Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Dala Horse


Hello dear friends! I’m so happy to finally show you something made with fabric! I guess it has been about one month since I sew something. I had decided to make first Dala horse, when ever I’m able to sew again.

Dala Horse

During the crazy busy moving time I followed Julianna’s “last minute Christmas Sampler QAL” and all the beautiful blocks you made. There was no chance to join you, but I saved all the patterns and promised to myself that I shall make them later. Julianna makes fantastic patterns and she was one of the pattern makers and hosters of the ‘Forest’ QAL which I joined last year and finally won the first prize with my ‘Fantasy Forest’ quilt!  Julianna’s blog is ‘Jednoiglec’.

new sewing room

My sewing room is now almost ready. Only need to fix still the ‘design wall’, to hang some quilts and the pin board. But I’m able to sew and so I started with foundation Paper piecing. It took a while to make the printer to believe that I really need these printed right now and not next week and then I was able to start …

dala horses

… still needed few hours to find my precious dala horses. Fortunately those two boxes with decorations were still in the corner of the dining room and easy to reach. I love those traditional Swedish wooden horses! If you like to learn a little about them, you can read about their history, see photos and little video how they are made, for example in this site: ‘The Swedish Wooden Horse’.

paper piecing

Foundation paper piecing needs concentrating. I did this between many other works and then ripped also many times. That’s not fun with the paper. And even when I thought I have all the pieces finished, I saw that there was some pieces missing and again ripping.

paper piecing

You see how the bag leg is; and I thought that the pieces are ready and I was ready to finish the block. Finally I did it. I feel my skills were a little bit rusty, because even I tried to be very careful, still the pieces don’t match perfectly.

paper pieced horse

You know how I usually love to MIX lots of colours and I wanted to add here some green, but then decided to stay with red and blue. This is going to be a pillow so I added frames to get the size I need (about 16.5 ” x 16.5″).

paper pieced dala horse

Yesterday evening I started to quilt this by hand. First some stitching around the horse and frame. And now I shall go to continue. That I shall show you next time because now there is a chance that I’ll be out of electricity, so it’s better I’ll send this right now.

Next time more about ‘NEW year’ stuff etc. Hope to see you soon!


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

30 thoughts on “Dala Horse

  1. Lovely sewing room Teje and pretty horse . Enjoy your week

  2. Your dala horse is lovely – your perseverance paid off:-) Happy New Year!

  3. Love the horse!! I have one painted like the small, traditional red one (but a bit larger). Where we live is the “heart” of an area settled long ago by the Swedes and Norwegians so I see a lot of these pieces. Looking forward to seeing the finish!!! Hugs…………..

    • Thank you Doreen! I had forgotten my little horses and remembered them when started to make this block. I’m happy to have these wooden horses again on the self to see them. We have again strong rain and storm is coming and perhaps even snow. So many problems with the weather. Hugs! x Teje

      • Yes, the weather these days does seem to have everyone’s attention. Many degrees below the zero mark here and the heating units are on “overtime” to keep up! I think a quilting day is in store for me today with no thoughts of venturing outdoors!!! Hugs………

        • How nice you were ‘on the line’ at the same time with me! I have been ironing but I think now it’s good time for a quilting brake! x Teje

          • Quilting is always a good way to divide the day!!! It’s a little after 7 a.m. and frigid here with a snow storm pending later today and then the temperatures will fall even further!! That is why I love quilting……they keep a body warm!!!! LOL!

  4. Moving is such a challenge! You survived. Love the Dala horse. A few years back, US cities had challenges to decorate animals (Chicago had cows; Lafayette had frogs; an Oregon city(maybe Bend) had bears). I visited a city with dala horses, but I don’t remember the city. It was the first I’d heard of them; they are indeed intriguing.

  5. This is wonderful piecing T! And great colour choice too! Happy quilting! Jxo

  6. Your horse looks lovely and the colours work really well together. Happy New Year Teje 🙂

  7. I love the Dala horses, yours is beautiful!

  8. So clever! I love your sweet dala horse.

  9. Ompeluhuoneesi näyttää hienolle! Samoin Taalainmaan hevonen, ja tuttua pallukkakangasta reunoissa. Oikein ihanaa uutta vuotta!

    • Kiitos kovasti ja anteeksi viivastynyt vastaus! Tosi kivoja nuo hepat ja onneksi muistin etta jonkun muuttolaatikon katkoissa onkin muutama sellainen. Tuossa pallukka kangaassa onkin ripaus vihreaa ja niin voin tikata vahan vihreaakin! x Teje

  10. Happy New Year Teje! As a swedish lady I really appreciate a good looking Dala Horse. Great idea!

  11. Such pretty fabrics! Love the red and blue. She’s a happy horse if I ever seen one! Nice job, Teje!

    • Thank you Lorna and sorry for the late answer! I think these colours are just perfect for the Dala Horse. But I feel I need to make Red one, too. x Teje

  12. Teje, So glad I found your blog this morning! You have beautiful work, and I’m looking forward to reading you often. Congratulations on your new home and move. I don’t envy the unpacking, though. Julie @ Pink Doxies

    • Thank you Julie! I’m also happy I found you! Looking for to see more your colourful sewings and your sweet dogs! I do hope we don’t move for a long time. x Teje

  13. Your Dala horse looks wonderful!

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