Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

{Dog Gone Cute} quilt along & blog hop!


Vof vof friends! It’s me Nero here and I have gooooood news for you! Soon starts very special quilt along and blog hop … it’s all about cute dogs, yeeeeee!!! Click the photo below and you’ll get to Lorna‘s blog page where you can read more …

Sew Fresh Quilts
I said this is now or never, if we don’t join this blog hop, I won’t forgive you ever. So even with full programm Teje said yes. Juippiiiiiii! I’m in for the blog hop! I was so excited that I started to pull fabrics straight away from her stash. Hmmm, wasn’t so easy to decide what colour puppies I want. I thought to start with brown…
She said to me that this has to wait until late September as there are other more important sewings going on. I said ‘what???’ I can’t wait, you need to start now! So I picked the fabrics, wrote the pattern details on the paper, put even a 6.5″ square ruler and thread in the pouch and sent her to work.
hand sewing
I said, if you are a quilter and sewist, you can do this like they sew in old times. They didn’t have sewing machines, cutting mats, rulers and they made amazing quilts and cloths. So hop hop now and in the evening come home with the puppy. Oups,  I forgot to give her pink scraps for the ears.
start of dog gone cute
She managed to cut the pieces and made two ears…except the pink. I want my puppy! But then she told to me that she was busy with other things because it was raining …
First it was raining a little bit and it stopped after a while …
But then it started to rain in real! This is about 2 o’clock and looks dark like in the afternoon. Thunder and lots of water …
chania old town
I was at home of course and all my doggy beds and laundry were out, but I couldn’t help to take them inside. So now we have been drying my beds and blankets.
But lets get back to quilting! I am so looking for to see what kind of dogs and quilts there will be in this quilt along and blog hop!
Of course you don’t need to sew by hand, but I thought this is a good opportunity to Teje to try that, too. If she can make hexagons, this shouldn’t be too hard. It’s good to try and know all kind of technics.
“DOG GONE CUTE” by Lorna from ‘sew fresh quilts’  Click the [blue text] to read all the details how to join, the schedule and to see the fantastic sponsors! There will be awesome prizes!
Lorna’s patterns are very good and clear! Dogs are pieced as you see in my photos (no need for paper piecing). Next dogs Teje will sew by machine, so they will be done in no time.
This ‘Dog Gone Cute’ pattern has 2 block sizes, 9″x6″ and 18″x12″. I started with the small block but surely want to make the bigger, too … many of them, of course!
Sew Fresh Quilts
What you think! Aren’t they the cutest! I hope you join this fun! Make dogs with Lorna’s quilt along or join the blog hop … I loooove this ‘dog hop’!!!
Thank you for reading my post and hope to see you soon with more puppies! Furry hugs!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

9 thoughts on “{Dog Gone Cute} quilt along & blog hop!

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  2. This is definitely one not to be missed Nero!!! I’ll make sure I pop back sto se some of the beautiful doggy results! Ros

    • Thank you Ros! I’m so happy for the two puppies I already have … and one morning I woke up early with a super idea! Hugs from Nero!

  3. I forget how funny Nero can be. Have fun with the dog hop quilt.

    • Thank you Kathy! He is often fun. For example now he has new hobby in the garden… he digs … perhaps he will plant new tree for us! x Teje

  4. Thank you Nero and Teje for sharing the news. Can’t wait to see your progress. Stay dry!

    • Thank you Lorna! I had already forgot the rain … I’m thinking all the time my puppies. There is now two of them and I have super idea! Hugs from Nero!

  5. Nero – you are the best doggy ever – well done on getting your Teje to make you a puppy!

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