Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Sweet Dreams!


Hi Dear Friends! “Sweet Dreams” – I couldn’t have named this post any other way …

Modern Vintage Gifts

I have been dreaming sweet dreams! ….Hearts….mice…flowers…birds…stars…butterflies…they have filled my dreams these last days and nights!

Modern Vintage Gifts

I’m a big fan of Helen Philipps and I love her beautiful work! Her sweet crafts and adorable photos make me always happy and smiling! I couldn’t believe my luck to win Helen’s new book MODERN VINTAGE GIFTS from her give away! Thank you do much dear Helen! This book is my treasure.


I knew that I will enjoy this book very much and finally make those cute things Helen makes. I thought to start with something that I can finish quickly to have piece of this cuteness. When I read Helen’s blog, I feel always so inspired to sew those beautiful things, and then just can’t make my self to start … now looks like I can’t stop …

fabric hearts

I want to pick more and more fabrics to sew hearts…with little birds … or just with a cute print and colour.


You see that there is already winter feeling in our home. Yesterday I fixed the ‘alternative’ tree and I enjoy so much these little sparkling lights! This time it’s not easy to find flowers but the huge bougainvillea front of our house, has always flowers and gives us beautiful view. As you see the ‘Happy Days’ quilt is on the wall and this time in the living room. I was so wrong when thinking that I couldn’t put happy colours in that space. Still I shall make the ‘North Star’ winter/christmas quilt. ‘Happy Days’ quilt is there until I finish the ‘North Star’. For that quilt I have made only one new block.

star block by teje

Hanna had an idea this morning and she wants to make something small… I shall help her. After the breakfast we looked through the fabrics I bought from Finland and picked some cute creatures.

cute fabrics

Can I resist the hearts? Or the owls and snails? I think it’s better to make few stars for the ‘Norts Star’ quilt before anything else.

vintage hearts

I have been dreaming hearts…really, because this book is not only sewing patterns, it’s a look book. I managed to share my reading for three evenings just before sleeping. Every night my dreams had hearts and other cuties. This book is so beautifully made… handmade illustrations…lovely photos… clear instructions and good tips for each project. Timing was perfect for me – all the projects can be made any time of the year, but all of them can be also seasonal decorations and gifts. As I had planned to make this year a little bit different decoration…for winter not only for christmas…this book will lead me to the cutest winter! I have already decided what to make next… won’t tell you yet.

Modern Vintage Gifts by Helen Philipps

This book is the one you want to have and to give a present! Read and look more photos of the book in Helen’s post. You can order your book from Amazon or from Stitch Craft Create.

For many reasons it’s very difficult for me to get any sewing or quilting books, so I’m really happy for this book! Thank you so much Helen! I hope you know how much I appreciate this! I can assure that this book is worth of my every word!

Modern Vintage Gifts by Helen Philipps

Thank you for stopping by! I go to sew now quickly some stars so I can be soon back with Helen’s book!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

11 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams!

  1. Love your hearts, Teje. Well done winning the book, it sounds wonderful.

  2. Nice prize! The hearts are really cute.Really like how you photographed them too!

  3. Well done for winning the book. I love the hearts. I’ll have to make some for my year round tree

  4. Gorgeous! What a lovely blog post to wake me this morning. Hearts, sparkles,beautiful book and Hanna with great ideas about stars…..all photographed so beautifully……gorgeous!

  5. So adorable and such a sweet and sparkly Christmas look 🙂

  6. Lots of lovely hearts!

  7. You are the PERFECT recipient of this sweet book! The projects and colors are exactly who you are! I look forward to see your choices for the next little project………..and I absolutely spy a cute little Moomin happily skipping on the pink background!!!! Our flowers have been totally wiped out by the very low temps these past many nights. Your photos just warm my heart!!!! Hugs…………..

  8. How fun! It’s always nice to win something especially something so beautiful as her book. Your hearts are lovely. Love the twinkle lights

  9. What a wonderful post! The book seems to be lovely, I am happy for you for winning this book, so cute hearts and I suppose they must be easy and quickly done. I wish you to have a nice week with hearts and beautiful colors! xx

  10. Kaikkea ihanaa suloisuutta…tykkään myös sydämmistä ❤ Kirja vaikuttaa mielenkiintoiselta, laitan muistiin ja hankintaan!

  11. Wow, what a beautiful post Teje!! And thank you for such sweet words about my book! I love your pretty hearts and the way you displayed them…and the new quilt looks gorgeous up on the wall. So much colour and sparkle here today…enjoy your crafting times and thank you again for the kind mention of my book….I’m delighted you were a winner 🙂
    Helen xox

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