Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Blogger’s Quilt Festival: {Paper Dolls}


Hi and welcome to Greece! For my second entry to this season’s ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’, I’m happy to show you for the first time ‘Paper Dolls’! This was a secret project I made at the end of this summer.
'Paper Dolls' quilt by Teje
small quilt
I wish I could show you more fun photos but there was a reason why I wanted to deliver this quilt as as soon as possible.
This project looks easier than it was. Beginning idea was totally different but when I saw the paper dolls in my stash I thought this would be perfect project to use them. I’m happy that my ‘customer’ gave me free hands and she liked the paper doll fabric, too.
fabrics for girl quilt
I tried to mix the first idea with bento boxes with those ‘girls and cloths’ … but it didn’t work. It looked too busy and I was worried that the paper dolls will disappear if the pattern is too mixed.
quilt process
One advice I got was that the girl who will get this, loves pink. Me too! But it appeared that my pink stash is getting poor. And have you noticed that the pink has to be the right one. I wanted warm and sweet look. To get further, I made the blocks with cloths using my typical happy colours. I left most of the greens out, because they didn’t fit.
 quilt blocks
Usually yellow is not my colour … but it starts to be! When I add some yellow, I was happier. It gave the warm, sweet look I was searching. And white of course … to give light and to ‘clean’ the colours!
design wall
The final layout came like this: I placed first those four girls (most beautiful blond hair in the middle because I like to think she’s the one who gets this quilt). Because the fabric didn’t have more different girls, I made two same size blocks with the whole outfit and placed them in the opposite corners. Then I placed the cloths somehow symmetric and between them puppy, flowers and the pink heart.
quilt basting
I was reliefed when the top was finished. Sometimes the project you consider easy, can be very tricky. To make the block sizes to match together, to decide what colours to use for the sashings and to find out how to place the blocks, was a challenge with this quilt.
Name: ‘Paper Dolls’
Size: 42″ x 60″ (107 cm x 152 cm)
Design: Teje Karjalainen
Pieced: by machine
Quilted: by hand (Perle cotton no 8)
Category:  Small Quilts
quilt for girl
I needed someone/-thing to hold the quilt. Nero and Hanna did they best but still two stones were needed.
quilt for a girl
 Here is the schedule for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival:
23.10. – 29.10. linky is open and nominate for ‘Viewer’s Choise’
29.10. – 5.11.    vote for favourites in each category
You can nominate your favourite (3) quilts here: ‘Nominations for Viewer’s Choise’
Copy the url address from the post where your favourite quilt is and add it there.
‘Paper Dolls’ quilt is in the ‘Small Quilts’ category.
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Paper Dolls by Teje
Now cute puppies are waiting for me … you can see few of them on the left on my design wall. Today we make the binding with Nero and Tuesday is our blog hop day! Hope to see you then again!
Paper Dolls quilt by Teje
Thank you very much for your visit! Also I want to thank Amy for organizing this fantastic quilt festival!
Have a great week visiting wonderful blogs, talented quilters and enjoying fantastic quilts!


PS. I’m terrible sorry that by mistake I pushed by ‘publish’ too early. Should have pushed ‘save draft’! So if you received unfinished post, I’m really sorry!

Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

28 thoughts on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival: {Paper Dolls}

  1. Wow! You’re so clever! Just love your paper doll quilt! Lucky little girl that gets it!
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. I love this quilt! So awesome. I know what you mean about thinking something is going to come together easily and then it ends up being more difficult than first thought! But this turned out wonderfully!

  3. Another beautiful quilt. You are amazing! 💕💕

  4. Beautiful quilt, Teje. Love the colours and feel the same that you do about yellow. I can remember playing with paper dolls over 60 years ago. They were quite different (and I think superior) to the paper dolls my granddaughters play with today.

    • Thank you Gail! Hmmm, have to confess that I don’t even know how the modern paper dolls look like. Ours were pretty I remember. x Teje

  5. This is so beautiful quilt! I just love it! I love the paper dolls, remember when I was child and I cut them from Apu- magazine, then I drew clothes…I love your fabric with the dolls! Lucky that girl who is going to have this quilt! Have a lovely week! x Anneli

    • Thank you Anneli! When I saw this fabric (one of my earlier trips to Finland) I had to take it even then Ididn’t know where to use it. Now I was so happy I had it for this special quilt. There are still the boys with boy’s cloths. Lovely week to you, too! x Teje

  6. Lucky girl. This is a beautiful quilt to be cherished.

  7. This is such a beautiful quilt. The motifs are fabulous and colours work so well together. Love it! x Ros

  8. Really cute…so original too. thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Teje! Your quilt is wonderful! It was interesting to hear the thought processes behind the finished quilt. I’m like you, I am definitely liking yellow more and more and adding it to my stash. I love all the focus squares in your quilt and I know that as a little girl I would have been so overjoyed to get it and would love it all my life. It really is a special quilt, an heirloom.

  10. Such a sweety! I really love your quilt and I think you did it all right!

  11. What a sweet little quilt! I’m sure the girl receiving it will love it.

  12. Such a sweet quilt! The receipient will love and cherish it!

  13. I love the colors in this and the story to go with it.

  14. Thank you for sharing your process! It helps me to see that other quilters have to try different ideas to see what works. I love everything about the quilt and want to do something similar, using vintage embroidered pieces instead of paper dolls. THANK YOU!

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