Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

{Bunny’s Friends} Part 3


Once upon a time there was a little, pink Bunny. She had one friend, Bluebird, but she felt that she needs one more friend to help with her job …

paper pieced donkey

Bunny went to speak to her friend Dragonfly and said: I have now friend the Bluebird and she sings beautifully. But could you please make me one more friend who would be funny and laughs a lot?


Dragonfly remembered that she had seen Donkey at Kristy’s shop and she flew to see it. It was a happy, laughing donkey, so Dragonfly picked her fabrics and little tools and started to make Donkey …

paper piecing donkey

She cut and sew and cut and sew …

paper piecing donkey

After sewing with her tiny sewing machine until late during those hot summer nights, the donkey was ready …

paper pieced donkey by tejesarita

Dragonfly said to Bunny: is there something else you would like to have for your special job? Bunny was thinking and then said: few more stars would be great! Could you make some stars?

star block

Dragonfly was happy to help Bunny and she made scrappy, wonky stars …

wonky star

wonky star

Dragonfly knew that Bunny has a sweet heart so she made her heart, little snail on it …

heart by tejesarita

She made flower … and then she stitched around and around … up and down …

paper pieced flower

Bunny said to Dragonfly: Thank you for helping me! Now I have good friends to help me and soon I’m ready to start my special job …

donkey by tejesarita

To be continued …



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

37 thoughts on “{Bunny’s Friends} Part 3

  1. Your patchwork is beautiful. Your stories are heartwarming. And you are such a special friend. So happy to know you, Teje!

  2. Such a lovely story, and a wonderful donkey!

  3. Loving this – keep them coming! Donkey does look really happy!

  4. Wow – that is a lot of intricate piecing for the donkey, but it looks marvelous! The other blocks you added go very well with it.

  5. Wow! I loved your bird yesterday and I love this donkey. So colorful and charming. What a handsome fellow! I also loved reading your text. I’m looking forward to seeing the whole top. 🙂

  6. Visiting from Let’s Bee Social. I LOVE your blocks and can’t wait to see the whole quilt.

  7. Wow your new work is absolutely gorgeous, Teje! And very clever too 🙂
    Helen xox

  8. Teje, I am falling in love with all of bunny’s friends! You make amazing fabric and quilting choices!

  9. What a darling quilt this will be! All those little creatures and perfect stitches!

  10. Dragonfly is absolutely amazing! All those teeny, tiny pieces for donkey!! Bunny, you are so lucky to have such wonderful and beautiful friends 🙂

  11. Oh my goodness – this is just beautiful!!!

  12. Donkey Is my favourite of all the animals you have done!

  13. The donkey is so so cute!

  14. Oh boy! This gets better with each chapter. That donkey fellow is the best. All those tiny pieces and suddenly, just like magic, there is the best kind of donkey.. Add some stars and flowers (and of course, your signature white and hand quilting) and we have a one-of-a-kind, fantabulous quilt. How you come up with these unique,delightful designs is beyond me. Well done, Teje!

    • Thank you so much Sonja! Paper piecing with little pieces like this, is really magic. First it looks so much mess but at the end all the pieces ‘click’ and tadaa, there it is! I started with the cute Bunny and then the ‘flow just took me’! Can’t say that it was easy; there is always lots of houres thinking, planning and deciding, even changing until it’s finally finished. x Teje

  15. This is such fun! We enjoy every post and each special block!

  16. That is the best quilted donkey I have ever seen, okay, the only quilted donkey I have ever seen, but totally worth the wait – it is adorable!

  17. Your paper pieced donkey is amazing, and I love the narrative you made up about it. I must admit, I was hoping to see a picture of the dragonfly’s tiny sewing machine… 🙂

  18. How lovely story! Dragonfly is amazing ! x Anneli

  19. What a fun story and bright donkey. Your piecing is always so accurate. I invite you to link to WIPs Be Gone to spread your story there, Teje.

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