Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Reindeer and presents


Hi Friends! Time to show you the beginning of my new quilt project!


I started this project for one reason I tell you at the end of the post and also inspired by Svetlana’s adorable quilt. That is one of my favourite white-red quilts! First I thought to follow her idea but of course I changed my mind. One thing I have wanted to try for a long time is to make quilt blocks with knitting patterns.

knitted reindeer

This was the first pullover I knitted for hb. He chose the clours and I found the reindeer, mountains and stars from my precious Burda’s knitting magazine (from 1990). I’m so happy that this magazine has followed me through the years and movings. I have leafed it so often, sometimes finding ideas and making them, sometimes just because …

reindeer pattern

I really liked the idea to make this kind of patterns with 1″ squares. I cut the pieces 1.5″ to get the finished size 1″ square.To win some time, I used biggers pieces when it was reasonable.


This is easy and fun. When using longer or bigger pieces, just add 1/2″ for the seam allowance (= 2 x 1/4″). Even it’s 1″, 2″ 3″ – always 0.5″ for the seam allowance. For example if you need 3″x 3″ piece, you cut 3.5″ x 3.5″. Separate your ‘picture’ for sections as you like (look the lines I have drawn above).


This is really fun and easy technic. Only small problem is that many patterns would become too big. So there you need to take care first how big the pattern is (how many loops and rows the pattern needs). I think the 1″ square (1.5″) is the smallest I like to use. From many patterns you can use some parts.


Nero slept next to me and Hanna slept under the design wall.

bird house

This is the charm pack I won from the random draw in Alyce’s ‘My Diy Block Design’ challenge! Thank you so much Alyce! These are so beautiful and just perfect for this new quilt project! Thank you also for the great challenge! I made first these house blocks and later this bird house.


Look what other super presents I received this weekend! Quilt magazined, chocolate and coffee …souvenirs from hb’s trip to north …


Often from the beginning I have a name for a quilt. First I was thinking simply Christmas quilt, but I don’t want this to be only seasonal quilt. Then I thought simply Reindeer … until yesterday evening when I looked these blocks on my design wall and it was quite clear …

North Star quilt project

… this will be ‘North Star’.

This quilt project began after a long time thinking which had nothing to do with a quilt. I have tried to find a way/colours to cheer up our living room. Furnitures are dark wood, couches are red and the carpet dark red/blue. Couches have always covers (light colour) but the carpet is dominative. It’s one of the things that I won’t ever change because it’s really good and present from my parents. I couldn’t match any bright colour with the existing colours. Then finally I thought that I have to go with the red, even the red was the colour I wanted to get rid of (it was never ‘my’ colour). So I thought to make few beautiful red/white pillows and to stop fighting with the red. Then I saw Svetlana’s quilt and I knew that was the answer. If I make quilt with red, lots of white, some grey; it can change all the atmosphere in that room. Now I feel much better. I shall add more lightful colours/things. I shall change some of the paintings (even I love them, most of them are dark and heavy). Fortunately the room is generally very lightful with big windows, white walls and open, high space.

I can’t wait to see the finished quilt on the back wall, which I can see even from the dining area, where I use my computer. In fact I shall see it even from the kitchen!  I have also planned to put this year alternative Christmas tree. Lighter and lighter … you’ll see. I have put already some small lights around the fireplace and they are beautiful.

But now … lets quilt!

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‘Dog Gone Cute’ linky party is also open! Everyone who has made something with Lorna’s pattern can join the linky party and get a chance to win!

Thank you for your visit and for your most sweet, friendly and supportive comments!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

40 thoughts on “Reindeer and presents

  1. That is an awesome idea!!! Now, I’m sorry to have given away my knitting magazines from years ago!!!! But there’s always the internet, right??? I’m in love with anything “Nordic”/Scandinavian and this so “fits the bill”!!! Thanks so much. Hugs comin’ at ya from a summer-warm Midwest/SE Minnesota these 3 days. Cold to return on Thurs. with rain…………sigh……………perfect for stitching!!!!!

    • Thank you dear Doreen! I have to say that I’m affraid to start looking for pattern in internet because then there is no end. I try to focus on sewing and not only finding new great patterns! But it’s sure that soon I’ll be in pinterest … Lots of hugs from, today sunny Crete! Weather is great! about 16-20 deg.c and I guess today even more. Now at night I can enjoy the warm duvet, feeling that I have missed all the long summer. I didn’t comment yet for your bike-photos but want to say also here, that they are super! You are the coolest girl on your huge bike! x Teje

      • Thank you for those sweet words!!! Biking still gives me such pleasure….the smells of the air and surrounding trees and fields is the best! Today is one more warm day, I think, and DH and I hope to get out for a short ride.
        I may have said it before, but there are so many who live in MN who are of Scandinavian heritage that you would feel right at home!! Especially down in our Southeast corner and Northeast Iowa! The arts reflect so much of what I see in your Finnish creations (except…no Moomins!!!!!). All the Norwegian art forms are available as classes in the nearby town of Decorah,Iowa. I love it!!!!! Hugs…….

  2. Wow – such this will be remarkable! So much fun to design it yourself. And you’re having so much fun doing it – fantastic!

  3. I love Fair Isle knitting, and have made many sweaters over the years using this technique. When I saw Lee at Freshly Pieced doing a “nordic” type quilt last year, I thought Ooh! I can DO that! And time has passed…and I have pretty much forgotten…then I read your post today, and it inspires me to do this. I love how you are combining the reds and greys, the Fair Isle look with the star and birdhouse. And yes, I too, have to have, and love lots of light and sunshine. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Sandra! I enjoyed very much knitting, Fair Isle patterns and other ‘pictures’. Knitting was my passion until I found quilting. Now I’m happy to cennect these two. You can guess that now I want to look all the old knitting magazines for more patterns! x Teje

  4. I love how you are creating your North Star quilt with that Reindeer! I think it is going to be beautiful!

  5. You nailed it Teje! The first think I thought when I saw the reindeer…sweater! I cannot wait to see it finished too!

  6. Oh I LOVE quilts inspired by knitting patterns! Especially Fair Isle/Christmas-ey ones!

    • Thank you so much Alyce! I have been thinking this a long time and I’m sure that making the house blocks (with your support) gave me the push to start this. Can’t wait to continue this project.I just picked the reds from the charm pack – thank you again for that! x Teje

  7. I came by from Freemotion linky. I only picked 5 links to read…I picked yours because the picture intrigued me….I would like so much if you would come and link at my linky party too…it is on Mondays at Bits’nBobs….you might have to scroll a little….I look forward to seeing your quilt grow…great idea!

  8. North Star is a awesome name!

  9. Sounds like a great plan! I love the idea of using knitting patterns and really like your design wall already!

  10. Love this, such a great idea to use a knitting pattern as a basis for a quilt design! I bet your living room is going to look cosy *and* chic once you’ve added this beauty. 🙂

  11. Thank you for sharing your design process here. It’s very interesting to hear how you are arriving at the decisions to make your quilt. And your husband picking up quilting magazines on his trip! How lovely.

  12. I love the North Star quilt and think it will be so charming in your living room. It’s a great idea using knitting patterns – makes it all the more special that you loved this pattern to make it for your hd first.

  13. I am in love with your red reindeer, Teje. He is so handsome! And looks fabulous up on your design wall with those other pretty blocks. North Star… What a perfect name for this quilt!

  14. Loistoidea! Poro on niin poro kuin vain voi olla. Olen joskus kokeillut ristipistotyöstä tehdä vastaavanlaisesti tilkkukuvion ja sekin toimii hyvin. Pidän harmaasta väristä sisustuksessa(kin) ja työstäsi tulee varmasti upea! Rapsutuksia Nerolle ja Hannalle. Herkullisia tuliaisia olet saanut.

    • Kiitos kovasti Marle! Neuleet ja ristipistotyot ovatkin loputon idea-lahde. Eilen koitin etsia lumihiutaletta mutta niista tulee valtavia, joten teen kai paper piecing menetelmalla. x Teje

  15. Teje, I love how you figure out a little design and run with it . It may look quirky at first, but it always turns out really fine. That reindeer is a cool guy. But what really knocks my socks off is the sweater you knit for hubby! Wow! Now that takes some really fine skill to knit something so intricate. Beautiful! Another project well done. Sonja


    • Thank you dear Sonja! Knitting was my passion until I found patchwork. To knit waching great movie is the best relaxing time. But now we don’t need many pullowers and my wrists don’t like knitting so I’m really happy that I learnt to quilt. x Teje

  16. Teje, I don’t think that there is anything you can’t do with needle, thread, knitting needle, yarn, crochet hooks and that amazing talent you have! I love to read all your posts–and this is another terrific one. Can’t wait to see more of this quilt 🙂

  17. Aivan ihania tuliaisia!! Ja poro on kyllä ihan kuin oikea poro!!!Ihailen energiaasi ja inspiraatioitasi! Mikä yhteensattuma, meilläkin on punaiset sohvat, joita aina mielialan mukaan yritän sitten niitä peitellä! Odotan innolla tilkkutyösi etenemistä, kuten huomaat tällä hetkellä seuraan enemmän muiden blogeja ja ompelen itse vähemmän! Hyvää viikonloppua!

    • Kiitos Anneli! Taman mallin poro on minusta kaunis ja aidon nakoinen. Onneksi sohvia voi katkea irtopaallysten alle, joita joka tapauksessa tarvitsen Neron ja Hanna kanssa. Tasta johtuen sohvat nayttavat lahes uusilta – ei siis voi toivoa uusia sohvia. Hyvaa viikonloppua! x Teje

  18. It’s looking so beautiful! I love that the inspiration for the quilt came from a knit sweater, and that the colours came from the existing colours in the room. A great way to be sure you’ll love the finished quilt!

    • Thank you Leanne! I realized it’s no use to fight against the Red, she’s too strong. Better try to be a friend. Have a great weekend! x Teje

  19. This Scandi look is so popular at the moment, and its lovely to see it interpreted into a gorgeous quilt block, looking forward to seeing where this goes!

  20. First, let me tell you that the sweater you’ve knitted is gorgeous! I love its colors.
    As for your North Star blocks, they are equally gorgeous. Finding inspiration in knitting patterns is such a great idea. It’s the first time I’m reading about it. I pinned the picture that includes the bird house and the star. Your quilt will be something to look at, I’m sure. Oh, I pinned the sweater too. 🙂

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