Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Best of 2015: most viewed posts


Hi dear friends! We have reached the last days of this year and it’s good time to have a re-view for the things we have made. Cheryl at ‘Meadow Mist Design’s’ had a great idea to host a linky party:

Best of 2015 Linky Party

These were the 5 most viewed posts about things I made 2015:

  1. Welcome to my sewing room
  2. Happy Friday
  3. Dog Gone Cute: Nero’s Puppy Portraits
  4. North Star Fair Isle quilt
  5. Bunny’s Friends part 4

Bunny's Friends by Teje

You may be surprised if you look your stats for your posts. The most viewed posts can be very different than you thought. Last year I was very busy with many things: jewelry makings, sewing for the shop, fixing the shop and then all the summer in the shop. The quilts I made this year were all quite special: for dear friends and children.

Generally most viewed posts in 2015 were: (2 and 3 are the same as above)

Swirls by Teje

New Year brings once again some changes. Next summer you will find us HERE. Sewing and quilting will be my hobby and just for fun. Still I am happy to make custom orders!

Soon I shall write in my new blog address: If you like, read more about this HERE. Everything continues mostly the same, just the address is a different. I’m very happy if you follow me there!

About sewing and quilting, I hope that the new year 2016 will be very improvising and inspiring! In my sewing room I have turned the table and selves around; I hope to show that soon.

Happy Days by Teje

‘Happy Days’ is my favourite quilt! Perhaps the easiest pattern I have made using Kona charm pack, but the happiest! It’s on the bedroom’s wall now and I don’t think I ever get tired to see it.

Thank you my dear readers and friends for this year! Quilting and blogging are very important to me (even last days I somehow lost the inspiration – but I know it returns) and you make this worthful! If we can’t share our makings with supportive friends, what’s the point. We need to discuss with someone who makes same kind of things and understands what happens behind the scenes. So thank you very much for visiting my blog and for taking the time to write beautiful, fun and sweet comments!

I wish you happyness, health, creativity and all the best for the year 2016! Hugs and kisses from NERO, HANNA and NELLI!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

19 thoughts on “Best of 2015: most viewed posts

  1. Hello dear Teje,

    Happy 29th! We are pretty close to a new year, and I must say I am all happy to welcome 2016, these days between Christmas and New Year can be tricky, I feel I should do something but I am too restless to start anything 🙂 You will have some changes coming in 2016! That place where we can find you looks simply divine, holidays there would be fantastic… And we will so definitely follow you to your new address, that is a new, fresh start too!

    Wishing you sunny last days for this year, and Happy New Year 2016 soon too!


    • Thank you so much Mia! We have sunshine today. I tried to start to sew today but not sure yet how to continue. I think I feel the same like you, want to start many things and can’t continue anything. Happy New Year! x Teje

  2. Love your Bunny’s friends! Me too, I will follow you to your new place!

  3. Oh teje, I feel the very same way about our blogging community…just so grateful I enjoyed your post and getting to know you a little bit more. Happy New Year to you as well!

  4. Hello my dear friend, wishing you a good new year. Your new place looks so beautiful, I’m sure it will add to your creativity–not that I can see you need any nudging. ☺️ I have a bunch of WIP that I need to address . I have been a total slacker lately. You are my inspiration and I look forward to your pots as they are always so engaging with such inventive photos of your quilts and fur kids. Hugs from all of us Sonja

    • Thank you dear Sonja, you made my day! It’s always so great to hear your sweet compliments! I’m looking for the new year and to find new ideas and inspiration from all our amazing quilter friends around the world. Wishing you sewful year 2016! Hugs! Teje

  5. It has been a great pleasure to see all the quilts you have made this year. And to be able to visit with you, Nero, Hanna and Nelli each week. All the best to you in the coming new year, Teje. Happy 2016!

  6. Sinulle on tulossa huikeita uusia asioita ensi vuonna! Paikka näytti aivan ihanalta, en meinannut päästä sivuilta pois ollenkaan. Jotenkin sitä odottaa vuoden vaihtumista jännityksellä, mitä kaikkea ensi vuosi tuo tullessaan. Ihan mitä tahansa voi tapahtua! Kiitos tästä vuodesta ja kaikista ihanista töistäsi, joista olen saanut niin paljon ideoita ja energiaa. Lisäksi pidän kovasti Neron, Hannan ja Nellin puuhista ja päivityksistä. Ne on ihan huippuhyviä! Oikein onnellista tulevaa vuotta sinulle ja koko porukallesi.

  7. Kyllä on kauniita nuo kaikki sinun työsi! Oikein hyvää uutta vuotta sinulle ja paljon mukavia ompeluhetkiä!

  8. Teje, Alianthos looks amazing! Does this mean another move?! Happy New Year to all of you, and thank you for all the wonderful things you shared with us in 2015 🙂

  9. Beautiful quilts! I love Happy Days and the one made from shirts – such a great idea! 🙂

  10. Hi Teje. I wish you a very happy 2016 and I will continue to follow you on your new blog as I find your sewing so inspirational – fun, bright, innovative. I look forward to your emails popping into my inbox. So keep quilting, Nora

  11. Beautiful quilts! (and I love the snow on your blog page 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

  12. May 2016 bring happiness and good things, Teje! Thank you for all the beauty and inspiration you share with us – your blog is such a bright, fun place to visit. Hugs!

  13. Hei Teje! Kiitos jakamistasi ihanista töistäsi,tuo miesten paidoista tehty peitto on hauska, näin sen nyt eka kertaa! Kaikki työsi ovat niin kauniita ja omaperäisiä! Toivon sinulle innostavaa Uutta Vuotta 2016 ja kesälinkkisi on kyllä aivan ihana, kuvista päätellen saat kyllä varmaan sieltä paljon luomisinnokkuutta! x Anneli

  14. You always make beautiful things Teje! I love them all and this time I am very impressed with your two quilts made from men’s shirts.
    Wishing you and Nero, Hannah and Nelli a happy and creative 2016!

  15. I really like all the prints used in your Bunny Friends quilt…so much fun!

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