Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Hexagon Flower Baby Toy -Tutorial


Hi Dear Friends! I’m happy to show you today a little happy project!

hexagon flower

I have often very cute, little visitor in the shop. He loves colours and you can guess that there are lots of colours in my shop for him to watch. I wanted to make a little, colourful, soft gift for him … something he could hold in his little hands.

happy fabrics

I was thinking what I could sew by hand in the shop. Thinking of one hexagon pincushion, made with triangles, I started to pick colourful fabrics. But then the ‘light switched on’ – hexagons! I have my hexagon Project-BOX in the shop … why not make something with hexagons!

what you need to make hexagons

This is so perfect small project for summer! you don’t need sewing machine or any cutting tools. All you need is fabric, scissors, thread, needle and paper (templates for hexagons). Filling can be the same as there is in the pillows or even cotton. I added the ‘beep beep’ inside because I knew the little boy would be happy for that.

paper piecing hexagons

So to be able to do this in the shop, I just took the Fabrics with me. I cut the squares with scissors and then started to baste. I wasn’t sure what fabrics I shall use so I just basted several hexagons to start.

paper piecing hexagons

If you Paper piece hexagons for the First time, you can use Paper clips or pins to hold the fabric and template together as you baste them. After a while you notice that you don’t need them. I baste on my knee. I press the fold by nail and then as I baste with the thread I fold the next edge etc.



paper pieced hexagon

This is easy and so much fun! If the first and second feels difficult, don’t give up, because you will see that you love your little hexagons!

hexagon tutorial by teje

You noticed that at the end I used almost only solids. For the first time I made hexagons with solids and now I don’t want to stop! I had a plan to use my solids for the ‘Hillside Houses’ quilt (button on my sidelist) but now it looks like I shall make lots of hexagons with my solids and perhaps have to find new solids for the quilt. Anyway that quilt project has to wait until autumn.

paper pieced hexagons

To make the stuffed flower, you sew the hexagons together.

hexagon flower

You can make the back side with other hexagon flower or with one fabric. I chose to use my special kitten fabric.

hexagon flower

It’s easier to make both sides with hexagons but may take a little bit more time. Because I used one fabric, I had to make template which I made with the finished hexagon flower.

hexagon flower project

Only thing I sew with the machine, was the piece of binding. You can sew also this by hand but by machine it will be more steady. This piece is about 2,5″ x 10″. It’s folded double and then I folded the both edges towards the center. Then I stitced both edges.



Sew your hexagon flower and the backside together except small place from where you can turn your flower right side out. Take the papers away, turn it right side out, add the filling and the stripe. If you like to add ‘beep beep’ put it in the filling. Then sew to close the flower.

hexagon flower

I sew two hexagons on the stripe and add also there a little bit filling. This can be like a leave for the flower. I thought it can be nice for the little hands to hold this fabric toy.

flower fabric toy

If you like to get more Information about Paper piecing, look the ‘Paper Piecing’ page up on my blog. I have gathered there lots of useful links about English and foundation Paper piecing.

If you have any questions, I’m very happy to answer and help you.

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed this flower and tutorial!


PS. Aren’t we lucky to be happy with few scraps!


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

32 thoughts on “Hexagon Flower Baby Toy -Tutorial

  1. So very cute Teje. I’m sure the little visitor will love it ; )

  2. Thank you so very much for the pictures/tutorial. I see one or more of these in my future! You make it seem so easy. It is so thoughtful for you to think about your little friend and make something special.

  3. Oh, your little friend will be so pleased with this hexagon wand. He can be Harry Potter and make all kinds of magic–just like you do with your delightful quilts. How lovely of you to make him this sweet gift.

  4. What a gorgeous, thoughtful idea Teje. I love it!

  5. Your blog is such a happy place to visit Teje! What a lovely gift that I’m sure will be cherished.

  6. What a lovely idea Teje! Xxxx

  7. Love that cute little baby toy. What a lovely idea! Ros

    • Thank you Ros! Just now I thought that this could be knitted or crocheted too! And then the leaves could be more like leaves! x Teje

  8. What a lovely idea, Teje. And a relatively quick project, too.

  9. Teje, you are so thoughtful. This is a sweet post, and a simple gift for a little person. I am imagining his smiles! Thanks for warming my heart, and linking up to Pink Doxies. Always, always love to see what you’re sewing.


    • Thank you Julie! I enjoyed making this as much as the little person WHO carries it now. I’m happy this idea came to my mind. x Teje

  10. So sweet!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Well, that’s a beautiful little toy! A great gift idea. Simple, easy and fast. Thank you for the tutorial. 🙂

  12. What a cute project and a lovely gift. Thanks for linking it up to the Ho, Ho, Ho and on We Sew Link Party too

  13. I really love this and saved the post for future reference – thankyou for sharing the process!

  14. Hello dear Teje,

    Sorry I have been away from the blogland for a while, but thanks to IG I have been able to see some of these lovely creations of yours already! Love the hexagon flower, and that kitty-fabric must be a favorite of mine!

    Happy June-days. dear friend!


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