Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Little Fox in my garden


Hi dear friends! I have the most cute visitor in my garden!

little patchwork picture

This little fellow was jumping around in our garden this morning. She sat a while in the lemon tree … then stopped to the pomegranate tree …

fox patchwork mug rug

Some days ago I received a letter from a Finnish quilter friend , Tiina. Reason for the letter was a special fabric but that will be an other story. For my surprise from the letter jumped out something else …


My two favourite forest animals! And what a fox! I’m big fan of Cori Dantini and can’t believe I have now my very own Cori Dantini Fox! I opened the letter while having my lunch coffee and started to arrange the cute scraps.


Yesterday I finished the ‘North Star’ quilt top and already took some other projects to my table to continue them. But then my eye catched the dear fox and I thought to spend some time with her.

patchwork picture

I won’t tell you how long time I was choosing those two other scraps. I wanted them to match perfectly because the other pieces are perfect.

Finally, just when I was happy with these oranges, I remembered some other fabrics which I knew were the best for this. They are from the ‘Pic Nic on the Beach’ quilt. Just the right green and orange.


For the wadding I picked piece of ‘insulate wadding’ that my sister uses for winter curtains in England. Great material!


I didn’t want to loose even one thread so I sew the scraps on the wadding and backing fabric, just slightly over each other.


Then I quilted straight lines but couldn’t stitch over the face of my fox. Binding is double folded 2″ and I sew it by hand. Dark grey frames nicely this little picture.

mini quilt

Last stitches sewn just before felling a sleep, this dear Fox was in my dreams. I love foxes and especially because our little dog was ‘Foxy’. When she came to us as a tiny puppy, she looked like a small fox.

fox mini quilt

We have still fantastic weather, sunny and really warm. But days are shorter, shadows are longer, looks like clouds are gathering, perhaps we get soon some rain. There are autumn colours around …so beautiful with my little Fox…

autumn mini quilt

I’m joining my favourite weekly partys: ‘Sew Cute Tuesday’, ‘Fabric Tuesday’, ‘Linky Tuesday‘,  ‘Let’s Be Social’, ‘Needle and Thread’, All the buttons are also on my sidelist, so you can easily visit my friends’ blogs when ever you like.

Fox mini quilt

Thank you Tiina, for these fun scraps!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed meeting this little Fox and the visit in my garden.



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

48 thoughts on “Little Fox in my garden

  1. That is so nice Teje. I like what you did. I just bought that same panel!

  2. This is really sweet. You are so creative Teje! The little fox looks lovely in your sweet mini quilt….and is even more special because of your own little Foxy.
    Helen xox

    • Thank you Helen! Every fox is Foxy for me! They are so beautiful! In my sister’s English garden, there is one sleeping on the roof every morning. What a lovely scene to start a day. x Teje

  3. I love the technique you are using .. would it be possible to do the same with a larger quilt? Foxy is too cute .. needed one myself.

    • Thank you Helen! You can make large quilt like this, if you don’t mind the raw edges. I like how they get ‘fluffy’ in washing. ‘Quilt as you go’ is common method. It’s a little bit like this but you sew with seam allowance so there is no raw edges (this is perhaps more stabil and the quilt will be more durable). Then you quilt each piece at the moment, so there is no quilting when you finish the top. x Teje

  4. Mahtavaa, että pienet tilkut olivat sinulle niin mieleisiä! Niistä tuli mahtavan kiva tilkkutaulu ja kirjoitit tosi ilahduttavan tarinan tähän. Kiitos sinulle!

    • Kiitos Tiina! Sinulta saamani kauniit tilkut (ja erilaiset kuin omassa laatikossa) inspiroivat tahan hauskaan tilkkutyohon! Saa ilahduttaa tassa tietsikan vieressa vaikken siihen viela kahvimukia raaski varmaan laittaa. x Teje

  5. I love your fox. He’ll have a place in “Le petit prince” from Antoine de Saint-Exupery”!

  6. Onpa herttainen, kerrassaan suloinen, kankaat, värit, kaikki 🙂 Tahdon myös tuollaisen puutarhan sitruunapuulla!!!

    • Kiitos Saija! Olemme onnekkaita kun meilla on tosi ihana sitruuna puu! Tavallisesti satoa tulee kerran vuodessa mutta tama tasta loytyy jokunen sitruuna myos kesa aikaan ja ovat tosi mehukkaita. x Teje

  7. Lovely,cute fox! So beautiful fabrics!!!x Anneli

  8. What a clever little fox to come hide out and enjoy life in your garden!

  9. What a darling fox visitor! You did a great job picking just the right scraps!

  10. Very adorable! You are quite talented at selecting the perfect fabrics to go together.
    Hugs to the animals!

  11. I had never heard of Cori Dantini. She works/lives about 5 hours from me in Eastern Washington – Pullman. My niece went to university there!
    Thank you for showing her foxes. I’m off to discover more about this talented artist.

  12. Too cute – I bought myself a little ornament from her etsy shop. Getting obsessed with her fabrics too.


    The fabrics are at my ‘local’ fabric store. I sense a fabric store trip coming on. Thanks for introducing her to me.

  14. Aw, that is a very sweet little quilt….I like the last picture you took of it against the woodpile 🙂

  15. That is so cute and a great way to use the fabric!

  16. This is too cute! I love it….and the fabrics around it are just perfect.

  17. Such a cute little fox… I love seeing the pictures of him roaming around your garden, Teje. The quilting is perfect on this scrappy wee quilt! Delightful!

  18. What a beautiful quilt! You have combined the fabrics so well. And I love the beautiful ways you have displayed them around the garden.

  19. Suloinen pieni kettutaulu! Olet valtavan taitava yhdistelemään tilkkuja niin, että ne näyttävät skuin luoduilta toistensa seuraan.

  20. What a cute little fellow! I’ve never heard of that artist either, but I certainly am going to look her up. I love whimsical fabrics and you are a genius at putting things together so that they all look their best. Your photos are so artfully done as well. The little fox fellow just tucked in here send there, but always so imaginative and fun.

  21. Hauska kettutyö! Ihailen kuvissasi näkyvää vehreyttä, täällä kun on niin synkkää ja kuolleen väristä.

  22. How cute Teje and I love the Bird of Paradise!!

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