Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Nero: My Sewing Room


Vof vof girls and boys! I hope you are fine and having a great time! Because I was helping to quilt the baby quilt, I thought that at the same time I could give you a tour around our sewing room. The view from the window is not the best, but who looks outside when sewing – at least there comes lots of light!

 sewing room

Here you have the general view from the room we are now sewing and storing all our materials + many other things. See the new ironboard cover – turquoise! It’s not made by me because I was too busy to sew funnier things.

Teje's sewing room

From the door: on the right side there is small office section. Computer works I do usually outside or on the dining table (note: my plates are on the kitchen floor). After the ‘office’, there are big selves for many things. At the end, under the window there are boxes with fabrics, baskets with yarns. On the left side there are unfortunately lots of other things in the boxes, bed covers, towels, table cloths, paintings etc. If I just had that space to put a comfortable arm chair to have a nap when Teje is sewing!

Teje's sewing room

My table has two parts. There is a lacquered board over two selves. That self on the left has boxes filled with ribbons …. hmmmm I can’t even remember what all supplies there are … The self with drawers is full of my painting stuff. There is oil paints, akrylics, water colours, pastels, brushes + knives …. oh I want to painting! On the left I have a table (from our old taverna) and under that there is a big storage box for my finished sewings. Now that’s almost empty because they went already to the shop – but that’s an other story.

hat, moose, helmet

My dear moose is always in my sewing room – where ever that is. It is a ‘glove puppet’! Now fortunately we received our big wardrope to put all the jackets, hats etc. This small fleece with cats is Special to me because when my sister was here, we bought together same small blankets. Now when we sew on a cold winter day, we keep them on our lap – she in England and I’m here in Greece. Those cat figure inspires me to make a quilt, because they are simple and fun.

Teje's sewing room

Here you see better those white boxes on the open self. They are from ice cream! We used to have restaurants. I wish I had kept more of them because they are so practical. My pin cushion has liquorice on it and it’s now in the small box because I noticed that’ it’s much easier to use like that. On the table, in the smaller white box there are the most important tools: scissors, cutters, markers, ripper and the needle-case in use. On the tray: scraps from the ‘going on’ project (I use all the time trays). Behind the sewing machine is small case for bobbins.

Teje's sewing room

In those wardrobes are stored so many things – mostly something I don’t need now, so I was able to hang there fleece blanket to use as a design wall. Still it’s easy to take down, if I need to open the doors (which I have to do now and then because my waddings are there). Smaller pieces of wadding are in the big basket behind the last table.

My best, good and favourite Quilting Fabrics are in those clear boxes. They are sorted out by colours: blue/turquoise, red/orange/yellow, green/brown, solids and one box for mixed that has more special prints. But I need more boxes. These are now too full and I want to have each colour separate … or should I organize them in some other way? Solid box is full and I’m just waiting to get few new colours…

On the big self there are boxes with threads, up on the self there are tins with buttons etc.

Teje's sewing room

There are my quilting and other craft books (not so many), magazines (‘Maalais Unelma’, ‘Koti ja Keittio’, ‘Country Living’, ‘Novita’). There is my Accu Go Baby! cutter, hexagon-Project tupperware, red bag to go to the shop. Blue, big boxes has home decor Fabrics, canvas type Fabrics etc. On the floor I have rug made by my mother!

So that’s all around in my sewing room. I’m very happy with this room full of sunlight! Walls are still empty because it’s not sure yet how long time we stay in this house. But at the moment I feel good and creative in this room and I’m so happy for the good light and that we can all be together here …

Nero and Hanna

This photo of me and Hanna is taken in the evening so you see we have good light even after the sunset.

Would you like to see about the quilting? In the evening, relaxing moment …

Teje's quilting room

From the beginning …

basting a quilt

Quilting by hand … tools you need …

quilting by hand

Half of the diagonal Lines are now quilted so soon this quilt is finished and I can start new one!

quilting by hand

Thank you for visiting my sewing space! I hope you enjoyed the tour! Thank you also for all the fabulous messages you write to me! I send you big, furry hugs!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

31 thoughts on “Nero: My Sewing Room

  1. Olen saanut tämän sivun Armi Karjalaisen kautta. Olin namisissa hänen veljensä kanssa. Minun suomenkieli ei ole niin hyvä mutta tovottavasti ymmärrät. Minä harrastan myös tilkkutäkin ompelua. Olen ollut jäsenä ” Rikstäcket” joskus vuonna 1993 lähtien. Olen suomenruotsalainen ja muutin ruotsiin 1969. On kivaa nähdä mitä muut ompelee. Terveisiä / Else Eklöf

    • Hei Else! Ihana kun kirjoitit! Suomesi nayttaa kylla taydellisesta mutta minulle voi kirjoittaa myos englanniksi tai jopa Ruotsiksi vaikken siita paljon muistakaan, mutta olisipa pakko yrittaa. Toivottavasti pysyt porukassa taalla minun blogissa! Jos ehdit niin laita joskus kuvia tai viestia nerospost(at)gmail)dot)com – on aina kiva nahda mita muut ompelee, kuten sanoit. Paljon terveisin! Teje

  2. I love seeing other peoples sewing spaces.
    I (currently) sort by type of fabric; canvas/home dec, wools, fancy satins, flannels, quilting cottons – which are divided by color.

  3. Thanks for showing us your sewing room, Nero. Looks as if you have organised things really well in your wonderful space.

  4. What a lovely room! So bright and happy.

  5. Thanks for sharing your space with us. I always like seeing where everyone sews. Yours looks so inviting and cozy.

    • Thank you Valerie! It is in deed nice to visit other sewing rooms. I’m happy with mine but dream of course about more space and white ‘ikea’ furnitures! x Teje

  6. Kiitos työhuonekuvista, näyttää niin hienolle ja siistille! Tuttu punainen Pirkka-kassikin näkyy hyllyn päällä olevan, minä olen ostanut niitä urakalla ja säilön mm. lankojani niissä. Kyllä tuolla ompelu sujuu! Mukavaa alkavaa viikkoa!

    • Kiitos kaynnista – harmi kun en saanut kahvia! Ja harmi kun en ostanut tuollaista kassia vihreanakin kun mulla on Pirkan edellista malliakin punaisena (siina on jotain hedelman kuvia). Ovat tosi katevia ja mullakin on yhdessa huovutus tarpeet. Hauskaa viikkoa sinullekin! x Teje

  7. I love your studio!!!! The window light is awesome!!! Bright and happy just like you and your beautiful creations!!!! Thanks for the ‘tour’ and happy sewing…………………………..

  8. Hello Nero&Teje,

    What a lovely place to sew you have! So many lovely boxes full of crafting goods, and everything so tidy and neat – and colorful. You all will be spending so many happy hours there quilting.

    Wishing you a happy October!


    P.S. Nero: Please tell Teje that if she ever runs out of salmiakki, I am only so happy to help her out with that 🙂

    • Thank you so much Mia! She has lots of things there … I need to push her to work more. Salmiakki helps to make straight stitches – she said. Hugs! Nero

  9. It looks such a calm place! Just right for two dogs to snooze in!

  10. Thanks for the tour…It’s lovely to see your space and see where you create 🙂

  11. Wow, that looks perfect! And I guess not as hot as your attic was?

  12. Oh, Nero, I just love your sewing studio ! Thank you for the tour . Wonderful light and a tiny glimpse out the window looks like it might be really pretty outside too. You are right, you need an arm chair –so much easier to give encouragement and advice when you can see things better. The baby quilt is so charming and the hand stitching just adds that extra dimension .

  13. I love viewing others sewing rooms…get alot of ideas and inspiration for the part of sewing we seldom think we need to include in our world! Love the shelves.. I prefer to be able to see everything i have..or I forget I have it! followed you from Quilt Story linky!

  14. I love seeing your sewing room! I always think it is nice to have a window for the natural light. Your quilt is lovely!

  15. Such a happy place – your sewing space! Looks beautiful! So bright. Lots of room for Hanna and Nero. Enjoy your quilting!

  16. Very nice! Love your sewing room, looks like you have plenty of natural light. Beautiful quilt you are working on…

  17. Such a lovely, bright space to sew in! Lucky you!

  18. That is great space Teje!

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