Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Vof vof dear friends! Teje is busy with stitiching the quilt so I thought it’s time for me to fix  a gift away!

Nero's Gif Away

I had a birthday last month but we were too busy to celebrate it in my blog so this is now for my birthday! I’m now 10 years young. To have a birthday with ‘around years’ like 10, is Special … they say, I don’t know. But that’s why I chose this time different present for you.

Nero's Gift Away

I made this bracelet especially for you! I hope you don’t mind me wearing it. I’m very careful model and never move at all when I’m wearing something to show in my blog.

Nero made bracelet

This bracelet is made with different beads, sewn on leather cord and then I have sewn little beads on the sides. When I know the winner, I’ll ask your size and if this is too big, I’ll make an other one in your size.

Nero's Gift Away

I found a great, little calendar with photos from GREECE and thought that this would be nice for you. They are bookmarks … one for each month. I like the photo in the cover and the funny letters! Blue and white are so …. blue and white … just Super! Colours of the sea and sky!

Bracelet by Trikimia

This bracelet if from Trikimia’s NEW collection. If you have a moment, step in to our shop: ‘TRIKIMIA’.

basting the quilt

Tuesday we had pin soup! This time I basted the quilt on the floor by all the ‘rules of art’. First washed the floor, then taped the backing fabric on it, then spread out well the fleece (which I’m often using for wadding as I can’t get thin, cotton wadding here and ordering is very expencive) and then the same for the quilt Top. I like to say about the fleece that it Works well. It makes light and very nice quilt. Quilting it by hand is also comfortable. But it you can use natural material, that would be my choise.

When I started to quilt I had a serious problem about the wadding and then one quilter friend told to me that she uses fleece. So don’t let the lack of Materials stop you if you like to make quilts! I started with some up-cycled Fabrics and what ever I found from my stash. Now I’m very happy to say that slowly I have managed to gather a good collection … of course we always ‘need’ more but I’m happy with my Fabrics! And there are many NEW to show to you.

quilt basting

Spoon helps a lot when closing the pins. I have now curved safety pins; they are good but a little bit hard to close so the spoon helps to save your nails. For the quilting I chose Perle no 8 cotton in green because I want to add some grass and walk paths on this quilt.



This time I quilt in the living room watching movies! The part of the quilt I’m are stitiching is on my lap and the rest is on the table to avoid my fur flying on the quilt (I still manage to throw hairs here and there).

Bracelet by Trikimia

So back to my Gift Away. If you like to win my birthday present, leave me a comment on this post. If you follow me, you have a second chance by leaving an other comment telling me how you follow. If you like to share this gift away in your block, I shall add your name once again to the lottery bowl. Let me know if you linked to my gift away.

As I like mysteries, I have again one question for you. Tell me in your comment what you think here is …

Nero's mystery question

My gift away is open to all my friends and I shall pick the winner 6th of November 2014.

colourful crochet

I have a wonderful crochet Project going on but didn’t have time to tell about that yet. Here is a little sneaky peaky for you. One of you made me to start this! but more about this on an other time. Oh, how I enjoy colours!

Nero and Hanna

After all that jewelry modelling we needed a good revart … and we got good doggy sticks!

Nero and Hanna

Now I leave you to wonder what there is in that mystery photo … do your best and don’t forget to tell me what you think it is. Here is a little decoration I made for you …

autumn leave

… and me … I chose the background by my self and didn’t want to turn…

Nero 10 years

Do you see the funny tin with cows and feta cheese?! It’s not actually called feta if it’s from cow’s milk. To be named as Feta Cheese it has to be made with sheep’s milk. I thought to make this ‘trash tin’ to my sewing room … but perhaps I just put a flower pot in it. I’m not sure if I want to have cheese in my sewing room.

quilting by hand

Now I wish you all GOOD LUCK!!! Hope to see you in the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’! The button is on my sidelist, so by clicking that magic button, you step into the festival!

give away

Hugs and kisses from rainy Crete! Wow, I can feel how the thursty trees and flowers enjoy the water and they look like growing in the eyes!




Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!


  1. Hello Nero!
    Congratulations! 10 years are a big step in a himan life.
    I follow your nlog by Bloglovin, so I like to have two chances to win.
    Thanks a lot and greetings,

  2. Happy Birthday from a blustery England!
    Is your mystery pic the froth that forms when the waves break on the pebbles?? no idea if it has a proper name!!
    I love the bracelet – such a fabulous colour

  3. Email follower!

  4. Great modelling job Nero! Not sure about cheese in the sewing room either. Are you washing dishes? No clue what the bubbles are?

  5. I follow on Feedly!

  6. Wonderful post, Nero, and a belated “Happy Birthday”. May I say, you look very well for such advanced age?? That bracelet is gorgeous and in my fave colors… ‘anything’ has my immediate attention!!!! Given that I am a voracious reader, the bookmarks would be put to good use, also!!. Your color-sense and quirky creativity are (I suspect) totally YOU, Teje!!!! I love the green perle cotton for your stitching. Raining here today, also. A lovely Autumn day. Hugs…….

  7. I also follow on Linkedin and get those notifications…….2nd reminders are a good thing! LOL!

  8. Ooops………..forgot your “mystery photo”. Could be sea water/foam on shore rocks????

  9. I think mystery photo is sea foam! I love the blog

  10. I follow you on Bloglovin

  11. Bubbles look like foam from the sea

  12. Happy Birthday, Nero!
    That bracelet is beautiful and in my favorite colors. Thank you for the chance to win it!
    Your quilt with the different triangle designs is very cool.
    The mystery picture…I would say it is your sink while washing your dishes.

  13. Oh, and I follow you through the blog list on my blog.

  14. Happy birthday to Nero! I think your mystery photo shows something tasty boiling in a pan. Gorgeous bracelet Teje. Love from England 🙂

  15. It looks like spume at the ocean’s edge as it meets the sand.
    Great quilt and wonderful giveaway.

  16. I follow you, i think, with blog lovin’.
    Happy stitching!

  17. Happy birthday Nero!!!!! Here’s to many more!!
    I follow by e-mail

  18. Happy birthday Nero! Wow 10 years old is 70 years old in dog years…
    About the mystery photo…Did you get a bubble bath lately?…
    Your quilt is beautiful and I can’t wait to see it completed.
    Always enjoy your posts. 🙂

  19. Oh! And I follow you with Bloglovin.

  20. Vov vov Nero 🙂 glad to hear all is well. My visits to the blog are too frequent and scattered these days. Life here is super busy and gets in the way of reading blogs as well as updating my own. But do tell me. The quilt looks fabulous – a bloggers quilt festival contribution perhaps?

  21. Ihan tarina, Nero! Olet nyt saman ikainen kuin minun Ukko-koira. Luulen, etta kuvassa on sinun vaahtokylpy odottamassa.

  22. I think the mystery photo is foam formed by the sea washing over pebbles. the colors and lay-out of your triangle and hexi quilt is great.

  23. I follow you by email. Happy Birthday Nero – you’re a handsome boy!

  24. Woof, woof, Nero – what a great post – congratulations on reaching double digit birthdays now.
    WE think it is your lovely owners gem stones having a wash! To make them all shiny and pretty.

  25. Happy birthday Nero! You are a wonderful model! And your birthday bracelet is beautiful! I think those are ‘sea bubbles’ hiding some lovely sea glass or a mysterious creature! jxo

  26. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Nero happy birthday to you xxxxx

  27. Dearest Nero, I have followed you since Teje and I “met” at a bloggers quilt fesitval many years ago – when you were not much more than a puppy!!!! And the bubbles? Did you have a bath?

  28. Happy birthday Nero! You are such a good boy helping your mom on the blog! You are a great model too! Very handsome! I follow your blog and love the email when there is a new post!

  29. Happy birthday from my furry friends Liska and Lucy. We all follow you from blogger dashboard

  30. Oops D is actually Dianne! I think you may be washing olives, although I’m not sure it’s the right season.

  31. Happy Birthday, Nero, you handsome boy! That bracelet is so beautiful and I think it is good luck that you are modeling it for us. Everyone will want one for their very own. Another lovely quilt made even more fetching with hand stitching. Tell your mom we follow you on Facebook, e-mail and Instagram. That looks like soap bubble on shiny, smooth stones, but I’ll bet it’s not. Hug from your friend, Lady Caroline

  32. Hello Nero. You are such a handsome fellow and I am a fond follower through my email. I signed up to WordPress just so I could comment. I do have a blog. Trillspatch.blogspot and I will try to mention you soon. I quilt, crochet and dabble in crafts, collecting doilies and other things to upcycle. I always enjoy your blog. Love Trills.xx

  33. Such nice gifts, and the bracelet modelled in a cute manner! Happy birthday to your blog! Osallistun arvontaan ja osallistu sinäkin minun arvontaani Tilkunviilaajan blogissa! Linkitän sun giveawayhisi heti seuraavassa postauksessani, joten kaksi arpaa. Kiitos vielä, että bloggaat aurinkoiseen tapaasi!

  34. Happy Belated birthday Nero and thanks for the chance to win your beautiful bracelet!!!

  35. I”m a fan and follow vie GFC and I have ya right on my blogroll so to never miss a post!!!!!YAH!

  36. Mystery picture….bubbles from washing you car?????? LOL! I just went for the first thing that came to mind! 🙂

  37. Happy birthday Nero – you are such a talented dog and I love the bracelet you have made. How kind of you to give it away.

  38. What a very beautiful bracelet, Nero! You modelled it perfectly! I would love to have the chance to win it please. Happy birthday! And the bubbles…? Are they sea foam washing round the rocks??
    Happy week to you all!
    Helen xox

  39. Hello sweet Nero,

    Happy birthday! And you have a lovely bracelet to give away, looks great on you but I would love it too 🙂 And the bubbles… what are you doing….? Is Teje felting something with soap…? For Christmas already?

    Happy last days of October!


  40. …and I am a follower who gets your lovely posts via email the minute you put your paw on the “publish” button! Thank you!


  41. I’ve been so long getting back to blogging (summer was a bit of a bummer) and we’ve missed your wonderful posts! Happy, happy birthday, Nero. You know you are my hero! (and we’ve been following you for a loooong time (‘cept I haven’t been so good here lately)).

    Pee Ess: Mom (Ann Crowder) sent your Mom a FB request. She hopes we can get back in the groove!

  42. Happy Birthday! Very cute doggies 🙂

  43. Happy birthday Nero! I love reading your posts by email and look forward to seeing all the lovely quilts. I appreciated the tip on using fleece instead of wadding – you’ll have to tell me where you buy it. The bracelet is such a deep blue so I hope I win it. As for the mystery photo, is it fermenting grapes when you make wine? Or is that wishful thinking?

    • Hi Nora! I buy fleece white fleece blankets where ever I see soft and with good price. I prefer thin one because it the fleece is thick, the quilt may be too ‘stiff’. Thank you for your comment! x Teje

  44. Paljon onnea blogillesi:)

  45. Onnittelut minultakin, mysteerikuvassa taitaa olla se ihana merenvaahto josta Afroditekin syntyi.
    Kiva vinkki tuo fleecen käyttäminen peiton pehmusteena. Yhdellä arvalla mukana arvonnassa.

  46. I follow you through WordPress. I always enjoy reading about your dogs and the area you live. Thanks for a beautiful giveaway. I collect bookmarks wherever I go.

  47. The photo is sea foam over the rocks.

  48. I’m so glad to have discovered your blog. I love the fact that it is full of photos of your creations.
    Is the photo one of your crochet project being washed?

  49. I’ll be following from today on Bloglovin

  50. I have an email subscription to your blog and I follow you on bloglovin. I enjoy your blog , especially because of you dogs!