Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

4th Advent and Quilt for Anna


Happy 4th Advent, dear friends! Today I have something special to share.


I have a special guest at home these days, Peggy Pig is her name. She is very shy so my Beth Bunny came to help us. The thing is that I have been reading Anna’s stories at Mia’s blog and one day Peggy saw Anna Mouse and realized that Anna was her long lost friend! They had grown together but then Peggy moved away and travelled around so they lost their contact.


Peggy couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Anna! She was so excited that she wanted to send to Anna something special. We were thinking together what that could be and then got an idea to make a quilt. We new that Anna loves rosies and pink so those we picked and began to cut …


Peggy and I love stars and we had really fun time playing with the scraps and making the wonky star with lots of pinks!

star block

…rosies, dasies and greens around …

mini quilt

We stitched by hand with Peggy and made this sweet quilt for Anna Mouse.

mini quilt by Teje

Peggy was worried if the size is good because she hadn’t seen Anna for a long time. We asked our friend Beth Bunny to test the quilt (the first photo). Beth said that it’s very good and better too big than too small.

Peggy packed the quilt carefully, fixed the parcel and wrote the card to her friend, Anna. I saw tears in her eyes…she was touched about having a contact again with her old friend.

Peggy Pig

Then we send the parcel and had to wait and hope that Anna will receive it soon. One day we got the great news: the parcel had arrived! Read here how happy Anna was about the letter and parcel from her dear friend, Peggy!

Anna and her friends from' Handmade by Mia'

Anna and her friends from’ Handmade by Mia’

Who knows…perhaps one day Anna Mouse and Peggy Pig meat again!

Happy 4th Advent! Lets see what Anna is doing today!

4th Advent by Teje

Only few days until Christmas! I hope that we all can finish quickly our works, bakings, cleanings, perhaps still some gift sewings and then slow down. relax and enjoy the holidays!

I have so many new project ideas in my mind! One of them was in my mind day and night these last days so I had to try if it works and if I like to do it. Stay on lines, I shall tell you more about that soon!

Thank you for your visit and lovely comments!




Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

12 thoughts on “4th Advent and Quilt for Anna

  1. I have just returned from Mia’s place and they are all cozied in that little quilt you sent! I am totally in love with your colors and you have “mastered” the art of wonky stars, my Friend!!!!!
    Your last photo (with the Wp “snow” falling) is so dreamland and amazing!!!
    What little snow we have will be gone very shortly as the temperatures head upwards (37F now) and rain/drizzle is forecast for this evening & overnight. This is not a good thing as the ground has gotten quite cold!!!
    As always, hugs and blessings to you all………………….

    • Thank you so much Doreen! I love the snow on my blog! So beautiful! I wish you relaxing and pieceful holidays! Hopefully with good weather without ice making driving diffucult. Take care! x Teje

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to connect with old friends–especially at Christmas. I know Anna and her buddies were thrilled with the handmade quilt in just the right colors arrived. Here it is, the lighting of the 4th candle. Can’t believe Christmas is here! We wish you blessings and peace from not so sunny Southern California, and look forward to seeing your new creations in the new year.

    • Thank you so much Sonja! Anna is very special and I was so happy to find her and to make her a quilt. I also can’t believe that it’s almost Christmas! Fortunately it’s snowing on my blog, other wise I couldn’t feel winter. Outside it’s cloudy and that makes it feel more cosy inside with the Christmas lights and candles. Pieceful and relaxing holidays! x Teje & Peggy

  3. Hello dear Peggy, Teje and Beth,

    Thank you so so much for this special post about my special quilt! It brought tears into my eyes too, I can tell it was made with love, thank you my dear friend! I am wishing to meet you soon, but before that I will write to you! I can’t believe how much has happened since we last met and talked, these letters will be looooong!

    I just finished my Christmas clean and lid the fourth candle for this 4th Advent Sunday. I wish you all wonderful Holidays soon, let’s keep in touch now!

    A big hug ❤


    • Thank you so much Anna and Mia! I’m also so happy that we found each others again and I’m looking for to hear what has happened in your life these years. I just read about your Christmas cleaning – you must be exhausted now. Sit and rest in your cosy home so you can decorate the tree tomorrow. Happy 4th Advent and see you tomorrow! x Peggy & Teje

  4. How lovely! Your post made me smile….adorable! Ros

  5. Hurmaava pikku työ! Vielä tuon wonky starin joskus teen…

  6. Love reading your posts! Happy Christmas and I hope you have a fab New year!

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