Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Nero: Baby Quilt and Winner!


Vof vof vof! It’s Nero here and I have the winner ….. yeeeeeee! but don’t say yet …… yeeeee!

Double Hour Glass baby quilt by Teje

Because First I want to show you the baby quilt I finished. What a great pattern that ‘double hour glass’ is! I shall absolutely use this block many times again.

double hour glass

I quilted by paw – just Lines following the seams.

quilt backing

Okey, then me … and Hanna preparing ouselves for the lottery … to pick the name to see WHO wins Laura’s quilt pattern ‘Plum Crazy’!


It’s serious job so we had to relax and concentrate. Then we were ready to start. All the names written on Paper patches, put in the bowl … yes they are all there. But then I thought No, I don’t like this, to take one Paper only. But I was told that that’s the thing now, one winner … so I did my best …

give away winner 1

I was sniffing the papers even of course I couldn’t notice any difference. Finally I said, now or never and threw one Paper on the Air …

give away winner 2

I swear throught the stone and stump, honour and conscience that I picked the winner without knowing the names on the papers. And the winner is …. ‘annelilk’ !!! yeeee! I shall write to you asap (hah haa, I know that means as soon as possible)! Congratulations Anneli!!!

double hour glass baby quilt by teje

For the First time I would like to show you something else and not the quilt that I need to show. What’s that?! Hmmm, at the weekend I finished already an other baby quilt Top and can’t wait to show it! But First things First …

baby quit by teje

I thought this little garden doesn’t have anything interesting to search, to photograph, to set a quilt. The ground is dry and stupid, not even one green hay can be found … but then I saw something little …


Nothing to compare to my old garden with wonderful, soft grass … but green it is. This was not the thing I First noticed. I looked the dry, dirty ground and my eye picked something white …


Lesson learnt again, don’t forget to “see the smallest” …

white feature

Ah, forgot to show how tired I was after picking the winner … okey, not so tired but it was nice to lie down and take care of the entrance.


Before I go to do some colourful crochet, I would like to tell you the latest news with ‘nerospost’; we are now in Instagram! Finally we landed to this century and have a smart phone to allow us to join the fun in Instagram. This was the right moment because we are all the time so busy. I guess that’s the reason for all of us to use Instagram. Other wise I’m not sure if I would have started one more thing to play and not to quilt. But it’s really fun and I was amazed how many friends saw me there and started to follow already! Thanks guys – it was a great welcome! So there I am – I don’t know if I should add here “hatchiuuw” or something but I hope you find me there. If you like, tell me your ‘name’ to find you there.

couble hour glass baby quilt by teje

Thank you so much for joining the give away! Laura’s pattern is so fantastic. You can get yours HERE.

Thank you for reading my stories and writing to me wonderful comments! They make my day! Hope to see you soon because I have lots of things to show … from quilting to crochet, sweet yarns and cool Fabrics.

By the way, my lost Fabrics arrived. Just the day after Cindy sent them again! So now I wait to see if the second parcel arrives.

Hugs and kisses!!!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

25 thoughts on “Nero: Baby Quilt and Winner!

  1. Nero, I am so impressed by the way you picked the lottery winner! You have a great system! And your paws and Teje’s hands do such little and precise stitches for the quilting–impressive and beautiful!

  2. A beautiful quilt and congratulations to annelik!
    Greetings, Rike

  3. White feathers are a gift from the angels so you are a lucky dog, Nero.

  4. Oh another lovely finish! I love your hand stitching!!
    Congrats to Annelik…enjoy!

  5. Beautiful hand quilting Teje. Pretty quilt

  6. Käsintikkauksiasi ihmettelen ja ihalen! Miten ihmeessä noin tasaiset tikit? Mitä lankaa käytät tikkaamiseen? Minulla alkoi lomaviikkoa, kamalasti puuhaa olen kuitenkin onnistunut sille kasaamaan. Ei liene ihan loman tarkoitus? Lämpimin terveisin!

    • Kiitos kovasti! Tikkaan niilla Perle no 8 cotton langoilla. Niissa on ihania vareja ja kiva kiilto. Ihan helppo on tikata tuon verran suoraa! Itse aloin kun en voinut tikata koneella – onneksi – koska on paljon helpompaa ja nopeampaa kuin olisin arvannut. Suosittelen! Hyvaa lomaa! x Teje

  7. Another ‘happy’ finish and the stitching is just the perfect addition! I haven’t yet joined the Instagram “movement”. So much already that takes me from the sewing so I really don’t want another…..but, to you, congrats for taking the step!!! And congrats to Anneli!!!!!!

    • Thank you Doreen! I was feeling the same with you but now thought that because I don’t have time to post as often as I used to, I can share few shoots there, Have a lovely day! x Teje

      • Having friends for lunch-time and will be very enjoyable and relaxing. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the blog posts in my “Reader” and how to read all….sigh. Maybe, I will have to investigate “Instagram” more closely. Of course the ‘real’ difficulty is that I feel like all my bloggy friends are deserving of a reply from me (and they are!) so I read the posts and do all replies, cuz that’s what “friends” do!!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

        • Right my friend! You are the best with answers! I feel that my quilting ‘circle’ in blogs is more quiet lately. I think we are all more busy. But I love blogging and it’s totally different with Instagram. I like the stories we can make here with our photos, tutorials etc. etc. Enjoy your ‘meeting’! x Teje

  8. Hi Teje. Just found your blog and love your quilts. But love your dogs even more. I’ve just moved country (New Zealand to Perth, Australia) and yet to get my dog over here with me, such great companions while we sew 🙂

  9. What a lovely quilt!! The stiches are so beautiful, so perfect…Nice work!

  10. I will borrow this double hourglass pattern from you! It is perfect for the spool quilt I am planning to make!

  11. Lovely baby quilt Teje, and thank you Hanna for your help! 🙂

  12. The baby quilt is so pretty, Teje. I now follow you on Instagram, too =)

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