona that I had bought from Judith’s shop. All the fabrics are quilting cottons except the white which is good quality cotton from a local quilt top

Now I’m quilting this by hand and hope to finish very soon…because there is a mouse waiting on my sewing table.

Chania, Greece

Other news are for my blog. You know that I have been thinking how to continue. Soon I have ran out of space here and had to decide what to do. Continue? Yes! Buy my own domain? Yes but then no. Start with new address? YES!

Decision was made because:

1. Having my own domain is not so easy. There are lot of things to fix and do which are not so easy as in a free blog. I learnt this with Trikimia’s blog.

2. I already decided to start to pay my own domain, but then realized few things as the no 1. And if I stop one day writing and paying, what happens? Does my blog then just stop existing?

3. Changing the address.  I had decided to start to pay to be able to continue with the same blog and same address. But with your own domain the address change anyway.

So with these things in my mind, I decided to start a new chapter at ‘Nero’s Post and Patch’. Everything continues as usually. Only the address will change a little bit. New address is

I’m now fixing the new blog and after the Christmas I start to post in the new address. Even then this blog site stays as it is and you can always visit and read the posts, tutorials etc. In the new blog there will be also links to the tutorials etc.


baby quilt

I’m linking at: ‘Sew Cute Tuesday’, ‘Fabric Tuesday’, ‘Linky Tuesday‘,  ‘Let’s Be Social’, ‘Needle and Thread’,  ‘Thank goodness its’ Finished Friday’, ‘Whoomp There It is!’. All the buttons are also on my sidelist, so you can easily visit my friends’ blogs when ever you like.

Thank you for your visit and lovely comments! Enjoy your sesonal and other sewings and hope to see you soon!