Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Nero’s Post: Winner and the Question!


Vof vof my friends! Sorry I’m late with the announcement, but this was a big job for me and Hanna to do on our own. We did our best and now we have the winner … but First things First … I have to check that everything is ok on the road …


Hanna says she’s ready to start …


We had a good plan … we took two empty doggy bisquit boxes and made them small pieces …


Hanna is really good in this, in no time she had made lots of small pieces. But then I realized something … if you ask me to play ball, I’m the best! But, sorry guys, I couldn’t write so many names on the papers. I can hardly write one name and there were almost 100 fun and unique comments from you!


So we had to make a new plan … and we lied down for a while to think …


Hanna said that we have to count, can we count? Of course we can count and so we went on with the plan B …


I saved one big piece and then we started …


Under the rose tree we looked First if the winning Number has one or two numbers and it has two! and we continued …


… we got the five …


… and we got the six … that makes fiftysix … and as many times I counted I got the same result, so you just have to believe me … hmmm, now only I should get the name on this Paper somehow …


If I ask politely perhaps the lady from the next door can help me …


… as you see somehow the name appeared on the Paper and Hanna as a secretary may show it. The lucky winner is Jody! Congratulations Jody!!! Jody writes at ‘The Vanilla Year’. Isn’t that the cutest name! I’m sure you love her blog and all the doggies there, beautiful quilts and who knows where vanilla is hidden!


I asked you if you would give up quilting or make-up. I could have never guessed that you all took the time to answer and also your answers were surprise. No one would give up quilting!

How I came to this question: my friend said to me something and when I wrote the give away post I got an idea to ask this. I thought it’s almost impossible to choose but I was wrong. Seems to be that already many quilters have given up make-up … to have more time for quilting and more money for Fabrics!!!

Was said in the comments:

Moomins don’t were make-up, why us.

Give up make-up, but wouldn’t leave the House.

Give up make-up except the days when not quilting.

What to do without Fabrics? Play with make-up?

Give up make-up, more many for quilting.

Give up make-up, more quilting time.

I was even asked about tips to add make-up! Those I would need myself too. I have used make-up all my life and at least always at work. But lately my usual make-up doesn’t work anymore and I feel less is better. If you have good tips or even tutorials, please tell! Other wise I guess I need to do some googeling (this was a note from Teje).


Hanna doesn’t need any blush on her cheeks or mascara on her eye lashes, she gets more and more white hairs, but she is so beautiful! I go back to my favourite place … to look what happens on the road.


Thank you so much for joining my give away and for the fantastic and funny comments! In that post there are some funny things about Teje, too.  I leave you with a sneaky peaky from Teje’s work table … I don’t think she’s making stuffed wine leaves …

Perle cottons

Hugs and kisses!


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

14 thoughts on “Nero’s Post: Winner and the Question!

  1. LUV this post (written with many giggles!!!!)!!! I do believe I could have predicted the outcome of your question………we are a dedicated lot of quilters! Love, also, the Moomins comment…… total agreement!

  2. Dice on the paw! Classic!!!! The pic cracked up by 7 yr old son…. says he’s seen the picture of dogs playing poker, but dice is a new one for him 🙂 Have an awesome day!!

  3. I am so THRILLED that Nero and Hanna chose my name!!! I honestly never win anything so this is beyond exciting!!! Thank you, thank you. Now I have a question about your lovely dogs. Their heads remind me of afghan hounds or salukis. Their coats tell a different story. Are they a mix found in Greece alone? They certainly are beauties.
    Thanks again!

    • Thank you Jody! Nero’s dad is German Shephard and mom Belgian Shephard. That’s why he has gorgeus, long fur and he is big. About Hanna we don’t know but I think she has many breeds, surely some hunting breed. When she was young, she looked very much Greyhound. We met Nero’s parents as they lived here with an American family. We saw nero for the First time when he was few days old. Unfortunately we found Hanna thrown in our garden. Nero found her and he is Hanna’s hero and big brother. x Teje

  4. So funny story again! Hanna and Nero are so cute and smart! Have a nice middsummer! Congratulations to winner!

  5. Congratulations Jody

  6. Congratulations Jody, great job with the prize guys!

  7. Oh Nero, you and Hanna are so cute and funny. Good job! Lady Caroline

    • Thank you Lady Caroline! You never know what you need to learn to carry on your blog! I wish I could sew, we have lots of nice scraps and I have lots of time to play, but … you know. Now we have cooler weather and I feel great! Hugs to you! Nero

  8. Hello you lovelies (furry and not),

    You did such a great job! And Teje makes the funniest posts, they always make me smile 🙂 and thank you also for the sunshine that comes through the post, it rains&storms here so every ray is needed 🙂

    Happy summer, dear friends!


    • Vof Mia and thank you so much! I’m sorry to hear about the rain, but can you believe that it was raining also here last night?! It’s not too hot and Teje is happy. I send you loooooots of sunshine! x Nero

  9. What a fun way to draw a giveaway winner! Teje you commented on my blog – thanks so much. I couldn’t reply though because you are coming up as a no-reply blogger 😦

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