Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Fabric Tuesday


Hi Dear Friends! Today I have here dancing bears! It’s a pouch WHO made a trip to Finland. Hb had a quick visit to Finland at the end of the summer and needed a pouch to keep the gps. It’s always a challenge to make a ‘men’ style pouch, but lucky me, I had a small piece with dancing bears …

zipper pouch

It was a quick Project at the last minute. It had to be the smallest possible to fit the gps with the cable and base – he travels always very light.

zipper pouch

That’s why I didn’t even think to ask to bring me something. It was a really happy surprise to see what he picked from his small suitcase …

quilting magazines

… Quilting magazines, Finnish chocolate, Finnish coffee and also Moomins wall calendar! You can imagine how much I have enjoyed reading and searching these magazines (as I can’t find any from here)! On the way to Finland he had ‘Baklamas’ in his suitcase …


I have got also some Special Fabrics. Dear friend, Finnish woman living in Greece but far away from me, sent to me and Nero amazing surprise!

fabrics and sweets

Tuhannet kiitokset Anneli! Thank you so much Anneli! I love these Fabrics! I have already many ideas how to use them. And Special candies from Finland: Marianne and Kettu-karkit! All we Finns have memories with these candies and ‘Mariannes’ are my favourite (there is chocolate inside)! Anneli made also fantastic pouch with dog fabric … for Nero! It’s made with great and fun pattern and cute puppies …

draw string pouch

All this came with a beautiful patchwork card – yes, it is a patchwork on the card! Thank you Anneli! I hope you start your blog soon, so I can link to you and give all the credit to your beautiful work!

An other Special letter came from Vicky, WHO is my NEW blog friend from Germany. Vickie’s blog if ‘Veni Vidi Vicky’. Once I picked beautiful ‘un familiar’ fabric on Vicky’s quilt project and asked what it is. Amazing Vicky sent a big piece of that fabric to me! It’s from Ikea but I haven’t seen it before.

Ikea fabric from Vicky

Don’t you think this is just Super! And the beautiful card is very inspiring! Talking about inspiration, that I find from Vicky! She has made for example some unique and gorgeus hexagon quilts! Perhaps you saw them on ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’; if not, be sure to visit Vicky’s blog: ‘Veni Vidi Vicky’! Thank you so much Vicky! I adore this fabric and I could make many things with it, but I’m still saving it for something where it will show well!

I have to mention that I really love blogging! It’s one of the special ways to make friends all around the World and to share our stories. I was so happy that we changed some emails with Vicky and I heard that she has a Greek rescue dog! These days I have started to visit the beach with Hanna (my sweet rescue puppy). The beach is now nice and empty … quiet enough to teach Hanna to behave calm if we meet cats and perhaps even dogs.

If you follow me on Instagram, you can see happy Hanna on the beach. I still need to learn how to get the photos from camera and google gallery to my blog.


I was thinking to send this photo to to Vicky but then thought why not show it here because it’s inspiration for a quilt. Visit Vicky’s blog and you’ll understand! What you think Vicky? In Real this is a page from Finnish magazine and it shows how many wines from each country, you can find in the local alcohol shops. In Finland we have still separate shops for alcohol; only beer and cider are availabel in super markets.

Then I did some shopping …


I really like books, reading and letters – any kind – and of course also written Fabrics! When I saw these on Ayumi’s blog, I knew they were perfect for me. When I received the parcel, I was thinking that just to see those most cute and beautiful stamps and japanese tekst was worth of ordering Fabrics from Japan! Shipping is surprisingly cheap and quick. There are still some of these in her etsy shop!

Ayumi had added few lovely pieces for surprise present and everything was lovely packed! Thank you Ayumi!


I have ‘visited’ again also Cindy’s shop, one of my favourites, ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’! This was the ‘missing’ parcel but fortunately it found me! Now unfortunately the ‘secret’ season has began and everyone starts to post: ‘sorry can’t show’ much etc. so also I have to say that some of the Fabrics from Cindy will stay behind the scenes but these I can show you now. Cold winter light change the colours more blue than they are in Real…


Some solids were missing from my stash … and still many colours are missing but my solid stash looks already better. I couldn’t resist these peacocks! Cindy has just listed again NEW Fabrics to her shop ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’! There is always too many ‘I need to get this’ Fabrics! Cindy’s blog is here.

greek sunset

Thank you so much for visiting and thank you for writing adorable comments! I really enjoy reading your thoughts! Sorry if I don’t have always time to answer but I do my best, some weeks just are too busy. Now I’ll go to my secret project … I just wish I could show you because I think it will be something …

PS. This sunset is from here and you can see the famous light House of Chania.


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

10 thoughts on “Fabric Tuesday

  1. You have a very special hb, Teje, to remember the things you love. Is the last picture from Finland? It’s really a gorgeous photo.

    I can imagine many new projects will come out of your new fabrics, too!

  2. Hi Teje, what a wonderful bundle of goodies your dear husband brought home for you. He must have loved his Bear pouch, it’s brilliant. Blogging is such a friendly world isn’t it, I really love being a part of it. Have a lovely week xx

  3. what a sweet husband you have. I doubt my boyfriend would even that there’s such a thing as quilting magazines 😉 I love the pouch you made him. It’s so hard to sew for men, but you nailed it!
    Thank you so much for your lovely words about my blog, you’re far too kind. I’m very happy I could share my fabric with you!!
    xx Vicky

  4. Sweet hubby. Drooling just a bit over the fazer chocolates.

  5. Happy post day for sure – love Nero’s bag!

  6. Hello Teje. What a lovely post. Your HB was very thoughtful to bring such lovely gifts from Finland. And so many super parcels. I looove the peacock fabric. Look forward to seeing the secret. Love Trills, aka, But I’m actually in New Zealand. Xx

  7. Hei Teje! Riikikukkokangas – ah! Taitaa olla pakko tehdä tilaus tuonne Cindyn kauppaan! Mutta raaskiiko sitä pilkkoa tai edes käyttää. Kaupasta löytyi aika paljon muutakin ihanaa. Ja se on Euroopassa. Kiitos vinkistä!

  8. Lots of lovely fabric to touch and drool over. And what lovely friends to send you such special things. Love Nero’s bag! Super pouch you made for your husband.

  9. Love all of your packages from near and far. Have fun with new fabric, dear Teje. Thanks for visiting my blog!! Love the Baglama.
    Happy Weekend,
    Anne D.T.
    PlumCreek22 Studio

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