Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Tea Cosy and Patchwork


Hi dear friends! Nero should write this because this is his blog and I’m trying to be busy with sewing. But Nero is outside chatting with the neighbour ‘Rec’. Rec is a young German Shephard and I’m not sure yet if they have a nice talk or shout to each others. Lets hope they will be good friends.

tea cosy

I wanted to make a tea cosy or two. It is so cold here that an idea of hot tea, tea pot covered with warm tea cosy, feels so good. Even the light outside is cold, so the white wall looks lovely purple … matching well with my tea cosy …

tea cosy

I used my latest favourite Fabrics that I had ordered from Fluffy Sheep Quilting before the Christmas.

tea cosy process

Few photos about the process. I made this tea cosy as the one for my tutorial. Only small change is that I made the down edge a little curvey. Like that it looks better when it’s on the tea pot. Free tutorial is availabe in my Craftsy store. Patterns are on hold at the moment. As you may have heard, many of us has to think how to continue because of the VAT issue.

Muumin and Myy

I’m never alone in my sewing room. These little friends keep me smiling and Nelli keeps my seat warm …


I thought it’s better to fix her comfortable place so we don’t argue about this only chair in the room. Fortunately she likes her new bed. Simple flanel duvet (made for her earlier) and knitted jacket on the supply boxes … and next to the window …


Any where I leave my knitted jacket, I find Nelli lying on it. I guess I need to spread my old cardigans on the places she likes to sleep.

Some delicous quilting threads arrived from Santa Claus and tea cosy was a great project to test them.


These threads are Gutermann, polyester and they are number 30, which I guess means the thickness. Until now I have used only cotton threads for sewing and Perle Cotton no 8 for quilting by hand. For the First try I really like these. I was able to use them with my sewing machine using the same needle as usually and just used longer stitch length.

testing threads

You know I mostly quilt by hand but when making something like bags or other everyday things except quilts, it’s good to have a possibility to make nice stitching by machine.


I was lucky to have several lila and purple in this pouch of threads, And of course I had to use them all. Unfortunately the cold light ‘eats’ the colours and the shades are not very clear.

tea cosy

I already prepared two more tea cosies but then jumbed to an other Project.


You see that I had picked even the solid for the binding. But then it just somehow asked to become a quilted case. Birds flew away … I love them and have to catch them soon again!


Now I have finished two top pieces for the quilted cases – idea from the patchwork case I have made for my tablet.

quilted case

Sometimes it’s not easy to decide how to quilt. Hand quilting is beautiful and it’s really handmade. But then the machine quilting also looks wonderful and it makes the item more steady. Hand quilting doesn’t change the patchwork piece but machine quilting may change it a little bit ‘wonky’, if you don’t have a foot WHO can walk. I like how my tablet cover is very steady, like a case not a pouch.

patchwork purse

There are of course fusible materials you can use to make a bag, pouch or case more steady, but I haven’t used them much. Perhaps this year I should start to try and use Materials and supplies that I haven’t felt comfortable to use.

orange patchwork

If you like to see snap shoots  about my sewing, puppies, kitten and other fun things I see during my day (like the goats on the road!), welcome to ‘nerospost’ at Instagram! Even you don’t use Instagram, you can easily open  account to see and follow  others.

Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for writing so wonderful comments! Welcome to all new friends and followers! I’m always so happy to hear from you! Leave few words and join the fun we have when  chatting about sewing, weather and this and that!

About comments: For a while now I can’t leave a comment to your blogs as ‘my blog but only as ‘my google account’. I guess it may have something to do with the veryfication (to proof we are not a Robot). If you know something about this, please let me know.



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

37 thoughts on “Tea Cosy and Patchwork

  1. Hi Teje. The tea cosy is so cute! Love the paint brush fabric. Your sewing space is so bright and cheery. Hello Nellie!

    • Thank you Carla! I like these Paint Fabrics. Fortunately I have them ‘twice’ because the first order was lost and I got NEW bundle and then the First one arrived, too! Great – I don’t need to worry to finish them too soon. x Teje

  2. Love your fabric, so fun and whimsical. They make me smile. Just moved and already organized. Nellie has appointed herself supervisor which is a good thing. Over by the window she can keep an eye out for any mischief going on out in the garden and report it. : )

    • Thank you Sonja! Nelli is so fun – she just went inside the wardrobe! Usually doors are always closed so I never saw this happen before. She was hiding there for a moment but I wasn’t quick enough to take photo. So much still need to be organized … but I just made fun mini quilt … much more fun than organizing. x Teje

  3. heippa siskoseni, mahtavan piristavia vareja ! ja nuo talot etenkin on ihania!

    • Heippa! Eiko vaan! Ihana etta voi tehda ‘varikasta’ tyota! Talo kankaat ovat sarjasta ‘Heaven & Helsinki’! Kiitos viela langoista! x Teje

  4. Hi! Teje
    The tea cosys are great and you’re right – just the sort of project to do this time of year! I have a wordpress blog and had trouble with receiving comments from people on Google blogs. I’ve followed the steps outlined in this blog post (with a bit of hand-holding from my teenage son):
    Hope this helps!

  5. Reblogged this on daphnedawn and commented:
    Tea Cozy from Nero’s Post and Patch

  6. Love your little cozys and all your other colorful prettys. And you are right, hand stitching adds so much but sometimes it’s better to machine it. The threads are gorgeous and just perfect for your fabrics!!!
    I sure don’t know what Google is doing but it seems all the blogs are a bit screwed up because of it! Still super chilly here but a bit of a break coming by mid next week (when we are heading to south Texas in search of some warmth and visiting with friends).
    Your stitching ‘nest’ looks so inviting!!!! Hugs…………

    • Thank you so much Doreen! Too bad there are some ‘hick ups’ with commenting. That should easy and without no-reply and other stupid things. I’m happy for you to go to visit your friends and sunshine. Here it’s now sunny but really cold wind. More rain coming … but sometimes it has to rain other wise we wouldn’t have any lemons and oranges, not to mention all the olives! Have a great weekend! x Teje

      • If you “hear” of a solution for the Google ‘comment’ problem, please let me know. This has occurred before with Google and WordPress. I know it is a setting on THEIR blogs that’s causing all this trouble.
        You are right, the rain is needed so fruit and greenery can flourish. Hugs……………………………..

  7. Love your new tea cosy – great colours and fabrics. Nelly is so cute. I hope Nero made friends with the other dog. Woof! Baa!

  8. those are extraordinarily cute 🙂 I love the fabric

    • Thank you Laura! I’m wondering how warm it’s there now? We have chilly winter going on. Nice to quilt inside! Have a great weekend! x Teje

  9. Love this tea cozy! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  10. Talokangas on todella kaunista! Pannumyssysi on niin kiva, että aloin suunnitella omaani (vaikka sille ei edes taida olla juuri käyttöä!). Kiitos vinkistä, kävin ottamassa tutoriaalin Craftsylta talteen omaan “hyllyyni”. Täällä on nyt paljon lunta ja lisää luvassa. Iloisia ompeluksia!

    • Kiitos kovasti! Mulla on teepannu ja ajattelen etta jos silla ois kiva myssy niin vois kannustaa juomaan useamman hyvaa teeta. Siita tulee niin maukasta teepannussa etta mielellaan ottaa toisenkin kupillisen ja silloin on hyva etta myssy pitaa lampimana. Meilla paistaa aurinko mutta sadetta on luvassa. x Teje

  11. Loving those cute tea cosies, Teje! I just love dropping in to feast on the sea of beautiful combinations that you choose. You have such a good eye! Happy New Year to you all! Ros and Oscar x

  12. Ihania kankaita, niin aurinkoisia! Etenkin talokangas. Terveiset ja rapsutukset Nerolle.

  13. i love your use of fabrics! can you tell me where the houses fabric is from?

    • Thank you Cynthia! Those houses are from ‘heaven & helsinki’ by Patty Young for Michael Miller. I searched them now from several online Shops but couldn’t find. I think I bought them 2012, so it may be difficult to find them. Good Luck! x Teje

  14. I have been making tea cozies for nearly 30 years and have not seen anything as lovely as yours. The fabric is what makes it so unique. Your pattern and style are marvelous, may try your pattern today.

    • Thank you so much Marcy, for your sweet words! I love to make tea cosies and do hope someone still use them! I hope you like my tutorial. x Teje

  15. Lovely tea cosies – and nothing beats a really hot cup of tea!

  16. Love the houses fabric in your cases and the warmth of the oranges is gorgeous. Tea needs to be hot so you deserve a tea cosy or two!

  17. This is my first visit to your blog, your tea cozy is beautiful but so is everything you make and I love the fabric, too. Absolutely beautiful and so cheerful 🙂

  18. I like your tea cozy, and the fabrics you chose. I’ve been meaning to make one for a long time, yours turned out so well!

  19. Beautiful tea cosy! I like how you kept it simple (piecing and quilting). I pinned it because I really should make one with all the tea I drink and I think I could make one like yours pretty fast. And I like how you mixed the different motifs of the fabric, particularly the orange set. 🙂

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