Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

‘Milky Hearts’ about process and inspiration


Hi dear friends! Thank you so much for your visit and most sweet comments about my NEW sewing room! I’m happy you liked the tour and the space. Unfortunately I don’t have much time to sew now because we are working all the time for the shop and preparing to open it soon.

Milky Hearts

‘Milky Hearts’, Aqua and Pink, mini quilts are on my design wall and I’m waiting to quilt the pink one and then finish them to pillows.

These pillow covers are inspiration from two ideas and sources. First I really liked the hearts I saw at ‘Cluck Cluck Sew’. They are so cute and there is tutorial for ‘Making heart blocks in multiple sizes’. I thought I would make several hearts and them use them for pouches – but I changed my mind…

heart blocks

I have to show you the process photos because they are so cute. I imagine they are little beds in a children’s summer camp!

heart blocks

Little white squares will be up corners and the bigger white square makes the down side for the heart. Two ‘beds’ make one heart.

heart blocks

Now the corners are sewn on and trimmed. After pressing the seams open, the hearts are ready. Don’t throw away those little left over triangles!

heart blocks

I used the smallest 4″ measurement. Look for other sizes and details at ‘Cluck Cluck Sew’.


The other part of my inspiration came from my favourite quilt book…


I have got this book from my dear quilter friend, Sonja, who is my ‘American cousin’, always so helpful, supporting and amazing friend! This book doesn’t has patterns or instructions. It has very good story with most beautiful illustration and quilt blocks.

Quilt Maker's Gift

Quilt Maker's Gift

Quilt Maker's Gift

One Sunday morning I read this book once again and looked the quilt blocks inside the covers. I wanted to make a simple block. Then I saw the block with lovely colours and the name ‘Milky Way’ … I was sold …

quilt blocks

‘Milky’ word sound so nice and suited so well with the colours of my hearts, so I knew I shall use this block and name my work Milky Hearts!

I took the left over triangles that I had trimmed from the heart blocks and made cute little squares. In the Milky Way block corners are made with 4 squares but I used just white squares.

star block

When this star was made, I put the blocks to my design wall to see what else I could add there.

on the design wall

I had made some testing geese blocks and the colours were perfect for this, so I cut them half, back to half square tringles. Few ‘hour glass’ blocks I cut in four and got white/turquoise triangle-squares.

scrappy work

Then I started to find scraps in ‘milky aqua’ colours.

milky heart process

You can’t imagine how difficult it is to decide how arrange the blocks and colours – at least for me. To think how the layout looks good and to have a nice ballance. I think I use the most of the time for this. When I finally decide how to go on, then it’s quick to fill the space between and to sew the pieces together.

milky hearts mini quilt by teje

I marked with pins on the design wall the size I need to make this pillow. Then it was easier to see how much I need to add pieces around. Now I have basted this with fleece and one very thin material. It’s quilted and waiting to be a pillow.

One milky photo through the thin material I use for the backing to quilt the piece, when making pillows, bags, pouches …

milky hearts

I hope these photos help you if you like to create your own improvised ‘Milky Hearts’ quilt. It can be a pillow or a Mini quilt, but also you can continue and make it the most sweet baby quilt. I hope to do that later.

Thank you very much for stopping by! I wish you wonderful March! Hmmm… I have to go to turn the pages on my calendars… they are all still in February. And I had so good idea to make a Mini quilt every month from my Quilter’s calendar … something to look for the next winter, I guess.

pink milky hearts by teje

Perhaps I shall quilt the Pink Milky Hearts to feel that it’s a weekend … even it’s part of the work also but the happy part.

Next time I show you what other Projects I have had on my sewing table. It’s all the time full of something and at the moment no way to sew anything, so hand stitiching is just perfect thing to do now. If you like to see my ‘bead studio’, please step in to ‘TRIKIMIA’, my other blog.

Have a great weekend and happy sewings!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

37 thoughts on “‘Milky Hearts’ about process and inspiration

  1. Hi! Teje
    Thank you for another lovely post. I do like the way you’ve combined the blocks from two sources to make your own pillow block. Thank you for the links too! I’ve never seen the story book before and I agree the illustrations are lovely – there is so much movement in them.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    • Thank you so much Allison, for your lovely comment! It is a beautiful book with a teaching story about sharing. Have a great weekend! x Teje

  2. Hey Teje! This is faulous! Looks so doable…..can’t say easy as it will take some thought but perfect instructions! I am so excited! have put this in my favorites so I can refer to it as I go. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day! Helen

    • Thank you so much Helen! I hope this gives an idea how to ‘create as you go’. If you make a baby quilt one think is easier: you don’t need to stay in an exact size. I had a problem to stay in the pillow size. If you have any questions, please do ask. x Teje

  3. I too like to use the “bonus” triangles from various quilt constructions. Only I never managed to use them in the same quilt! The pillow design is great! Moving blocks on the design wall is where I spend most of my time too.

    • Thank you for your visit and comment! I think this is the First time for me also, to use the left overs in the same Project. x Teje

  4. Teje, thanks so much for showing your process of creating a new design! It really is a big help for a beginner like me 🙂 And I love how you use up scraps and leftover pieced work that you have on hand–the true spirit of quilting!

    • Thank you so much Karen! I enjoy the improvising Project and also to share it. I’m never in hurry just to finish something. I’m happy you think also that the idea of quilting and patchwork is to create something with Fabrics and patches we have. I don’t buy Fabrics for a certain Project; I buy what I like and then MIX them with the Fabrics in my stash – so much fun! x Teje

  5. Kiitos sydänvinkistä/linkistä! Turkoosi ja punainen tilkkupinta ovat todella onnistuineita ja tasapainoisia. Joku tuttu kangaskin siellä vilahti. Paljon onnea kaupan avaamiseen ja jaksamista valmisteluihin!

    • Kiitos kovasti Leena! Kiiretta pitaa ja joka paiva olet mielessa kun ajattelen kuinka ihanat kassit tulivat niin hyvaa tarpeeseen ja joka paivaiseksi iloksi – kiitos! x Teje

  6. Love your milky hearts! It is fun to see your design process happening. Thank you.

  7. Pretty little hearts and stars. That is such a great book!

  8. Kauniita kuvia tuossa kirjassa ja turkoosi/valkoinen tyyny on aivan ihana. Tai ainakin tuo paallinen. Siihen kun laittaa paansa, voi kuulla meren kohinan.

  9. Just beautiful, as always! I really love the Milky Hearts quilt. The colours are just gorgeous. That books looks great too! Happy quilting! Ros

    • Thank you Ros! Every page is inspiring in this lovely book. I wish I could make lots of quilts with those blocks in the book. Have a great week! x Teje

  10. Great mini quilts- I have that book too, and another with the same illustrator- such beautiful drawings!

  11. I love seeing your process. Good job turning the heart scraps into another block.
    I went to your ( site and liked seeing where you work your bead magic as well. WordPress hates me when I try to leave a comment so I am commenting here instead.

    • Thank you so much Kathy! I’m happy to hear you visited my other blog, too. Unfortunately there are some difficulties between blogger and wordpress. x Teje

  12. Hello dear Teje,

    What a lovely post! I love blue and white together, and with little green added that blue-white-green block is perfect. Red&white are great together too and and and…You put the colors so great together!

    Happy sewing, dear friend!


    • Thank you so much Mia! You know I love to use and play with colours. Sometimes they are mixed and bright, sometimes more milky and pastels. Pastels sound so springish (hmmm how it was your Word?). Hugs! Teje

  13. You made lovely hearts with beautiful colors! Last week my daughter read this story for me. We have that book many years and we all like it very much! I like the way you combine the colors! Have a great day! Anneli

  14. I love those heart blocks, they will make beautiful pillowcases. The pictures in the book are beautiful!

  15. Love your work Teje! The pillows look so lovely and I love your little tulip pot, congrats on your sewing room, looks amazing!!

  16. Loved reading about how you make your blocks and how you put your quilt together. I use lots of photos to help me check different layouts and which one looks best. Also useful for remembering what went where! Thanks for linking up with us at #scraptastictuesday!

  17. Teje, You are so multi-talented! I’ve enjoyed blog hopping between both your blogs today, and catching up. How do you choose what to work on?!

    Your Milky Hearts wall hanging in both colors is wonderful! So nice to see original work. Thank you for linking up to the Pet Project Show this past weekend. The week has flown by, and I’m late on my obligations.

    Julie @ PinkDoxies

    • Thank you so much Julie! It often difficult to choose how to share the time. But often when I get NEW idea or inspiration, I want to try soon how it Works. Then it may wait on the side for a while to find the time to continue. Like now I have idea for a bracelet; I don’t have time but I have to try if it looks good and I can plan it more in my mind (and if not then I can forget it and think something else). Have a great week! x Teje

  18. I love your milky hearts, they are so fresh and pretty! So interesting to read this post too about your inspiration and process. The book looks really gorgeous too. Good luck with your new shop, dear Teje!
    Wishing you a happy week!
    Helen xox

  19. Your work is so Fresh! Luv.

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