Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Nero’s Post {Puppy Portraits} – Voting!


Vof Vof friends! Nero here with my dog gone cute puppies! Oh, I’m so bone happy for my own super quilt! I love each puppy! Voting has began and I shall show you new photos of my for ever favourite quilt so you get really excited and vote my puppies!

Puppy Portraits by Teje

Can you see me there just going out and Hanna on the couch?

We had a great company of puppies at our breakfast table …


One day Hanna had a laundry day and she washed also our puppies.


Hey Tim, you feel better now after having a bath?

Hanna and puppy quilt

I want to show you some detail photos that I didn’t add to my first post (because there was already so many photos).


Every portrait has a ribbon and nail to hang it. Background and backing fabrics are my old duvet cover. It looks like a wall paper so I thought it’s perfect for this project.

dog quilt

In the middle there was a space like waiting for something little extra. I picked solids from the portraits and made tiny squares. Later I thought that they could present ‘negatives’ like we had for photos in old days.


Each puppy is hand quilted around.

puppy quilt

This quilt is a challenge to photograph because it’s quite big. I’m not tall enought to hold it and we tried to hang it on the wardrope. Unfortunately we can’t leave it there – it would be really nice to have my puppies near to our dining table all the time! But the doors are not opening now and soon Teje may want to take something from there.

Puppy Portraits by Teje

There is often too less light or too much light… we’ll try outside …

Dog Gone Cute by Teje

But now I think it’s enough photo shooting and I want my coocies!


Hmmm, I hear something … like someone is eating …


Hey Nero, I smell coocies! Did you eat them all alone?!

Nero and Hanna

Don’t worry Hanna, we have enough coocies for everyone, welcome for coocie party anytime you like! But now let’s go to the Linky party’s voting to Lorna’s blog!

VOTING for “Dog Gone Cute” has began and you have three votes! That’s so great because it’s not possible to choose only one puppy quilt. Voting is easy: just click the heart on the corner of the photo you like. Here is also the link to the voting post. 

If you adore my puppies, please vote – there are fantastic presents and I would love to win some fabrics to give to Teje. Perhaps she would make a quilt for Nelli or puppy pillows for me!


Our internet line is sleeping now for few days. We change for better line and perhaps get it to work again on Monday. So unfortunately you won’t hear me barking for next few days. I hope to be back very soon and until then we are preparing the TUTORIAL for the Reindeer Fair Isle block. It gives us many great ideas.

Puppy Portraits by Teje

I leave you with my favourite puppy photo. I like those green light so much!

Thank you for reading my story and if you vote, I give you a Biiiiiiiiiig Fuuuuuurry Huuuuuuug! And Hanna will Kiss you!


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

16 thoughts on “Nero’s Post {Puppy Portraits} – Voting!

  1. Hey Nero and Hanna, Of course we raced right over and voted for you. I would have given you all three votes, but mom said I had to be fair and there were lots of pillows and blankness to chose from. They weren’t nearly as cool as yours, so I know you a re going to win one of the prizes. The close ups of the quilting was fun to see and you both looked wonderful especially under the quilt. Hugs from Lady Caroline

    • Oh, dear Lady Caroline, you are so sweet! Me and Hanna send you lots of kisses and hugs! There are in deed so many cute quilts and pillows that it’s hard to choose. xoxo Nero & Hanna

  2. I like your puppies best, I will vote for you! All Gods blessings, Anita

    Sent from my iPad


  3. What a great quilt it turned out to be! The portrait frames with the hanging ribbon and nail are a really fun idea – I hope you do well in the vote, I think you deserve to very much!

  4. All votes cast!!!! So many “litters” of adorable puppies… hard to choose….but, done!!!! Wishing you top choice!!!!!

  5. Hi Teje!
    This quilt is adorable! I will vote for you!

  6. Big hugs back! Love this quilt – I voted as my very favourite!

  7. So cute. Love the little detail of the hanging wire and nail at the top of each portrait!

  8. Ihania koiranpentuja! Kävin jo äänestämässa….Hyvää viikonloppua!xAnneli

  9. THis is so sweet. I love the idea of making them into portraits xx

  10. Adorable puppy portrait quilt! I have just been over and voted for you!
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  11. Ihanan suloisia koiranpentuja! Taitavat herättää huolehtivia tunteita omissa koirissasi, kun vahtivat pentuja niin suojelevan näköisinä. Kuvistasi tulee aina kesä ja aurinko mieleen, ovat ihanaa piristystä tänne pimeyteen ja harmauteen.

  12. Happily voted for you. After all Nero your quilt was the best!!

  13. Dear Nero and Hanna, many thanks for your huggs and kisses. It was crystal clear to me give my votes to your puppies! This would be very exciting time to you waiting for the voting results. Hope that Teje have enough coocies for this too long waiting time.

  14. Congratulations! Your puppyquilt received the most votes and you are the vinners! Hip hurraa!

    • Thank you so much Marle! I didn’t realize that we can see the votes and now just looked the voting post again. Wow, I’m so surprised and excited! Nero and Hanna did a great job! Hurray! x Teje

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