Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Quilt top with economy blocks


Hi dear Friends! I really enjoyed making this quilt top! I love the economy block and these colours make me smile!

quilt top with economy blocks

For a long time I desired to make something using pink, orange and red. They create really sweet candy-look!


Choosing the colours and cutting the squares.


The economy block is easy to cut and fun to make. I used 4″ x 4″ squares in the center. Then 2 x {4″ x 4″} squares cut in half for the inside triangels and 2 x {5″ x 5″} squares cut in half for the outside triangles.


I used white to make the colours shine! Every second block has white outside. In the center I didn’t want to use plain white solid, so I used Fabrics with very light colour/volume.

economy quilt blocks

After adding the inside triangles, I trimmed it to 5.5″ x 5.5 and after the outside triangles I trimmed the block to 8″ x 8″.

economy block

Design wall was again my best friend when trying to arrange these blocks. I do suggest you make design wall in any possible way you can.

quilt project by teje

Most of the times I work block by block … only very seldom I do ‘serial production’ …

economy blocks by teje

Preparing  breakfast!

fabric soup

Finally I managed to arrange the blocks and sew them together … no mistakes this time …didn’t mix the rows or Lines – thanks to my design wall!

economy blocks

Then I was also lucky with the weather. We have most of the time sunshine but now it’s time for a change. We had already few little rains but now it’s summer again and from tommorrow should be even more hot – perhaps even +30C!

quilt top with economy blocks

This quilt if any, asked to be photographed  in sunshine! Sorry about the shadow line, can’t avoid that in this little garden.

quilt top by teje

I’m really looking for to make this same pattern with turquoise, blue and green Fabrics!

quilt top by teje

This is a small baby quilt and quick to make. I thought that I could have finished this quilt even quilting by hand, but last week was again too busy with other things. And now my next work is to finish this quilt to join the Blogger’s Quilt Festival. I can start basting on Tuesday … so I’m not sure if ‘I make it’ in time. I don’t have any plan yet how to quilt it, but I have green grass in my mind.

economy quilt top

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you have spent wonderful weekend, rested and are ready for a new week! Thank you also for your lovely comments!


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

41 thoughts on “Quilt top with economy blocks

  1. Teje, thanks so much for teaching me something new! I would never use red, orange and pink together before your post, but now I would! And a baby quilt with Moomins–how perfect.

    • Thank you Karen! ‘Old times’ I used to think also that pink and orange can’t be together but here they are and I love the look! We should be more brave to try unexpected colour combinations – only by trying we can see if they are good or not. x Teje

  2. Love it Teje! The colours look great together

  3. Beautiful quilt – as will be the eventual turquoise one, too 🙂

  4. The colours you have put together in this cute quilt are beautiful T! Love economy blocks too! Jxo

    • Thank you Judith! Quilting is so much fun because we can use all the colours we enjoy – today these and next time something else. Happy week to you! x Teje

  5. I can see my little “friends” peeking out from some of those blocks…saying “hello”! I absolutely am in love with this one and can you straight stitching it with orange and yellow and pink threads…..yes! all those colors!!!!!! You will choose well, I’m sure!!!! Hugs…………………

  6. Such fun colours in this quilt. It’s like candy!

  7. A wonderful top! I love the fabrics, especially the finnish Mumins! 🙂

  8. Hei Teje! Kuviasi katsoessani ajattelin, että sinisistä ja turkooseista tulisi aika kiva peitto tuolla mallilla, ja sitten sinä kirjoitit saman! Tykkään kovasti kyllä tästä karkkiversiostakin. Täällä sataa, ja loppuviikoksi on luvattu pakkasia. Mies vaihtaa parhaillaan talvirenkaita. Meillä kesä on taaksejäänyttä – tältä vuodelta. Nauti auringosta!

    • Hei ja kiitos kivasta kommentista! Tykkaan naista karkki vareista mutta heti ajattelin etta haluan tehda myos poikien varisen – kuten sinun tahtipeittosi. Voi voi jos tulee pakkasta, mutta onhan se jo lokakuun loppupuolta. Meilla on yha lamminta ja aurinkoista. Usein on hyvaa ilmaa jouluun asti ja sitten on kylmaa ja sateista huhtikuulle asti. Koitan pistaa aurinkoa pussiin sinullekin! x Teje

  9. Another stunning quilt Teje. Love the fabric colours and designs. Fun! Ros

  10. It’s me Teje! Seem to be having trouble leaving you a comment! Rod

  11. Hi Teje,
    thank you for the lovely comment on my blog!
    I am a new follower of your blog, and I really love your style.
    The color choices for the economy blocks are fabulous, and you are right, a design wall is so important. Makes live a lot easier for us quilters. 🙂
    Greetings from germany,

  12. Love this colour combination and I really like the idea of an I spy baby quilt – the fussy cut centres are really lovely!

  13. The colours are stunning! Love it.

  14. Looking lovely – really happy and bright.

  15. Love your colorful quilt! I too love to work one block at a time.

    • Thank you! I like to see right away how each block looks and how it goes with the others. That takes more time and now I thought to be patient and do like this. x Teje

  16. Such a sunny, happy quilt. I’m pretty crazy about the economy block myself. Need to get mine quilted up!

    Lucky you, sunshine and warm weather. We’re headed into fall, although it’s my favorite season, so I won’t complain much.

    • Thank you so much! I’m sure this is the First economy quilt in a long Line – great pattern. Autumn is also my favourite season. x Teje

  17. Your square in a square blocks are so crisp, and I like the alternating grid work with the bright white. Lovely flimsy!

  18. Hi Teje, what a super happy quilt you made. I love seeing those sweet Moomins there too. Enjoy the end of October and your sunshine xx

  19. Love this!!! The colors are wonderful. I just finished an economy quilt top too!! They are so fun to make!

  20. Another beautiful quilt, I love the colors you chose. Lovely!

  21. I love orange and pink; hadn’t thought about adding red. Now I will. Your quilt is lovely.

  22. Hello Teje,

    I am back to commenting (I have had THE BUSIEST month) but I have seen these lovely blocks getting together at Instagram – beautiful! Those colors go perfectly together, and a little Moomin is a perfect touch too, that quilt is simply perfect! Happy sewing!

    Happy last days of October!


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