Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Design wall on Tuesday


Hi dear Friends! Thank you so much for your lovely comments! Today my design wall looks like this …

Scandinavian quilt project

You can imagine how much I want to continue, but have use my iron today for cloths instead of patches. Wish me good luck to finish quickly those 3 loundry mountains to continue with this Scandinavian quilt.

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Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

38 thoughts on “Design wall on Tuesday

  1. The curves bring some smoothness and cut the straight line… good idea!

  2. I like this very much, love the subtle colours. I am in Greece at the moment, Keflaonia north in the mountains. Would love to spend a lot more time here one day !

  3. Wow!!

    P.S. Good luck with the ironing pile(s)!

  4. Your quilt is very nice! I like the pattern and your choise of colors. I hope you can finish it soon.

  5. What a beautiful combinations of colors!

  6. Nyt olisi ollut sinun miehen vuoro silitää vaatteet! Näkisin sinut mieluummin ompelukoneen luona kuin vaatevuorta kaatamassa. Tulossa on jotain aivan ihanaa!

    • Voi kiitos Marle! Ihana ajatus mutta se onkin ainoa homma joka ei ole koskaan ollut hanen listallaan. No, selvitin yhden vuoren ja voin nyt menna ompelemaan ihania tilkkujani! x Teje

  7. Excellent progress. When I finally attack the ironing pile, I put on an old movie usually B&W, and it is rather fun smoothing out those wrinkles. Hugs sonja

    • Thank you so much Sonja! I did iron huge pile while watching tv (nothing Special) and the rest of the day I’m connecting the blocks. Hugs! x Teje

  8. Hi Teje,it looks great with the curves ! I am waiting to see how it will end up! Have a nice evening! Anneli

    • Thank you Anneli! I’m also waiting to see this finished because the quilting will change it a lot. Have a great day! x Teje

  9. Such a lovely combination of colors and shapes. Very pleasing to the eye.

  10. A great design! I’m looking forward to seeing it’s progress.

  11. It’s lovely, Love the colors!

  12. This is beautiful, Teje! Good luck with your ironing today!

  13. Great design, really evokes the forest for me. This will be a wonderful quilt! Have fun with the making of it!

    • Thank you so much! Trees, mountains etc. were in my mind when I started the triangles. Now I see there some other things, too. x Teje

  14. Your design wall is looking amazing, Teje! I love the creative quilts you make, so beautiful and imaginative in both design and colour. Good luck with the ironing, hope it is soon finished 🙂
    Helen xox

  15. Beautiful colors Teje – I love Scandinavian design! This is going to be amazing. It would be very hard to stop in order ti iron cloths.

  16. This looks great. It will make a beautiful quilt in the end.

  17. Love the soft pastels in this quilt. It’s beautiful.

  18. Great design and beautiful colours!! It will be fabulous quilt, Teje!


  19. So beautiful. Really love how this is turning out.

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