Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

North Star quilt top


Happy December my Friends! Καλο μηνα! Today I took photos outside and few from my north Star quilt, too. Weather is really beautiful and we had a lovely morning walk with Hanna. North wind is quite cold so even my furry friends love to stay out, I couldn’t stitch there.

North Star by Teje

I need to improvise new photo shooting places in our home. In the garden there is no place for laundry line. That’s unfortune because in our earlier garden I loved to take quilt top photos so that sun shined through the fabrics and background was green grass and perhaps Nero or his red ball.

North Star quilt top

I tight a rope to the big balcony and this time it works but bigger quilt top wouldn’t fly on the sky like this. My North Star wall quilt is going to be about 52″x 50″.

North Star quilt top

I’m happy the sky was playing with me showing those beautiful shades of blue and grey … colours from my scandinavian style quilt.

North Star quilt top

Last days it has been in the morning full sunshine and then rain in the afternoon. Today it’s really sunny … at least until now. View next to my quilt …


For the quilting I picked red and light blue threads …

quilting threads

Believe me, I didn’t count the threads! I quilt by hand as usually and now I stitch straight, vertical lines. I try not to be perfect…just because. This quilt is going to be a wall quilt for our living room, so I don’t mind if my stitched lines look handmade. Also I leave out the white thread because it wouldn’t show much.

Hanna with North Star

Hanna was with me … and Nero was with me …


Nelli was sniffing in the garden …she can be so funny in her seriousliness.

NelliThe inspiration to start my Christmas quilt became from Svetlana My Finnish friend Anneli (sorry something strange with the links) has already finished her Christmas quilt inspired by my earlier post! Have a look, it’s beautiful!

I need still one evening for the quilting and then have to decide about the binding.

North Star quilt top

My thougts have been ‘smoking’! Soon I shall reach the space limit in my blog and have to decide how to continue. I shall write about this more soon, but if you have any good ideas, I woul love to hear.

Thank you for rreading my blog! You and your lovely comments are very important to me! I wish you lovely December!





Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

53 thoughts on “North Star quilt top

  1. Very pretty Teje. Your tiny squares are just perfect as are your stitches! Enjoy your day

  2. Hello Teje,

    This looks so lovely, and it will look so festive in your wall! And I love your hand stitching, makes the quilt even more special (if possible!)!

    Ihanaa joulukuun ensimmäistä!


  3. I love seeing this quilt evolve Teje! Love seeing Nero and Hanna and Nelli too. 🙂 And that view! Stunning. Your reindeer is so appealing and I love how you are quilting this quilt!

  4. Another wonderful quilt–all those little squares suddenly become Christmas. With your beautiful hand quilting it will be the best of wall hangings. Can’t wait to see it up. Hanna, Nero and Nelli are looking so fine. Have they written to Santa yet?

  5. It looks fabulous so far, I can’t wait to see this one completed!!

  6. Your quilt is beautiful!

  7. I do love this quilt – it’s wonderful – and am looking forward to the final reveal.

  8. So beautiful! Great design and your quilting looks lovely.

  9. Your quilt is gorgeous and so are your pups and kitty. Happy quilting.

  10. What a stunning quilt! just love it! and love that picture of Nelli …such a sweet face!

  11. Beautiful quilt Teje and it is always so neat to see your countryside and companions 🙂

  12. Another beautiful quilt. How do you make them so quickly – other things always get in the way of my quilting! But you inspire me to find more time.

  13. The quilt is looking gorgeous! So pretty in the breeze.

  14. This is such a lovely design and the addition of that text print was a brilliant idea, Teje. The photos are lovely. And so is that falling snow you have added to your blog! This is one of my favourite makes of yours so far!

    • Thank you so much Lorna! I’m happy I add the text pieces. I haven’t used much that fabric because didn’t know how. It fits well here. I love the snow on my blog! x Teje

  15. What a great looking quilt, love the hand stitching and how it pops on the white. Beautiful work.

    • Thank you so much Heide! I like also how the hand quilting shows well on the quilt and I enjoy doing it. White is a great background for colourful stitches. x Teje

  16. Love your quilt and I so much enjoy the photos of your pets and landscape. Looks like such a beautiful place to live.

    • Thank you Linn! I’m so happy to hear you enjoy reading my blog! I’m lucky to live in a beautiful place with lots of sunshine! x Teje

  17. I don’t have words enough, it is absolutely gorgeous!!! Lovely photos, are we living in the same country 🙂 I can’t take as beautiful pictures as you!

    • Thank you so much Anneli! When I step out of my door, I see the sea, the mountains, countryside and almost even the city. I used to take lots of photos around but lately mostly about my sewing and puppies. I started to take again more photos from the beautiful nature. x Teje

  18. Wow – it is so beautiful. Good job!

  19. Tuosta tulee niin upea! Tunnelmaa tehostaa tuo lumisade. Osaisinpa tikata käsin yhtä hienosti. Oma porotyyny on jo tikkausvaiheessa. Toivottavasti saat hyvän ratkaisun blogisi jatkosta. Mukavaa loppuviikkoa!

    • Kiitos Marle! Kasin tikkaaminen on paljon helpompaa kuin arvaisit. Nytkaan en edes merkannut mitenkaan. Seurailen saumanvaroja ja jossain saatan vahan vetaa apuviivaa neulalla jos on pidempi ‘ylimeno’ tilkku. En ole ehtinyt miettia blogin jatkoa mutta aika varmasti jatkan uudella osoitteella mutta samalla nimella, tietysti Neron kanssa. Onneksi hoksasin mita vaikeuksia maksulliseen siirtyminen saattaisi aiheuttaa. Hyvaa viikonloppua! x Teje

  20. What a beautiful quilt Teje, I always love your hand quilting! I hope it will remind you of a cold Nordic winter in Finland, I doubt it gets so snowy in Greece 🙂

  21. Love your quilt… so cheery for the winter! Great finish!

  22. I love the hand quilting really compliments the quilt so well. Thanks for showing us the sunshine!

  23. This quilt is amazing! I’ve enjoyed watching its progress! I’ve never hand quilted, but sure love seeing it done by others!! Congrats on this one…perfect!

  24. This is such a pretty quilt! Love your hand quilting details!

  25. Gorgeous quilt, Teje! I love how your own special stitches and ideas always make your quilts unique!
    Helen xox

  26. Your quilt on the line is so pretty, and your hand stitching is lovely, as well!

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