Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

3,5″ Project and info links


Hi friends – it’s snowing! Good month! Wow, who good believe that Christmas is so close! I haven’t had much time to sew and will share you one side Project of mine.

3 1/5 squares

I started a while ago this Project which I call at the moment “3 1/5” side Project. I have lots of names in my mind but couldn’t decide yet. I love my Fabrics as you, too – I know! So I was thinking how I could keep one little piece of every quilting fabric I have or have had.

3 1/5 squares

Because I really like squares, I thought to stick in those. If I would choose some pattern now, for sure I would soon change my mind. What size then? I thought that 3,5″ x 3,5″ is perfect. It doesn’t take too much fabric, it’s not too small to see the print, I hope it’s perfect size.  I shall cut squares from all the quilting cottons I have (I’m happy to say that I think I can find scraps even from my first quilting cottons). And all the time when I get NEW fabrics, I shall cut square from them.

During the Christmas holidays I used to enjoy my ‘own’ quilting Project – something just for fun, no press for the time, for the pattern etc. This time I was thinking to have fun with these squares, but I shall fix something else. I give you a small hint ….

new sewing room

You can see what this room was ment to be! More later.

Now for the great links and exciting things:

‘Spoonflower’ has Free Shipping during this Monday!!! For everyone!!! During the Monday 1.12.2014 8am – 8pm Eastern Standard Time.

* Alyce from “Blossom Heart Quilts” is hosting Japanese colour club and the subscription for the year 2015 is open!

* Kristy from ‘Quiet Play’ is offering -20 % from her Top 10 Paper piecing patterns! Kristy has made the patterns for alphabets that I use for my letters, great series Sew Kitchy, animals and lots of other fantastic patterns. I bought the bear few days ago.

* More Paper piecing: Super cute patterns from Julianna! I shall make some of these even after the Christmas! Click the photo below:

Christmas QAL

Julianna made some of the amazing patterns for the Forest QAL. You can see my ‘Fantasty Forest’ on the sidelist.

From my sidelist you can find easily also tutorials for some great Christmas sewings. For example:

fabric basket

tea cosy

make-up bag

cloth peg basket

I hope you have time to enjoy seasonal sewings! I try to take my sweet Hanna often to the beach. She loves to walk there and smell the ‘news’ from other dogs. Nero goes often with hb to play with one little dog in Maherida; he will tell you about that an other time.

Hanna on the beach

Nelli loves to sleep under the quilt in winter – can’t make her sleep some where else…

Nelli and quilt

Thank you for visiting and for writing so lovely comments! Hope to see you soon!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

25 thoughts on “3,5″ Project and info links

  1. Oooh, I see lots of white space…
    Wait – a vision appears … colour … and more colour … 😉

  2. Hello there Teje! Sorry I’ve not called in over the last week or two. Home and school have been busy, busy, busy! Love to see dear Nero and sweet Nelli. Love to that sweet tea cosy and the little bags. Gorgeous! Ross

  3. What an interesting project, a square from each fabric! Too bad I didn’t hear the idea long ago, some of my fabrics are long departed. It will be fun to see what you end up doing with them. Loved the photo of the cat snuggled under the quilt.

  4. Thank you Teje for the links to your tutorials : )

  5. Hi! Teje
    Thank you for your colourful, fun posts. The square idea is great. Someone told me she cuts down all her left-over fabrics into squares and rectangles but I’m not sure she knew what to do with them all! I have made one teacosy using your tutorial and I’m planning to make three more as Christmas gifts.
    Best wishes
    Allison, UK

    • Thank you so much Allison! I’m very happy to hear you are making tea cosies! They are fun to make and I hope to make one for myself soon. Have a lovely day! x Teje

  6. What a good idea to keep all those squares – but when wil you be ready to stop adding? Lol! I did make a strings quilt a while ago and many of the fabrics are reminders of early quilts I made! Thanks for the links, off to check them now xxx

    • Thanks you Benta! Good point – I was thinking that. I start to make blocks and when they look enough I sew them together. I think I shall make wall quilt/quilts, so I don’t have to wait too long time. Have a great day! x Teje

  7. That is a fun idea – keeping a square from all your fabrics. So exciting about the space!!!!

  8. Really like this idea Teje, lots you could do with these! Looking forward to what you come up with -they are gorgeous fabrics!

  9. I love your idea about saving squares – I’ll have to try it. I took a quick look at your sea glass jewelry… beautiful work and really nice photography .

  10. Hi dear Teje, yes we are flying towards Christmas now. I am glad you are still getting some creative time with all these lovely fabrics and it’s snowing on your blog in the sunshine ;0) xx

  11. That’s a great idea for saving your fabrics. That “Judy” square is really neat! I really like that last bag where you filled in the sun. Great use of applique!

  12. Sometimes a simple project like your squares is such a nice, refreshing break!! Enjoy. And so looking forward to that room make-over!! (Love your December header…the dogs in hats is adorable!)

    • Thank you so much Valerie! December is Super busy with moving and Christmas but organizing NEW sewing room helps. I just packed my stuff. Have a lovely weekend! x Teje

  13. This is genious! I would love to do that with all the fabrics I’ve ever bought! Maybe make one quilt each year…fantastic idea!

    • Thank you so much! It’s fun to see the earlier Fabrics and remember what we made with them. And to have a piece from those Special Fabrics which are hard to use. x Teje

  14. Lovely post, Teje! I liked the snow falling on your blog and all those pretty, colourful makes! Nelli looks so sweet under that gorgeous quilt.
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox

    • Thank you so much Helen! I’m so happy today Nelli will sleep again under the quilt. Moving went fine but then she got scared about all the men fixing tv etc. and disappeared for two days. She’s mostly at home so I was worried. I wish you wonderful Christmas time! x Teje

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