Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Pets on Quilts Show: Linnea’s Quilt


Vof Vof dear friends! It’s me Hanna here and I am so happy to Welcome you to ‘Pets on Quilts’ show hosted by ‘Lily Pad Quilting’! and to our blog ‘Nero’s Post and Patch’! This time it’s my turn to present our quilt …

Linnea's Quilt by Tejesarita

I really like these economy blocks because you can have so much fun mixing the colours and lovely prints. It’s fun to make these blocks and to think what fabrics to use and what little pictures to add – like our favourites Moomins!

economic blocks

I show you some process photos. I started to make these blocks last autumn.


There were lots of delicious trimmings.

economy block

One of my favourite, pink fabric! And with orange and white, just perfect!

quilt on design wall

I arranged those blocks on my design wall and that took lot of time. Finally I stopped and desided to stay with this layout.

quilt on the sky

Then this quilt top went to the self and it was just waiting there  … after many moons finally there was a little girl who wanted to snuggle with a pink-orange-red quilt with some little Moomins.

Linnea's Quilt by Tejesarita

So it was time to continue. I added white borders and picked my cutest Perle no 8 cottons.

hand quilting by tejesarita

I asked if Teje could do the quilting in the shop, because other wise we couldn’t finish it in time.

quilting in Trikimia

So she did. She enjoys hand quilting and spent lovely hours stitching this cute quilt.

quilts by Tejesarita

And then finally it was ready. Oh, I miss this quilt … I want also little, pink quilt! Even the photo is pink because of the sunset …

Hanna and Linnea's quilt

Few words about me. I’m Hanna and I came to this family when I was only about 5 weeks old. Nero, my hero, found me from the last corner in his garden, thrown there, alone late in the evening. I was so scared! But then I saw how nice Nero was and he took care of me. Since then he is my hero and I think he’s my brother, even he’s not really. It was 9 years ago. As I don’t know when my birthday is, I celebrate it always in that day, when Nero found me.  This blog is Nero’s so I asked him to pose front of this quilt, too. Nero is half Belgian- and half German Shephard and I think he is the most handsome guy!

Linnea's quilt and Nero

Some details about this quilt:

Category: Dogs on Quilt

Name: ‘Linnea’s Quilt’

Size: about 45″ x 37″ (block size 8″)

Design and made: Teje Karjalainen

If you like to read about the process and to see how I made the blocks, click HERE.

Linnea's Quilt by Tejesarita

So now you have seen the quilt I made for Linnea. I’m so happy to know that she likes it and even she is still very young, looks like she loves these colours and especially orange!

Hanna and Linnea's quilt

‘Pets on Quilts Show’ is waiting for you to visit and see all the beautiful pets and their quilts! Link yours or just enjoy the show. There are awesome prizes, too! Some fabrics with animals that you couldn’t imagine! I hope I win some doggy fabric and lots of pinks to make a quilt for me!

I enter this baby quilt to gcategory: dogs on quilt. I do hope you don’t mind even I sit next to the quilt because the little baby would like to have dog’s hairs on her new quilt.

Voting starts 27th of August. Be sure to remember to vote your favourite!

Mostly I wish you all good luck and enjoy the show! Click the icon below to get to the show!

Thank you for reading my post! Hope to see you soon again! Furry hugs!

I’m linking this post to my favourite linky parties to vof about this super show!


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

74 thoughts on “Pets on Quilts Show: Linnea’s Quilt

  1. Oh Hanna! You are so lovely and you are very tallented quilter! Have a nice birthday! Hope you get many new fabricks for your next quilt.

  2. It’s a lovely little quilt, I’m so jealous of the Moomins fabric … 🙂 I always liked the mix of orange and pinks. Well done!!

  3. Oh, Hanna, you did a pawsome job presenting this delightful quilt! You’re a bit shy I know, but I knew you could follow your hero’s example and show off Teje’s beautiful work just like Nero does. Hurray for you and hurray for this super fun Moomins quilt! Lucky little gal who gets to snuggle down with this pink and orange, one-of-a-kind, hand-quilted beauty. Can’t wait to see all the entries.

    • Thank you so much dear Sonja! For my surprise I have been sewing a lot during the summer so you can guess how busy I am. It’s still very hot but my mind is already turning to autumn and fun quilt events! Hugs! x Teje

  4. Mumins! 🙂 I sort of grew up with them; they were amongst the few cartoons on German tv (in the 1970’s) my parents approved of watching – and they watched too…

    Btw for anybody who reads this: I happen to live in Crete, too, and a few weeks ago I had the opprtunity to go to Chania and visit Trikimia, Teje’s shop in the Old Town. It’s a beautiful, colourful, spacious and light treasure grove! So if you happen to come to Crete, it’s certainly one of the sights worth visiting!

  5. Hannah, you and Nero are so beautiful and make wonderful Quilt modelers!
    Teje, I’m so happy to see this post and see this wonderful quilt! I love your fabrics, color combination, design, Moomins pictures and especially your beautiful hand quilting! Thank you for coming to visit Penny & Pip (I could not find another way to reply to your comment) I love your story of how Nero found Hannah and became her big brother!

    • Thank you so much Lara! I’m no reply to blogger blogs. Have to try once again to fix that. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing Penny and Pip! x Teje

  6. Excellent blog post, Hanna. You and your brother are adorable and so is that quilt. I’m envious of that Moomin fabric.

  7. Hello Teje, I love your quilt and your very intelligent blogwriting dogs…. what a heartwarming story how Hanna came to your family! What a luck Nero-hero found her!

  8. Lovely quilt!!! a super sweet pup…thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Hanna, you’re so right Nero is very handsome and you of course are beautiful. I love to read both of your stories. Tell Mom she did a great job on the quilt, those colors are perfect.

  10. Great outcome to a sad beginning. Both of your dogs are beautiful as is your quilt.

  11. Hanna – you look so beautiful sitting in front of the quilt. You are right Nero is a very handsome job. The quilt is gorgeous too and very special for the little girl.

  12. Great post Hanna – thanks for sharing your story and your wonderful quilt! Nero didn’t get all the good looks in the family either!

    • Thank you Ruth! Hanna is a little bit shy when she should model. Nero instead seams to enjoy when he gets all the attention and thanks for the great modelling. x Teje

  13. Love Linnea’s quilt–the handquilting with Perle cotton is so beautiful. Reminds me that I want to give it a try; I have lots and lots of Perle cotton from my cross-stitching days. How wonderful that Nero found Hanna. He IS a hero, noble and beautiful. Now I need to get my posts done! Oh, pink and orange: I made a quilt for my eldest daughter in those colours. She had it on the back of her sofa and once she would nurse her son, my darling grandson, Brady, he would gaze and gaze at that quilt! Good baby colours!

    • Thank you so much Sandra! I really like hand quilting with those Perle cottons. They give that little shine to the quilt to make it more ‘alive’. I’m happy to hear that Linnea loves the colours on her quilt! I think Children enjoy happy colours. x Teje

  14. Beautiful dogs and what a nice rescue story. Lovely quilt. Love the stained glass window behind your quilts.

  15. Beautiful dogs and quilt – they all have a lovely story.

  16. This quilt is so darling! Fresh colours that are delicious ; )

  17. Thanks for sharing this adorable quilt. Enjoyed reading about Nero and Hannah.

  18. Firstly, love your quilt so much, I have pinned it to look at later. Love the puppies and how lucky for you sweet dog that your family was able to give her love and a good home.

    • Thank you Cath! I also very happy that Hanna stayed with us. She is so sweet girl. I really like the economy block and surely will use it again. x Teje

  19. I love the beautiful warm colours in this baby quilt. It is perfect back drop for the beautiful dog.

  20. Linnea’s a lucky little girl, to get such a beautiful quilt. The fabrics are sweet and so is the quilting. Thank you, Hanna for sharing the story of the quilt and all the gorgeous photos. You and Nero are both very special!

  21. What a wonderful quilt you have finished there. Love the dogs too 🙂

  22. Just a beautiful quilt! I must make some economy blocks one day! I love all the pink!
    That window is so gorgeous…it certainly is eye catching!

  23. What a beautiful quilt, and your dogs are great models.

  24. Thank you so much for joining our party, it’s always so nice to see you and the pretty quilts that Teje makes!

  25. Beautiful colour scheme and pattern. I like very much the mix of orange and pink.

  26. I love the orange and pink combo! I especially love the ‘stained glass’ picture through the trees. Beautiful!

  27. Your economy blocks and color choices are lovely, and the hand quilting really looks pretty. I enjoyed reading about Hanna and seeing her quilt modeling work.

  28. So fun to see Hannah and Nero and your beautiful quilts in the annual Pets on Quilts Show. You definitely have my vote.


  29. I loved reading your post, and seeing your beautiful pictures of your gorgeous quilt and your doggies! I am inspired to make an economy block quilt someday from your beautiful quilt!

    • Thank you Susie! I’m happy to hear you like this quilt and found inspiration! I really like this block and shall use it again. x Teje

  30. What a lovely quilt perfect for a little girl! And with such a handsome pup sitting near.

  31. Your posts are so pretty. The quilts and the settings are just lovely. Nero is a real beauty too.

  32. What a pretty quilt and already it is so loved. I’m sure its new owner will love it the same as Nero and Hanna have.

  33. Hi you two, nice to see you again!

  34. What a lovely story about Nero finding Hanna. Your quilt is gorgeous.

  35. Very nice quilt!! Wonderful that it s hand quilted!

  36. Beautiful dog and quilt!

  37. Your quilt is gorgeous!!! The colours and patterns work so well!!! Love the story of Nero finding Hanna…. Very sweet!

  38. Absolutely beautiful and those quilt colors are striking.

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