Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

3rd Advent – Nelli’s Post


Miauuu dear friends! Happy 3rd Advent! Today it’s me Nelli helping here at Nero’s blog. Welcome everyone!

3rd Advent

We have a new little friend in our Christmas corner!

red reindeer

He’s quite a cute fellow! In fact he should serve toothpicks on the dining table but we thought he belongs to our Christmas corner.


He looks also like a dog on the snow!

Nelli cat

Here I am in my special place. I have my own basket with turquoise quilt front of the big window next to the dining table. This space is ‘out of the wall’ so I have panoramic view. I can see the garden, neighbour and the street. What a place to take care that no strange cat enters my area! Now I have put here Christmas lights but those I’ll show you next time.

Nero and Hanna

This is Nero’s and Hanna’s special place, the front veranda. They really enjoy staying here and looking on the street, up to the mountains and down to the sea. Street is quiet but there may be a cat or a dog and then they have to say a loud word.

Christmas Greetings

First Christmas Greetings arrived! Special, hand painted card, Finnish chocolates, Moomins and a beautiful lace doile. My friend had found this and thought I could make something with it. For sure I shall create something special with this, I love the square patterns, but until then it can decorate the Christmas corner. Moomins and chocolates are of course from Handmade by Mia. Do you read Anna Mouse’s stories in Mia’s blog!!! Thank you dear friends!


Remember to get lot of orange energy!

orange juice

I have done some serious job helping Nero with his blog.

Nelli at the computer

Soon he is moving his blog and that is a big job. I do my best to check that everything goes well. Nero will tell you more about this.

Christmas decoration

Now I thank you for reading my post and for your visit here at Nero’s blog. Hanna sends you kisses and thank you for the awesome comments you wrote for her post about the ‘North Star’ quilt! Nero sends you big hugs! We wish you happy 3rd Advent! Enjoy the Christmas cosyness!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

10 thoughts on “3rd Advent – Nelli’s Post

  1. Happy 3rd Advent also to you Teje! Love the new little red friend.

  2. Well, Nelli what a wonderful place you have to view everything from. I am sure you will do a good job helping Nero with his blog. I think you will come up with some great ideas.

  3. Love your new little red reindeer(?) friend!!!! And that display area is awesome!!!!! Hugs…….

  4. Good morning, Nellie. You have a marvellous spot to sit and view your territory. I love you new little friend!! He looks quite ‘at home’ in your Christmas corner. ❤️

  5. Hyvää Adventtia! Ihania ystäviä! Hyvää joulunodotusta! x Anneli

  6. Hi there, Nelli. You look really comfy in your special place. It is a good thing to be able to snoopervise things in all directions. YourChristmas corner is so charming and I’m sure Nero appreciates all the help you give. That little mousie gal over at Mia’s is just the cutest little thing. Have a happy day. Xo lady Caroline

  7. Nelli, I’m so glad that Hanna, Nero and you all protect Teje from animal intruders! I really like the photos of all of you at work 🙂 And tell Teje that I love the new red deer and the plump star sitting on the table by the gifts. Did Teje make the star?

  8. Hyvää adventtia sinnekkin! Hauska tuo koirien kuva, tarkkaavaisena leuat aidalla 🙂

  9. I hadn’t noticed before how you have used the numbers from the ikea fabric – what a great idea!

  10. Hello you all lovelies there, and Nelli especially,

    Keep those pretty paws dancing on Teje’s keyboard!

    What a wonderful Advent nook you have, Nelli, and that little red reindeer just puts a cherry on top! You are all ready for the holidays! Lovely to see that my greetings traveled to Teje, maybe she gives you a little taste too 🙂

    Happy last days before Christmas, see you in Riverland soon again!


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