Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Sewing here and there…


Hi dear friends! I haven’t forgot you even I don’t show up often lately. Summer is always busy and also tired time with the hot weather. High humidity doesn’t help. But sewing helps always!

wonky stars

I have really fun project going on in my sewing studio at home! Unfortunately it is still secret so I have to keep myself not showing much …


I had a little helper to pick pinks …


I think she wanted to learn to sew.

hexagons in trikimia

In the shop hexy project continues. I decided that this is going to be a big pillow. I have nice, big goose-feather pillow and this will make lovely new cover for it … to use in the winter when quilting front of tv. So i started to connect the hexagon flowers. Now I’m not sure if I like the way I arranged them… perhaps I should have gone with colours in order … it’s always so difficult to decide.


My computer was in well needed service and when I opened it for the first time, this happy, cute fellow was there to welcome me! and then this … do you think Nero and Hanna and Nelli would accept bunny friend?!


Is it easy to keep a bunny? I really would love to have a bunny friend!

quilting in trikimia

Baby quilt with economy blocks is finally quilted and binded and sent to new home. Hanna will show this quilt an other time. She took lots of cute photos just when sun was setting and Nero joined, too.

Thank you for stoppind by! Is it summer and holidays or winter on the other side of the world… any way I hope you have wonderful time and enjoy yourself with sewing or other things! I make today cutting plans for a new quilt, like the one above but in turquoise, green and blue.



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

28 thoughts on “Sewing here and there…

  1. Love your stars and especially your economy block baby quilt… so cute!

  2. I had a horrible bunny experience. He came with a hutch so we planned to keep him outside, but then found out they can’t tolerate temperature extremes so we had to bring him inside when it was over 90F or under 45 F/ (half our year). This is how we discovered how horrible bunny urine smells. And he wasn’t cuddly at all so every time you would go to hold and pet him, he would use his strong back legs to kick and scratch the @#$% out of you. I would not recommend a bunny based on my experience.

    • Thank you Marjorie! That was good to know! They look so sweet that we expect they are also as kind and cute as they look. x Teje

  3. Your hexagons are so gorgeous! Love them all. I’m on holiday so am relaxing ; )

  4. All your projects are great, love the bright colors!

  5. Loving the blocks and the baby quilt – looking forward to Hanna showing it off! Happy summer!

  6. I always enjoy visiting your sunny blog Teje! You current projects are just wonderful…love all your fabric choices. They make me smile!

  7. We tried the “bunny thing” when the kids were much younger, bunnies are fun; unfortunately, their life turned out to be quite short at our place … With a HUNTING dog and three children, that bunny had no chance … If I had to get one today, it would be an angora bunny.
    LOVE your hexies and the baby quilt!

  8. Lovely quilt, such pretty colours, and your hexies look lovely too. We had a bunny for quite a few years, he was the children’s pet, but they grew up and went to college so it was my husband’s and my pet in the end. Our little bunny was very sweet and easy to look after (apart from cleaning out the hutch regularly!) and we were so sad when he died….I think he was a dwarf Dutch rabbit, and maybe smaller ones are easier and less likely to be wild than the bigger bunnies!
    Happy week, Teje.
    Helen xox

    • Thank you Helen! I’m happy to hear that there are also sweet, cute bunnies, but then we all know how cute your bunnies are so surely the real one was, too! Have a lovely day! x Teje

  9. Thank you for sharing. Your fabric choices are so inspiring.

  10. All of your work is lovely and summery! Love the baby quilt especially!! Happy summer 🙂

  11. Beautiful quilts, so bright and happy! High humidity for the next few days here and hot hot hot. Love it. Just like your star blocks and your hexies, love ’em!

  12. So many pretty things to check out! That orange/pink combo is gorgeous. Those hex-patches? Wow, stunning. I’m always so impressed (and a little envious) of quilters who can sew hexies. They seem so intimating. Great job!

  13. Fab projects as always. Loving the cute baby quilt! Ros x

  14. Ihania heksagoneja, töissäsi on aina valoa ja aurinkoa! Johtuukohan asuinpaikastasi? Liikaa lämpöä voisit puhallella tänne päin… Mukavia kesäpäiviä!

    • Hei ja kiitos kovasti! Just ajattelin yks paiva etta jos asuisin Suomessa, en varmaan tekisi nain varikkaita … tai sitten tekisin kuitenkin. Voisinpa laittaa lampoa pakettiin ja postiin! x Teje

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