Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Nero’s Post: Fabric presents!


Vof vof friends, Nero here! I’m so happy to see you after a long time and hope you are fine! We have been so busy with the NEW shop that I couldn’t get my ‘secretary’ to write for me. But today I’m here and will show you delicious Fabrics!

Oakshott solids

In March I joined Leanne’s ‘Scraptastic Tuesday’ with the ‘Milky Stars’ Mini quilt/pillow (on process) and was so lucky to win these gorgeus solids from Oakshott Fabrics!

oakshott fabrics

This collection is ‘Scandinavian’ They are so beautiful and the magic of the Oakshott Solids is that they are woven with two colours of threads. That creates gorgeus fabric with delicious colours …

Scandinavian by Oakshott Fabrics

These Fabrics need a Special Project and I’m sure Teje will find a perfect project. Cute selvages will be used for sure, too!

oakshott solids

You can guess that because Teje is from Finland she already feels connected to these beauties, called ‘Scandinavian’. Helsinki is the yellow/green, in the middle. Light green is Copenhagen. Purple is Oslo. What’s yours?

oakshott solids

Thank you so much Oakshott Fabrics and Michael for these Fabrics and Thank you Leanne for the give away!

notting hill fabrics

This gorgeus bundle came from Annett. Annett’s blog is ‘Knetty Craft’ and I was lucky to win these adorable Fabrics and most cute hexy telmplates from her give away!


Annett had made bautiful packet with purple paper and add this sweet and fun card with kittens! Thank you so much Annett!

Notting Hill

I love these pastel colours a and lovely prints! There is some cute dogs, too! These are also waiting for a Special Project.

Notting Hill by Gutermann

Light makes tricks on the Fabrics. Managed to catch some sunlight even the weather has been here so strange. Some days were already very warm and it felt like spring. But you can’t imagine how it was yesterday. It’s april, tourist season has began and we had about +8 C, freezing wind and lot of rain. So cold that today Teje chose to wear a warm pullover, one that always reminds us of Foxy because of this old photo…


By coincidence Foxy’s photo frame was the one we used to show the Oakshott Fabrics (see the First photo). Our sweet girl, Foxy. As I was  looking for Foxy’s photo, thought to show one with Hanna and me, too (many years ago).

Hanna and Nero

So the shop is open and we make mostly now jewlries. But on the sewing table there are lots of Fabrics waiting to become bags. I wish I could help but paws are not for sewing. I think all our NEW Fabrics could be mixed together – those pastel colours look beautiful together …  perhaps a beautiful, quilted purse …

notting hill

Scandinavian by Oakshott

Thank you for stopping by and reading my fabric news! I hope to be back soon and wish you wonderful weekend!

I’m linking at Molli Sparkle’s Sunday Stash.

Big furry hugs and kisses!


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

21 thoughts on “Nero’s Post: Fabric presents!

  1. Those Oakshott fabrics coordinate perfectly with the prints you received!!!!! Gorgeous!!!!! I’m so happy to ‘hear’ that your shop is up and going well! The photo of you and Foxy is so sweet, Teje!!!!!!!! I woke up to a total covering of snow this morning…..a big disappointment. The cars on the road are moving slower than normal so it must be a bit slippery. The sun is struggling to break through the leftover clouds. Wednesday night we had thunderstorms all night. Yes, the weather is being a bit tricky this year!!! I’ll have to check on my tulip plants in a bit.
    Hannah and Nero look awesome as always!!! Your pictures help me to be a small part of your distant life and home. Wishing you well and sending hugs, sweet bloggy Friend………………….

    • Thank you Doreen! All these Fabrics are so beautiful! Have to think to make something Special with them. I’m sorry to hear you had still snow. Weather has been so crazy. Now it’s warmer here and I do hope it continues. I was hoping to go to work today with my NEW bag, but now the electricity is off and the ‘hand stripes’ need still stitching, blaah. Better get myself ready and if the elctricity comes perhaps there is still time to finish the bag! Have a wonderful day my friend! x Teje

  2. Ohhhh, I wish I lived closer so I could visit your shop. It looks fabulous and wish you lots and lots of success with it. I really do like the Scandinavian line and can’t wait to see what you do with it! Sage send lots of doggy kisses to Nero and Hannah. Do they get to hang out in the shop?

    • Thank you Sage and Ann! Hanna and Nero can’t come to the shop. There is a fun, nice dog on our street and often she’s front of our shop with her cat friend. x Teje

  3. Paw are not for sewing but you do a great job supervising Nero! these all look gorgeous!

  4. Hello Nero, please tell Teje I’m glad she like the fabrics…. Annett 🙂

  5. Glad things are going well. Busy is good! I imagine lots of tourists will be coming to your lovely shop

  6. Lots of fab pastels, hope the weather gets warm again, yesterday we had blue skies and sunshine, today grey and rain 😦

  7. Ihania kankaita! Kauniita ja pehmeitä sävyjä. Suomessa oli joskus 70-80- luvuilla muistaakseni Seita-nimistä puuvillakangasta, joka oli myös kudottu kahdella värillä. Niissä näki monia erilaisia sävyjä riippuen siitä, miten kangasta käänteli. Minulla oli monta koulukäsityötä tuosta kankaasta. Toivottavasti sää lämpenee niin siellä kuin täällä!

    • Hei ja kiitos kommentista! Minakin muistan hamarasti Seita kankaan mutta koulusta muistan etta tein housut iso kukallisesta oranssiruskeasta kankaasta – tuskin kaytin koskaan! Tanaan on paasiaispaiva ja onneksi aurinkoista. x Teje

  8. Hi there, Nero! You and Hanna are really looking good and that fabric is just the best. Can’t wait to see what will become of it–something wonderful I am sure. The mornings are so cold here that Mom has to shove me out the door, I’d rather stay in our toasty bed. The sun does come out and then it gets pretty nice. Hugs from Lady Caroline

    • Thanks Lady Caroline! Now it’s warmer here, too and we love to stay on the veranta with Hanna and Nelli. I think Teje can sit out front of the shop and make stuff. Hugs! Nero

  9. wow, you are a lucky lady ! beautiful fabrics – looking forward to see what you do with them !
    Colleen @

  10. Loving those gorgeous pastels! I wonder what you will you conjure up? Good to see the dear furry family members too! Ros

  11. Dear Nero, please tell to Teje that the fabrics are gorgeous! And Happy Easter to all of you! x Anneli

  12. Those Oakshotts are such beautiful colours! Have fun with all that lovely fabric 🙂

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