Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Nelli’s Post {Dog Gone Cute}


“Audrey tries acupuncture”

Miauu, miauu, it’s me Nelli. I thought to help my friends Nero and Hanna with their puppy project.

Nelli cat

You have already met Bruno, the grey puppy but today I like to introduce you Audrey …

dog gone cute qal

Audrey is an artist and she loves flowers! She is a brave girl and wanted to try acupucture …

dog gone cute qal

I think this would be more comfy without all those pins. But I do my best to help. I really help here; as we don’t use quilting frame, I hold the quilt tight when Teje is stitching. Nero and Hanna had well deserved nap while I was working …


Nero and Hanna have worked hard with this {Dog Gone Cute} project. They have to be ready 27th of October when they will show their project in Lorna’s blog hop.

white rosies

I can’t show you more about the project so I show you sweet rosies I picked from our little garden and I show you some sweet selfies …

Nelli cat

… me …

Nelli cat

… me …

Nelli cat

… mine …

cat paws

… and me with my lovely view …

Nelli cat

… aaahhh, cat’s life is great!

I heard Nero and Hanna whispering something and I think they are planning to make a cat quilt for me because I have been a good helper with this {Dog Gone Cute} project. I would be the happiest cat if I get my very own kitten quilt! But don’t say anything that I listened secretely.

Nelli cat

This is my other favourite place to lie down. Here I pretend I help with the laundry!

Now I think I shall take off some of those pins so that I can sleep better … oups ment of course to work better!

quilting cat

Before I leave I have to tell you what Nero did this morning. He went for a walk and made poo and then stepped on his poo! Oh those puppy boys! I would never do that. If my litter is not clean I call loudly help! In fact they could put some nice smelling flowers there …

tiny flower

Okey, that’s for today. Thanks a lot for visiting and reading my post! I hope to be a guest writer soon again. Have a good week and don’t step on p…



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

23 thoughts on “Nelli’s Post {Dog Gone Cute}

  1. Loved your update Nelli – Wilbur did the poo thing too this morning all over the kitchen floor – that’s dogs for you! Hope you get a kitty quilt – you deserve it!

  2. Well Nellie, I think you must be the boss ; ) Poor Nero. He wouldn’t like that. Beautiful quilt too! Watch out for pins

  3. Hienoa, että sinäkin Nelli teit oman blokin. Audry on hyvin soma. Oli hauska lukea sinun päivän hommista. Kyllä kissatkin osaa yhtä ja toista. Sinulla on niin ihanat tassut! Kirjoittele taas pian!

  4. Hi Teje you have so wonderful life with your friends! I Love Nellies selfies I think she is born to be in focus!Hugs Anneli

    • Thank you Anneli! Nelli has been always a little bit wild and affraid but the older she gets she’s more and more sweet. We have great quilting time together! x Teje & Nelli

  5. Oh Nelli, you are so adorable! Born to be a photo star!

  6. Nelli looks very comfortable! I am looking forward to seeing your finished Dog Quilt – the fabric combinations look wonderful.

  7. Looking forward to seeing your Dog Gone cute quilt, so far looking good! Nelli you are a fantastic helper, and it would be super nice if you friends surprised you with your own quilt. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Heide! I’m so happy you read my post! I do my best to quilt this quickly and then perhaps I start my own kitten quilt. x Nelli

  8. Thanks for sharing your sneak peeks with us, Nelli. I have been enjoying seeing the progress on this project so much! Audrey and yourself are both very photogenic. What a beautiful post!

    • Thank you Lorna! I’m happy to join this project with your cute puppies! But, next I need to find kittens … any plans for that?! x Nelli

  9. I smiled while reading to the very end. Love this post. (I am a cat person). Thanks for the update.

  10. Love your update Nelli! Please post again soon. Nice work helping with the Dog Gone Cute quilt.

    • Thank you Laney! I have always been sewing assistant but used to help mostly with cuality/colour control. Now I have learned to help with the hand quilting too. x Nelli

  11. I think it is going to be a super cute quilt. But Nelli is beyond adorable. Love the selfies and her soft pink paws.

    • Thank you Martha! I like paws of cats and dogs! It’s nice to hold Nero’s paw in my hand – hardly fits in my hand. And cats have the cutes, pink paws. x Teje

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