Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

{North Star} Fair Isle Quilt


Vof vof friends! It’s me Hanna and I’m so happy to see you here today!

North Star quilt by Teje

Our Christmas corner looks now so cosy and cute. I think the new quilt, lights and hearts brought The Christmas!

Christmas corner

Imagine how it looks in the evening with the sparkling lights!

Christmas quilt

Reindeer was the first block we made using an old knitting pattern. It was so fun to make, that we made also the fair isle star and then woman and man. Look the links for my tutorials. Our first reindeer became a pillow. If you like to make one, look my Reindeer pillow tutorial.

Reindeer pillow by Teje

‘North Star’ is quilted by hand with straigh lines in red and light blue. As we try not to be perfectionists, we didn’t mark the lines, just followed the seam allowances and the threads of fabric.

North Star quilt by Teje

One night she was quilting the last lines at 5 in the morning…I was very confused why we had to be awake that time, but she said she couldn’t sleep and prefered to stitich on the couch with me than staying in the bed awake. From now on I take care she won’t drink coffee in the evening!

North Star quilt by Teje

Now there is still one thing to do, the hanging sleeve. I’m worried that we get used to those cloth pegs, but I hope we shall find a moment to sew the sleeve. Can you believe now she has gone fishing?! I can’t, but that’s what she told us.


Oh Nero, my dear Nero! He does his best to amuse us!

Nero and Hanna

Look now what he did! He was sitting long time like that, until Teje saw him and took photos. Then the curtain slipped down. He gave us a good, happy laugh!



Name: North Star

Size: 44″ x 45″

Fabrics: quilting cottons, shirt fabrics (she bought those from Finland), Ikea’s text fabric

Quilted: by hand

Design: Teje Karjalainen

North Star quilt top

This quilt top was featured at ‘Sew Cute Tuesday’! Thank you so much Alyce!

I shall join all my favourite linky parties! Buttons are on my sidelist so you can have fun with us! There are parties almost every day to link your quilting and sewing post!

I’m joining also Ellison’s Handmade Holidays give away linky party!

Nero and Hanna

Hey Nero, we should thank now our visitors and say by by … could you get up for a second?

Never mind, enjoy your self and I do it…

North Star quilt by Teje

Thank you so much friends, for visiting my little place and reading my blog! I’m so happy to have so many lovely friends all around the world! Thank you for writing such a sweet comments and always encouraging us! I wish you the most wonderful time and send you lots of kisses and sunshine!

(….hey Teje, is it okey like that… should I say something more?… forgot she’s fishing…)



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

72 thoughts on “{North Star} Fair Isle Quilt

  1. What a lovely post Hanna. I do hope she caught lots of fish! Nero is so funny!

  2. Hello sweet Hanna,

    Please tell Teje that she made wonderful job with that quilt, it looks perfect there! And I could get used to those clothes pegs, without you mentioning them I might have missed them entirely! Please enjoy your tine in that cozy corner, holidays are close!


    • Thank you so much Mia! We have already got used to those clothes pegs and can’t see them at all. It’s raining and it feels really cosy in my Christmas corner! x Hanna

  3. It all looks so cosy at your place. Your quilt is beautiful and your pictures made me laugh.

  4. I really do need a “Love” button as “Like” doesn’t do it for me!!! Your style of decorating is so opposite mine (“country cozy/cluttered”) and I’m finding myself drawn to it more and more. Me thinks that a major “overhaul” of the interior of our Texas cottage needs to be accomplished. Blessings………………………..

    • Thank you so much Doreen! I think my style is a mix. I would like very light colour country style, but there are so many paintings, furnitures and other things I like to keep even they ‘darker’. Now I haven’t had much quilts around but that will change. Happy weekend from rainy Greece! x Teje

    • Doreen, I’m looking here the avatars and yours with the bike is so awesome! I really envy you! x Teje

  5. Thank you for hosting today, Hannah. The North Star quilt looks perfect finished and hanging in your living room. Adds a cozy warmth and lovely touch of Christmas. You are so right. That Nero is certainly silly. His antics have brought a smile to my face this morning!

    • Thank you so much Lorna! I enjoy my Christmas corner with this new quilt! Nero is surely funny, always tricks in his mind. Who could believe that he’s 11 years old? x Hanna

  6. A beautiful quilt in a very beautiful Chrismtas setting! Happy Holidays.

  7. I’ve been following this quilts progress since the start and I have to say…it is amazing! It looks beautiful on the wall…so very well cone!

    • Thank you so much Jayane! You know that this quilt changed the way few times during the process. I’m happy how it ended up, even could make few small changes. I feel that the left up corner is a little bit heavy, but then again, does it always need to be perfectly in balance or symmetric… perhaps not. Have a lovely weekend! x Teje

  8. Oh, Hanna – what a wonderful quilt and that is such a pretty Christmas Corner! I have been waiting to see this completed project – Teje did such a wonderful job. You and Nero have been great helpers. You all now deserve a well earned rest….Happy Christmas!

    • Thank you so much! I’m so happy to hear you like this quilt and my Christmas corner! I do my best to help; I sleep always under the cutting table or ironing board. Happy Holidays! x Hanna

  9. It’s just perfect Teje! Looks so pretty on the wall

  10. It’s a lovely quilt and cozy festive room for the holidays! 🙂

  11. Hanna, you have such a cuddly and Christmasy room to snuggle up in! Please tell Teje how much I love her new quilt–I’m already planning on making one for next Christmas–and that I’d be really happy to visit and drink coffee with her in this magical corner–but not at 5 in the morning! And tell Nero that he is really adorable in his hiding place–but don’t tell him he looks a little like a bride 🙂 Merry Christmas, Hanna!

    • Thank you so much Karen! I ‘m happy if you found inspiration to make your Christmas quilt! When ever you come, I shall make you apple pie and coffee – any time! I thought also that Nero looks like a bride, but didn’t dare to say! Merry Christmas! x Hanna

  12. Aivan ihastuttava jouluhuone! Todella kauniit työt. Näitä voi hyvin käyttää joulun jälkeenkin, sopivat tammikuullekkin!

    • Kiitos kovasti Saija! Toivoin tekevani talvi- eika joulu- tilkkutyon etta ei tuntuisi heti pyhien jalkeen liian jouluiselta. Luulen etta tama voi olla seinalla vahan pidempaankin. Hyvaa viikonloppua! x Teje

  13. Your room is so lovely and your beautiful quilt adds the perfect festive touch!

  14. I think the quilt which by itself is incredibly lovely looks so fabulous with the lights and the red hearts. You have a certain style that is wonderful to view; calming and festive at the same time.

  15. I just love your quilt. It looks like you are all ready for Christmas. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Thank you Ariane! I have used to the Greek style to put some Christmas decorations quite early and it’s nice because other wise I couldn’t find the Christmas mood in the warm, sunny weather. Those sparkling lights are so nice and give the festive look. x Teje

  16. Oh Hanna, we love your Christmas corner and that quilt is just perfect. We have a Dala horse too an orange one and a white one for Christmas. Nero, you are such a clown! You just make our day. Lady Caroline

    • Thank you so much Lady Caroline! Orange and white Dala Horse sound fantastic! My dear Nero is a little bit silly but he does anything to make us happy and laugh! Happy weekend, Lady Caroline! x Hanna

  17. I am loving your quilt; can’wait to try your reindeer pattern. What we do without our four-legged friends.
    Merry Christmas.
    Connie quilts.

  18. What a wonderful Christmas atmosphere! Thanks for sharing and showing us your special seasons corner!

    • Thank you Barbora! How are your tradition there? Have you put already Christmas things around? Here we used to put them much earlier than in Finland and then again take them away soon aftern the New Year. Have a lovely weekend! x Teje

      • Hello Teje, this year with the autumn so warm, I haven’t got the Christmassy feeling yet. So there is no decoration at my house. But I am staying over Xmas with my Mum in Prague and shall visit the Christmas markets. Have a nice day, Barbora

  19. Love that quilt particularly the reindeer – I’m hoping to finish my Nordik quilt this year, also based on knitting patterns! The Dala horse cushion is gorgeous too and I have to confes I quite like the clothes pegs. Thank you for linking up to #scraptastictuesday!

    • Thank you Nicky! I have now forgot the clothes pegs totally. Especially in the evening I can hardly see them. I enjoy making pictures with paper piecing and now with knitting patterns. I’m so looking for to see your Nordik quilt! Thank you for the party! x Teje

  20. Nero’s kisses are the BEST! Tell Teje that I just love the finish, especially the beautiful hand-quilting–she’s FAST! I love your little festive corner too, very romantic in the evening I bet. As for Nero with the curtain on his head, oh my, thank you for that smile to start my day! 🙂 Our fur kids make our homes so much more complete, don’t they?

    • Thank you so much Sandra! I enjoy watching my Christmas corner with the new quilt and lots of little lights. Now it’s raining and that makes it feel even more cosy inside. Nero is the best! He makes us so happy as well as Hanna and Nelli! x Teje

  21. What a lovely sweet post, you’ve got me all tingley and Christmassy, though I did think my eyes were playing tricks with the snow! Thank you for sharing your little corner of quilty heaven, you’re both always a pleasure to read! 🙂

  22. Your Fair Isle quilt is beautiful! Such lovely, even quilting stitches. Merry Christmas to you and to Nero!

  23. Simply beautiful quilt!! Your pups are too cute – always so much fun to have them around!!

  24. I love fairisle and this quilt is a perfect interpretation; it is just lovely. Your room too looks beautiful with the tree and the lights and the hearts

  25. I love this post, Hanna! Please tell Teje that her quilt is gorgeous and I love the Christmas corner (I may have to get She Who Controls The Biscuits to copy!). Love to Nero – tell him he’d make a good nun/bride!!

  26. Oh, Teje! Your new quilt is so lovely and goes so beautifully with all the handmade goodness, you’ve so thoughtfully made to create a cozy and festive room. I absolutely love it!
    Still chuckling over Nero’s antics, didn’t know he was such a character! lol

    • Thank you Katherine! Nero gives us often good laugh. Even he’s 11 years, boys are always boys! In the morning he runs around throwing his slide of bread! x Teje

  27. Upea työ! Tykkään väreistä, ei “liian” jouluiset, mutta silti jouluun sopivat. Poro on ihan huippu! Mukavaa joulunodotusta!

    • Kiitos kovasti Leena! Poro on aika jouluinen mutta muuten tarkoitus oli tehda ‘talvi’ tyo etta voisi olla seinalla joulun jalkeenkin. Taalla satelee tanaan ja laitoin lisaa tuikkuvaloja – oikein koitoisaa. x Teje

  28. Aivan ihana tuo työ! Hanna, sinä osaat niin hienosti esitellä sen. Nero on kyllä hauska veikko! Verho päässä niin huvittava ja sitten rentona sohvalla. On oikein mukavaa lukea teidän tekemisistä. Varmasti joudutte auttamaan Tejeä JOulun laittamisessa muutenkin, joten puuhakkaita päiviä teille molemmille.

    • Kiitos kovasti Marle! Meilla oli tanaan pikkujoulu vieraita paivallisella ja mekin saatiin nameja. Ei meilla kauheasti joulukiireita ole mutta ompelukiireita kylla aina riittaa. En tieda koska saadaan se hiiri vihdoin tehtya jota odotan kovasti. Hyvia jouluvalmisteluja sinulle! t: Hanna

  29. Your post today was so fun to read, and I love your Christmas corner!

  30. Your room is decorated so beautifully! The wall hanging really is lovely. Thanks for sharing it with Oh Scrap!

  31. Wonderful post, Hanna! Please tell Teje that I really love her beautiful quilt and how she has displayed it and photographed it! Such a unique design and gorgeous colours!
    Helen xox

    • Thank you Helen! I will tell her. We have the quilt on the wall and I like to look the reindeer, that funny couple and the sparkling stars. Kisses! Hanna

  32. Your quilt and home are both absolutely beautiful! I love Nero too. The design of the quilt is happy and totally charming. Merry Christmas from California!

  33. Oh my! What a lovely post! I don’t know where to begin! The spectacular post, the cute dog pictures, the lovely decorations, the snow flakes and so on! Thank you! Merry Christmas!!

  34. Your corner is decorated very nicely. I have saved cross-stitch patterns thinking they would make nice quilts. I see your quilt and KNOW they will. Merry Christmas.

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