Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Baby Quilt and my blog’s new address


Hello dear friends! I’m back from fishing and with a good catch, I would say!

star quilt top

In fact these fishes I catched in Finland when I was shopping with my friend Leena. I’m so happy I did, because now they were just what I needed. This small quilt goes to a new born baby boy.

baby quilt top

Stars were wished and they show well the little sea creatures …

fish fabrics

These fish fabrics were small and different size pieces, so I cut them as big as possible squares to show the cute fabrics well. Not many scaraps were left over. A little more than this …


Trimmings look always fun!

star quilt top

I haven’t used many times sashing, but for this it was good. It separetes the stars and makes the colours even more bright. Fortunately I had just right blue Kona that I had bought from Judith’s shop. All the fabrics are quilting cottons except the white which is good quality cotton from a local quilt top

Now I’m quilting this by hand and hope to finish very soon…because there is a mouse waiting on my sewing table.

Chania, Greece

Other news are for my blog. You know that I have been thinking how to continue. Soon I have ran out of space here and had to decide what to do. Continue? Yes! Buy my own domain? Yes but then no. Start with new address? YES!

Decision was made because:

1. Having my own domain is not so easy. There are lot of things to fix and do which are not so easy as in a free blog. I learnt this with Trikimia’s blog.

2. I already decided to start to pay my own domain, but then realized few things as the no 1. And if I stop one day writing and paying, what happens? Does my blog then just stop existing?

3. Changing the address.  I had decided to start to pay to be able to continue with the same blog and same address. But with your own domain the address change anyway.

So with these things in my mind, I decided to start a new chapter at ‘Nero’s Post and Patch’. Everything continues as usually. Only the address will change a little bit. New address is

I’m now fixing the new blog and after the Christmas I start to post in the new address. Even then this blog site stays as it is and you can always visit and read the posts, tutorials etc. In the new blog there will be also links to the tutorials etc.


baby quilt

I’m linking at: ‘Sew Cute Tuesday’, ‘Fabric Tuesday’, ‘Linky Tuesday‘,  ‘Let’s Be Social’, ‘Needle and Thread’,  ‘Thank goodness its’ Finished Friday’, ‘Whoomp There It is!’. All the buttons are also on my sidelist, so you can easily visit my friends’ blogs when ever you like.

Thank you for your visit and lovely comments! Enjoy your sesonal and other sewings and hope to see you soon!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

46 thoughts on “Baby Quilt and my blog’s new address

  1. Another beautiful quilt! I’m following you to your new place. Have a wonderful Christmas Teje 🙂

  2. I will enter your new address to follow. I have not encountered this need………yet. It will be coming soon I suspect. The blues/greens are definitely water/ocean and I love them with the stark, clean white. Your hand-stitching will be the perfect finish.

    • Thank you doreen for your sweet words and for following! You can see the space and how much you have used on your dashboard. When you come closer you’ll get a note, too. On my way to hand stitch. x Teje

  3. Hi TEje….stopping by to catch up on all your posts:) I always enjoy stopping by and as always, leave inspired. I too, will enter your new address once the new year comes…I can’t loose you! 🙂 🙂

  4. beautiful little fish quilt!

  5. The blues in your quilt are so gorgeous! I can’t imagine starting a new blog…but you will be followed…you know that!

    • Thank you so much Jayne! At least now I know how to do this even it’s lot of work and unfortunately older posts stay in the old blog. I still remember well how difficult it was to start my blog in the beginning and trying to learn everything on my own. Thank you for following! x Teje

  6. Hi Teje, Nero, Hanna, and Nelli. We’ll be trotting right after you wherever you go cuz you just make our day when you post your lovely photos and unique quilts. Lucky baby boy to receive such a fine gift. It will be even better with your perfect hand quilting. Be sure to show us the finished quilt. Hugs from Lady Caroline and her herd.

    • Thank you so much Lady Caroline! You and all my blog friends make my day! Your visits and comments are so important! I shall of course share the finished quilt. Hugs! x Teje

  7. I’m sure that Nero will herd us all to his new address! I hope this change of address is easier than moving from one home to another in real life 🙂

    • Thank you so much Karen! I do hope this is the only moving for a long time! I remember still very well how it was to move twice in short time. x Teje

  8. Beautiful blue stars! Good luck with your new blog!

  9. Love the blues, perfect for a baby boy! The sea creatures are also adorable. Good luck with the new address!

  10. Good luck with the change over to your new address – I hope it goes smoothly and without any problems. Love your new baby quilt 🙂

  11. Hello Teje,

    What a beautiful quilt, love the colors! Very Finnish-looking too 🙂 love it!

    Great that you got that blog-issue solved, and you continue writing, we all will follow you to new address! Happy news!

    Have a lovely day, we will see in Riverland soon again!


  12. Those stars were a perfect use of those cute fishy fabrics and look so fun. Glad you are able to keep on blogging, Teje. I have signed up to follow your new blog on Bloglovin’

  13. Such a beautiful quit for the baby!!

  14. Ihana ja raikas peitto pienokaiselle. Käsin tikattuna tulee varmasti suloinen. Uusi osoite on muistissa. Mukavaa joulunaikaa!

    • Kiitos Saija! Luulen etta tasta tulee oikein sopiva juuri talle pienokaiselle. Kiitos kun seuraat uuteen osoitteeseen! Hyvaa ja rauhallista Joulua! x Teje

  15. Todella upea saalis! Sininen on ehdottomasti minun suosikkiväri. Peitto liehuu niin hienosti vasten sinistä taivasta. Täytyy liittyä heti lukijoihin uuteen osoitteeseen, ettei mitään jää väliin. Aurinkoista loppuviikkoa!

    • Kiitos kovasti Marle! Sininen on minunkin lemppari vaikka tykkaan tosi paljon monesta muustakin varista. Sininen taivas on hieno tausta talle. Kiitos kun seuraat! Hyvaa Joulun aikaa! x Teje

  16. Love your starry blue quilt!! The colours are so cheerful and happy, what a lovely gift so beautifully sewn! And of course I will follow you wherever you go Teje! Good luck with the new blog X
    Helen xox

  17. Your blue quilt is so pretty! Glad you sorted out your blogging issues!

  18. Beautiful!! I do love blues. I like how the fabrics are fun and childlike but the prints don’t take over the quilt design. I will check out your new blog, too!

  19. Teje, the quilt colors are soooo beautiful! Looking forward to see your new projects in 2016 on the new blog. Have a great Christmas and all the best for 2016, x Barbora

    • Thank you Barbora! This baby quilt has delicious colours! I’m also looking for to start the new year with new projects. Happy holidays! x Teje

  20. good luck with the change of address. And thank you for sharing with TGIFF. Those Sharks in the sashing are too cute, lucky boy.

    • Thank you so much Iris! I hope they don’t scare him because he is still very little boy…I think he will enjoy watching the fishes! x Teje

  21. Love this top, it’s gorgeous! And good luck with the new platform 🙂

  22. Oh that is such a cute baby quilt. I love the “fishy” fabrics you used.

  23. Beautiful quilt Teje and I’ll be following you on your new blog!

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