Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

‘North Star’ changed direction


Hi dear friends! Sun is shining and I’m happy even it’s a cleaning day, but because my ‘North Star’ quilt project found new direction!

North Star quilt project

You remember the reindeer, bird house, grey triangles. They looked nice but I wasn’t very excited to continue. One day I remembered that I have made one grey star and when looking for that I found this blue star, too.

Nort Star quilt project

Because I wanted to make a lightful quilt (inspired by Svetlana’s quilt), I finally left out almost all the grey. The big blue star gave me an idea to add some of that colour. It’s a good, cold, winter blue. Remembering how well Svetlana had used that Ikea’s fabric with written numbers, I started to improvise.


Now this project is going somewhere I like. I made few stars with favourite red scraps and used for the middle square very light blue. I had already made the fair isle star, which I really like. I think I shall make an other one.

fair isle star block

I really like to make blocks using the knitting patterns. The picture won’t be exactly the same as when knitted, but still very nice.

North Star quilt project

The woman looked first like a robot but now when she’s finished and on the design wall with the other blocks, I think she looks cute. Next I shall make her husband.

fair isle woman quilt block

I’m sure that the quilt I have put on the wall in living room (until this is finishes) and Helen’s new book (read about my sweet dreams here) helped me to find my way with this project. I wanted to keep it with less colours and to get a winter/christmas feeling, but still I do need light and happiness. I thought that blue doesn’t fit here but that was exactly what was missing to get a beautiful scandinavian feeling.

sea glass pendants by trikimia

These days I have worked long hours with Trikimia’s (our Sea Glass) etsy shop. Shop is open and I shall list new sea glass jewelries almost every day. If you want something magical for yourself or for a present, have a look!

SHIPPING IS FREE for the November! Link is also up on my sidelist.

Inspired by this quilt project I made this ‘Scandinavian Happiness’ Treasury list. Have a look – I found lots of beautiful things. For example most cute pouch and purse from our friend Mia!

Nort Star by Teje

Let me know if you like a tutorial for reindeer, star and woman/man blocks. I would be happy to do that.

So it was cleaning day today, right? Hmmm … at least downstairs I need to finish. In the evening I’m sitting on the covered red couch watching Downton Abbey with all the sparkling cute lights and hearts on my winter tree!

Have a lovely day! Thank you for reading my stories and writing sweet comments!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

25 thoughts on “‘North Star’ changed direction

  1. You are so clever, Teje, your quilt is wonderful. Love the combination of different shapes with enough clear space around each one so they can be fully appreciated.

  2. I love frosty colours and think they are really happy looking in a winter quilt – like a sunny morning in the middle of the winter – makes you glad the bad weather is taking a break! I really like what you are doing with the ikea numbers.

  3. Oh, I lovE the idea usIng IKEA numbers fabric in small pieces! I will borrow that idea! And the reindeer… Soooo cute!!! A tutorial would be wonderful! Thank you Teje!

  4. I love the new direction for North Star! The colors are spot on. A tutorial for the reindeer would be great for a winter pillow 🙂 Downton Abbey–are you getting the final season already? Here in the US we have to wait till January 😦

    • Thank you so much Karen! I shall do the tutorial. Pillow would be great! I think it’s the last season for Downton Abbey. Unfortunately I haven’t seen all the parts before, because we just took the chanel-packet where I can see this now. x Teje

  5. Hey there!!! It’s looking so good!!!! Last Sept. I gave a GF a “Nordic Star” topper. Notice the touch of blue! I can’t believe how it really “sets off” the whole design!!! Yes, the blue is the answer!!!!!! I would love those patterns/tutorials!!!!!!! Hugs………………….

  6. Wow the blocks are all looking great even the woman, I can’t wait to see what you do with them. That fairisle star is gorgeous!

  7. The blocks look great! I recognize all those knitting patterns, I think my mother must have knitted all of them!

  8. Those text print blocks are a wonderful addition. Can’t wait to see the husband to go with the woman block, too! Your design wall is looking fabulous, Teje.

  9. I just love the way this quilt is going. I had never thought of transferring knitting patterns to fabric but it works so well.

  10. Olisin kovin iloinen poron ohjeesta! Teksisin tyynyn. Peittosi kehittymistöä on hauska seurata. Nyt odottelen herraa saapuvaksi.

  11. The little lady and the man are going to be so cute! I love that you added the blue, perfect addition!

  12. Darling! Would love tutorials for all of them- could you write one for the red snowflake too? Thank you!

    • Thank you Amy! I’m doing now for the reindeer and I shall make after that also the star. For few days I don’t have internet, but hope to post the tutorial in few days. x Teje

  13. What a great addition to your quilt! Love it!

  14. Great design wall Teje and your glass jewelry…….awesome!!

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