Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

{Dog Gone Cute} Quilt Along!


Vof vof vof! This is the most exciting day in my blog because finally IT starts!!! Let me introduce first myself, if you are new here: I’m Nero and if you wonder, I’m half Belgian- and half German Shephard. Hanna, my ‘sister’ (so we feel) is often helping me with my posts and photos.

Nero and Hanna

This puppy here is Olivia. But lets see how the story began …

Sew Fresh Quilts

When I saw these puppies made by my friend Lorna, I thought: ‘Iiiiik, can’t be true, finally something for me!!!’ I knew that I shall join this even I have to sew with my own paws! I said to Lorna that I try to force Teje to sew for me, so please take me for the Blog Hop!

Nero and dog block

I know how to beg and I don’t give up until I get what I want! She gave up and said she will sew puppies for me with one condition: she can only sew them by hand. Because she knew that she has to do them in the shop. By the way, this is Bruno.

Nero and Dog Gone Cute

Bruno is a great fellow and he heard a secret from the Woodpecker!

Nero and Hanna

Oups, Bruno don’t go to the floor, there may be some of Hanna’s hairs. So when Lorna said that I can join the {Dog Gone Cute} Blog Hop, I started to pick the fabrics, I gave them to Teje and she made these puppies for me …

hand sewn

But don’t think I stop here! I have now 3 puppies but I want more. For Willy I gave a kiss …


Willy is my favourite! He was the first puppy I got and I love his chocolate brown face!

Now before I continue, I tell you about this super, fantastic Quilt Along and Blog Hop.

First, Lorna from ‘Sew Fresh Quilts’ makes the most cute animal-quilt patterns and they are so well done! She has thought every detail so carefully that the pattern is really easy. Have a look on her blog: there are elephants in parade, little birdies and even my friend Freddy the frog is there! (he’s the one I had in my garden and put in my quilt: ‘Nero’s Garden’).

These dog blocks come in two sizes: 9″ x 6″ and 18″ x 12″. (I have used the smaller size). There are lots of different puppies, ears up and ears down etc. so you can follow exactly the pattern or choose which puppies you like to make. You can make a quilt following the pattern or make as many puppies you like and use them as you like.

SEPTEMBER is for the Quilt Along. This began 1st of September so Lorna has posted the first instructions. You are so in time to join the fun and start to make your own cute puppies! Each week new instructions will be given.

OCTOBER is for the Blog Hop. There is a long list of dog lover quilters who participate this Blog Hop! I have many friends there, but also I have found many new great and very inspiring friends! You see the  schedule with all the blogs who participate the blog hop HERE in the Kickoff post! 

NOVEMBER 3. – 10. is for the Linky Party. Then you can share your posts or Flickr and Instagram photos.

NOVEMBER 17. Prizes Awarded! There are lots of amazing sponsors and that means lots of fantastic prizes!!! You can see all the sponsors in Lorna’s post. Perhaps you like to pay a visit and start to dream about what you could win!


Oh Hanna, I understand how excited you are about the fabrics you wish to win, but Hey, you are standing on Olivia’s face!


Olivia, I’m so sorry! I forgot you were there. I wanted to see the fabric shops!

Thank you Olivia, you are so kind … I’m happy I didn’t hurt you.

Nero and Hanna


Here is the main page for {Dog Gone Cute} Quilt Along on Lorna’s blog.

Here is the 1. post about the {Dog Gone Cute} Quilt Along – Kick Off!

Because I’m so excited about my puppies, they are already like my family (?), I want to show them one more time …

Nero and Hanna

How are you Bruno, my buddy? Just wait for awhile and you will get new puppy friends!

I’m sure you are as excited about these puppies as I am, right?! and can’t wait to start to sew your Kennel, right?! I can’t wait to get more puppies and finally in 27th of October to show you what I have been planning for them!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, reading my posts and for writing the loveliest comments!

I send you big big furry hugs and hope to see lots of cute puppies playing around!

NERO … and Hanna sends kisses!


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

22 thoughts on “{Dog Gone Cute} Quilt Along!

  1. Those are so cute!!!!!! And, as much as I dislike(?) paper piecing, I am forced to do at least 1!!!!! Let’s see………ears up???? ears down?????? 1 ear up????? I love them all!!!!!! Uber hugs……….

  2. How clever your dogs are! This doggie block is just too cute.

  3. Oh Nero, these are the cutest things ever. Giving them names is a super idea. I have only tried paper piecing once in a little class when everything was numbered and there were only about 10 pieces, but this is so cute, I think I may give it a try. Your mom is a hard act to follow cuz she is the expert, expert, expert, but I am going to have a go at it. Hugs to you , Hanna and Nellie.

    • Thank you so much Sonja! Sorry about misleading you, there is NO paper piecing! After reading Lorna’s instructions and starting the first puppy, you’ll see how easy this is. Just squares to the corners to make triangles for the ears etc. Really fun! I show next time about my process. Hugs! x Nero

  4. That was hilarious – love your new litter – smiling the whole time reading your post!

  5. The quilt squares are super cute, fun fabrics. Your doggies look like real sweeties.

  6. You are so sweet Nero! I can`t wait how many puppies you and Teje are goinig to do! You have picked so cute fabricks. Maybe Hanna have given you some help with the fabrics. While Teje is working I guess that you have very funny days with Hanna looking and sniffing Tejes fabrics. Best wishhies from our golden retreiver Ukko<3

  7. Hi Nero and Hannah! Tell mom her pup blocks are adorable!!

  8. Nero, I always love your posts–but this is this is your best ever! I recognize that begging look–my German Shepherd has that look a lot of the time, too. You’re so lucky that Teje will make you all the puppies. I’ll give in to Frodo for a good petting or a tiny dried liver treat–but I really don’t think I’d sew something for him. You’ve got a really good Mommy!

  9. Oh my goodness Nero, your puppies are so, so cute! We are looking forward to meeting more! Ros and Oscar x

  10. Such a sweet idea and adorable puppies….I can see why you like them so much, Nero!
    Helen xox

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