Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Hi Dear Friends! I’m happy to tell you that our shop is open! We have been so busy these last months, so now you know why I haven’t been sewing lately. Please welcome to ‘Trikimia’!

Trikimia's Shop

There is still very much to do until we can say (if ever) that the shop is ready, but we are on a good way and can finally say that we are open. We had already even few lovely clients, so lets hope the summer will be good.

Trikimia's Shop

Every day something change and we add NEW things. Also in these photos I see that many items are missing that we have put around yesterday. Also I see some things that I like to change some where else.

Trikimia's Shop

Upstairs is mainly fabric things, quilts, pillows, tea cosies, bags etc. The baby quilt hanging on the fence, is now on the wall and the ‘Kids Game’ quilt is on the fence; it gives more colour and happyness.

Back corner is mostly working space but we shall fill the selves there, too.

Trikimia's Shop

Yesterday we had the air condition installed, so the big boxes are out from the corner and I have put there some of my sewings. When the weather will be warm enough, we shall have all the doors open and then unfortunately that corner will be behind the door. Front of our shop is a restaurant; they have tables in the garden surrounded by lovely old houses.

On the doors we have boards with glass and frame and they are filled with rosaries = ‘kombolois’. They will be seen from inside when the doors are open. On the walls outside, both sides of the doors, we shall have two more boards, filled with jewelries. The ‘sea glass’ sign you see on the floor in the second photo, will be hanging outside from the blue, iron base.

old town in chania

Also we shall have a table with chairs outside where tired tourist can rest and read about sea glass … or husband can wait when wife is visiting our shop. We have made also one stand with a board which we can use in or out, perhaps to show some photos of sea glass and our Works in process.

sea glass rings by trikimia

In every free moment we make bracelets and other jewelries. ‘On the other eye’ looking around the shop and thinking how to continue and to improve the look.

crochet stones by tejesarita

Most of the things we have made during the winter, are now in the shop. Few things are still waiting some finishing details … for example I don’t have yet stones for the ‘play mats’ (you remember the mini quilts with drawstring bags?).


Season is just beginning and first tourists are here. Tomorrow is first of April and the charter flights begin in few days. Now we have been in the shop half day but  from the next week we will be open all the day and hope to see you!

If you are in Chania or plan to come here for holidays, remember to come to say hello! Our shop is in the old town of Chania, next to the old Venetian harbour so it’s very easy to find.

Our Shop’s address is Agion Deka 21, Old Town, Chania. This street is between the harbour and the big church on Halidon street.

Lighthouse in Chania

One day we had a lunch in the harbour and I quickly took few photos for you. Here is Chania’s beautiful and famous lighthouse.

sea glass by trikimia

To leave you with a colourful and nice scene, I thought sea glass would be perfect today.

I hope you enjoyed the first tour in our little shop! I would love to hear what you think!

And not to ‘forget’ the sewing and fabrics totally, I can tell you that there are marimekko fabrics and zippers on my sewing table, waiting for someone to make them a bag. I like my ‘idea-vision’ and hope to put it into practise soon. Also some very exciting fabrics were dropped into our mailbox yesterday, but they need to have their own story.

So hope to see you soon again! Thank you for the comments! You write always so friendly, happy, fun and sweet messages!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

84 thoughts on “OUR SHOP IS OPEN!

  1. That looks wonderful Teje! Congratulations to your shop opening and best wishes for great success. The seaglass is beautiful, love it.

  2. This is wonderful venture Teje. I wish you both success in this first season and for many to come! The shop looks very inviting and there is enough clear space that it doesn’t look cluttered or confusing.

    • Thank you so much Allison! I appreciate your opinion and agree that often if the shop looks too full, it’s not easy to see what there is. x Teje

  3. Congratulations! The shop loots great! We love Greece and plan to go back next year. Not sure what part, but will definitely look you up if in Chania! Wishing you much success!

    • Thank you so much! I’m happy to hear you like how the shop looks and that you love GREECE! Let me know if you’re coming! x Teje

  4. Congratulations, looks absolutely fantastic. All the best in your new shop.

  5. Congratulations – your shop looks wonderful and just the sort of place I’d enjoy spending some time in. Hope your venture works out well, especially all your sea glass stuff – really beautiful!
    Alison x

  6. Teje your shop looks fantastic, well done…if we ever come back out to Crete we would definitely stop by and if my brother gets out there I will send him your way. The stock looks brilliant, I wish you every success with your new business. Hugs xx

    • Thank you so much Jane! Sorry for the late reply, your comment was in spam and I just now found it. Can’t understand why? I do hope you come one day again to Chania and we can meet! Hugs! Teje

  7. I am so happy for you. All the work you both put into this venture is paying off. The shop is lovely and inviting. Oh, how I wish I could see it in person. I hope I can. The tourists are going to love what you have made–Everytime I wear my new bracelet, everyone wants to know where I got it. The table and chairs outside is a thoughtful addition. Sitting next to the flower pot with maybe a small umbrella would be the perfect rest stop. Wishing you the best, my dear friend. Sonja

    • Thank you so much my dear cousin, Sonja! (now my sister is thinking: what, WHO cousin?!) Thank you for your sweet words! There is big ‘markis’ over the Windows to give a much needed shadow during the hottest days. I hope to add few pots, too; those belog to neighbours. Hugs! x Teje

  8. Oh, it’s SO beautiful!! Congratulations to you both. The best of luck in your new venture Teje. 🙂

  9. Congratulations! It is such a pretty little shop! All the best 🙂

  10. The place looks divine. I’d love to visit.

  11. Congratulations, Teje. Your shop looks wonderful. I hope you get lots of customers 🙂

  12. Congratulations Teje, for your accomplishment! Your skills, persistency and your positive thoughts have blended in amazing way and I hope keep enjoying us everyday. I promise to see your beautiful store and wish you the best in this new stage of entrepreneurship! Bravo!

  13. Your darling little shop sparkles like the sea glass you work with!!! It’s so “beachy” and inviting I’m sure it will prove to be a very popular stop for many. Much success to you, blessings and hugs….always……………………………..

  14. Reblogged this on daphnedawn and commented:
    Trikimia is open. Visit Nero’s Post and Patch

  15. Oh Teje ! I want to come visit! So pretty . The town looks lovely too. Congratulations on your new shop

  16. Καλές δουλειές!!!

  17. Hei Teje!

    Nyt lähtee ihan suomeksi, kun niin ihania kuvia oli katsottavaksi ettei enkuksi oikeasti irronnut 🙂 eli ONNEA! ONNEA! ONNEA! Ihan hirmuisesti onnea, mikä iso puristus takana, ja nyt ovet ovat auki! Ja kaikki näyttää fantastiselta, niin värikkään ihanan kutstvalta, voi vitsi kun saataisiin kaikki blogi-typsyt tulla hypistelemään noita kaikkia ihanuuksia… Loistavaa lomakautta (no teille toki työntäyteistä mutta toivottavasti lomailijoita tulee teille ovista ja ikkunoista) teille sinne, hirmuisesti kauppoja ja uusien juttujen ideointia! Paljon lämpimiä ajatuksia täältä kinosten (aivan, TAAS sataa lunta) keskeltä koto-Suomesta, ja mukavaa pääsiäisen aikaa teille!

    Terkuin Mia

    • Hei Mia ja kiitos valtavan ihanasta kommentista! Voi vitsi kun voisittekin tulla kaikki porukalla mutta ehka sina onnistut joskus pitamaan vahan taukoa toista ja voit tulla! Olen nahnyt mielessani kuinka sinun ihanat tyosi sopisivat kauppaamme, mutta tiedat mihin se kariutuu (vaikka kuka tietaa jos vaikka joskus mietittais onnistuuko). Paivat ovat olleet todella pitkia koko talven ja yha pitenevat kun kesa etenee mutta joka aamu on kiva menna toihin kun tekee sellaista mista nauttii. Harmittaa vaan kun paa on taynna ideoita eika ehdi toteuttaa. Todella ikavaa etta siella kaantyi viela talviseksi; toivottavasti kevat tulisi jo pian. Ainakin mielessani voin lahettaa teille sylintaydelta auringonpaistetta! Hyvaa paasiaista – meilla sita juhlitaan vasta parin viikon paasta, joten oikeastaan tuntuu etta meilla on paasiainen kaksi kertaa. x Teje

  18. Ten degrees below freezing here in Ostersund, Sweden. Your pictures make me want to call and book a ticket right now.
    I miss Crete, the weather and the wonderful people there. If we can, we will come visit you this summer.
    Greetings from the snow and cold.

    *Swedish Scrapper’s husband*

  19. Your shop looks wonderful! I hope that I am able to come visit someday!

  20. The shop looks lovely. Would love to come and visit. Good Luck.

  21. Congratulations to your new shop!! It looks very inviting, you have a nice selection of articles. Looking forward to see and read about your new adventures, greetings from Spain, Barbora xxx

  22. Oh, how wonderful! Congratulations, I hope the tourist flock to your store this summer 🙂

  23. ONNEA, ONNEA ihan mielettömän paljon uudelle “putiikille”. Kaikki näyttää fantastiselta ja riemukkaan värikkäältä. Toivottavasti/tai varmasti tulossa on paljoooooon paljoooon turisteja hipelöimään ja tekemään kauppaa uskomattomista merilasikoruistanne ja kaikesta muustakin ihanasta tavarasta.
    Hienoa pääsiäisen aikaa ja taikaa teille!
    rakkain terveisin Erja ja hb

    • Kiitos Erja ja hb! Viela on paljon tekemista mutta ollaan hyvalla alulla. Oikein hyvaa paasiaista ja kevatta teillekin! x Teje ja hb

  24. Wow, congratulations 🙂

  25. Oh, Teje! I am so excited for you! Congratulations on the opening of your new shop. It is so pretty. And filled with such lovely treasures. Wish I could come for a visit in person…

  26. Congrats! The shop looks wonderful!

  27. Congratulations Teje for your new, lovely shop! It looks so beautiful! I am so happy for you! I wish you to have good season with many clients ! x Anneli

  28. Congratulations and best wishes!!

  29. Teje your shop is so beautiful and inviting. Wish I were able to walk in there in person. Good luck and congratulations.

  30. Oh looking good! Good luck and all the best!

  31. Hi!! The shop look wonderful!! Congratulation!! I wish i knew i was going to Chania!! All the best to you!! Anne Kari 😃

  32. It looks fantastic – good luck and lots of success!

  33. Isot ja lämpimät onnittelut kaupalle! Kaikki näyttää niin kauniille ja valmiille. Isoja asiakasvirtoja teille toivottelen räntasateisesta Suomesta. Hyvää pääsiäistä!

  34. Teje, I am so happy for you! Your little shop is lovely, and I can see all the attention you’ve given to tiny details. So quaint, and refreshing. I hope you do well, and enjoy your days there.


  35. Wow, your new shop looks so beautiful, Teje! I love the pale blue paint, and the way it is all arranged….it looks so appealing in there. I wish you both every success for your first season, and in fact I am sure it will do really well!
    The picture of the colourful sea glass is so beautiful, I love it…like sweeties!
    Happy April!
    Helen xox

  36. Lämpimät onnen toivotukset uudelle putiikille! Näyttää tosi hyvältä ja tosi monipuoliselta lahjatavaraliikkeeltä! Putiikki muotoutuu vielä ajan ja kokemuksen myötä ja niin pitääkin. Nyt näyttää hyvältä!
    Lykkyä tykö!

    • Kiitos kovasti! Toivon etta loydamme viela muutakin kivaa ja kaunista valikoimaamme. Kuten sanoit, ajan kanssa muuttuu ja loytaa ‘oman olonsa’. Terveisia! x Teje

  37. Voi miten ihana kauppa! Kaikkea kaunista ja kiehtovaa! Ihan kaikkein parhaat onnittelut ja toivotan erittäin hyvää menestystä puodillesi. Ehdottomasi, jos satun sinnepäin matkaamaan, tulen käymään ja hankkimaan jotain ihanaa . Olen ihan kateellinen noista värikkäistä merilaseista, meiltä kun löytyy vain ruskeaa, vihreää ja valkoista. Joskus olen onnistunut löytämään sinisiä ja siitäkös on ilo revennyt!

    • Kiitos kovasti Marle! Toivottavasti joskus tavataa! Kylla se ilo repeaa taallakin sinisista ja muista vareista. Useimmiten loytyy valkoista ja vihreaa. Siina se merilasin viehatys onkin – loytamisen ilo ja myos se kuinka usein loistava vari nakyy vasta kun sita katsoo valoa vasten – kuin salainen aarre. x Teje

  38. Congratulations and good luck with your new venture. I’m sure it will be a great success; it looks amazing! Ros

  39. Your shop looks lovely and I wish you every success with it. I am usually in Crete twice a year but unfortunately won’t be coming now until spring 2016 – such a long time- and I am so looking forward to visiting your shop. Until then keep writing and sending pictures, Nora

    • Thank you so much Nora! Then I’m looking for to meet you next spring! I wish you wonderful summer where ever you are now! x Teje

  40. Teje….are you just not over the moon excited!!! I love the blue/white clean color scheme of your shop. It looks so inviitng…the seaglass beautiful!! Oh congratulations on your new adventure! Enjoy the journey!!

  41. Congratulations Teje! Your shop looks so pretty inside and outside. The sea glass is beautiful. All the best to you.

  42. Teje, your new shop is just lovely! Congratulations and best wishes to you and your husband on its success. Thank you so much for the tour – everything is just so beautiful and beckons for browsing. I wish I could visit in person! Very excited for you and keeping you in my thoughts. Lots of hugs, K

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