Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

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{Dreaming at Dusk} and photos

Nero's post III

Hi dear friends! Dreaming at dusk sounds really nice! My dictionary says that dusk is dark, twilight, grey dawn … I feel that dusk is foggy, twiglight yes, misty … soft pastel colours and greys come to my mind.


I was looking if I can find ‘dusk’ from my photos which usually have lots of colours.


Afternoon in Crete has usually most beautiful soft colours! That time is very short time after the sunset and before the dark.

crochet stone by teje

But let me tell you where this came from.  Rachel at ‘Stitched in Color’ has again Mosaic Contest going on – last moment in fact to join! Theme is {Dreaming at Dust} and she has created once again the most beautiful photo collection to inspire us! There are 2 quilts which I want to make both! And the colours in her post are so so delicious! Sponsor is fantastic ‘Lark Cottons’!…

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Hanna’s Post: Pink Scraptastic Tuesday!

Nero's post III

Vof vof vof! Hello from Hanna!

Hanna and quilt

It’s second Tuesday of a month, again! how that happens? and that means Scraptastic Tuesday!


Because I love pink I thought to gather you some pinky pictures, scraps and others!

pink scrapspink scrapspink hexagon

She has a big smile! It’s fun to make hexagon flowers and to plan what fabrics to use.

scrap mouse

This mouse is my favourite because of her cute, pink ears!

winding ways

‘Winding ways’ is forgotten in a box … waiting to be continued one day.

quilt block

Once turning around the pieces, I liked this option. Perhaps I will make sometimes something with this kind of blocks.

pink rose

Pink may be my favourite colour of rose!

hand quilting

Haven’t made much coocies lately so why not use the cutters for quilting!


On going project with circles with Quilty 365.

hand quilting

Hand quilting with Moomins!

pelargoniaapplique butterfly

Yesterday one butterfly sat on my shoulder! I thought she brought me good luck!

pink quilt

I’m joining the…

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{Mouse Meeting} small quilt

Hi! Remember, my blog is now in new address. Come to see my new little friends and to read the story of this new quilt. Click HERE.


If you like to follow my blog, please change the new address to your reader: http://www.nerospostbox.wordpress. or subscribe in my new blog to get email note.

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Nero’s quilt guild meeting

Read all the post in our new address.

Nero's post III

Vof vof vof! It’s me Nero and I welcome you to join our quilt guild meeting!

Nero's quilt guild meeting

We had a meeting on Sunday and from the morning I started to collect things we might need. Fabrics and scraps, projects to continue, sewing things, quilting magazines and of course goodies! I’m ready!

Nero is stamping

My first project was to try stamping on fabric. I took my letter stamps in wooden box, colours and also few other fun stamps.

fabric stamping

I tried stamping label for my quilt guild and puppy paws, my favourites! That’s Hanna’s paw there.

fabric stamping

My first try is not perfect and I have wash these to see what happens.

Hanna's fabric trees

Hanna’s first job was to prepare new trees for our Fabric Forest.

Nero's quilt guild meeting

Then it was time to have some coffee, cake, coocies and nami nami.


After the coffee brake I took a closer look at the fabrics we were thinking to use for…

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Quilty 365 – January linkup

Nero's post III

Hi dear friends! My fabric forest is growing very well!

Fabric Forest by Teje

Here they are all in random order! I’m participating the ‘Quilty 365’ where the main idea is to sew one one fabric circle each day for one year. There are other ideas except the circles and I went on with my Fabric Forest idea.

fabric trees

I concider that I started this project 1st of January, even in fact I started already back in December with the mugs.

Now I have made 46 blocks. I allow myself to go futher and not holding exactly on ‘one per day’, because I know there will be days when I’m not able to do these. Also I have found out now how to continue all the year…you understand there can’t 365 tree blocks, or what?! I shall share my year to quarters. So I’ll end up with four small quilts with different themes. And…

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